Teen Titans Fan Fiction / American Dragon: Jake Long Fan Fiction ❯ Animated Super Hero Force ❯ A shocking conclusion to the first shift ( Chapter 3 )

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Animated Super Hero Force
Jake shot a blast of fire breath at Black Hole, only to have it travel into Black Hole's face, but it wasn't over yet. While the villain was distracted by the flame, Jake socked him hard in the face.
Don then focused hard and shouted, “PORCUPINE POWER!!!!” as his spikes jutted out. Sadly, while one did manage to hit Black Hole, 2 other hit his allies.
“YO, WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM!?” Jake snapped as Mantarou ran around clutching onto his butt, which is the very spot the spike had hit.
As the two growled at one-another, Black Hole got and sunk under the ground. Then, to the group's surprise, a black snake emerged and bound to them, trapping them in place. Before they could even think of a way to escape, the small snake became a large serpent and trapped all 3 in its jaws and slammed them hard against the ground.
As Jake shook his head to ease off the pain, Don folded his arms and said, “It seems that we have to work together if we want to stop this threat. He is powerful, but if we cooperate, we can beat him.”
Jake smiled and nodded with understanding as Mantarou hid behind a rock, sucking his thumb and saying, “You guys can take all the credit if you want!”
Jake blinked and replied, “Look, Mantarou, we do need you, alright? Normally, I'd have no problem taking down the threat myself, but even I have to come to terms with the fact that we all need to get involved.”
And so, the battle resumed as Don turned the upper half of his body into a buzz saw, putting a cut across Black Hole's chest. Before the villain could respond, Jake smacked him hard in the face with his tail as Mantarou dealt a flying kick to his face.
Meanwhile, Rayman took apart the robots. He used a special power to charge his fist full of energy and took dismantled them piece by piece.
Upon doing so, he couldn't resist doing a victory dance while an mp3 player in his non-existent pocket played the victory music from Rayman 1 for the PS1 and PC. (You gotta admit, it is a catchy riff)
Before he could go on, he noticed that the panels on the ground looked like they could be pushed in, and any floorboard that could be pushed in usually activated a trap of some kind. That being known, he leapt into the air as his hair started to spin like a propeller. He majestically drifted over the floorboards to safety and continued.
Meanwhile, Robin and Starfire were about to reach the room with the document when they both collided with each other, falling to the ground.
“Oh, hey Star,” Robin said rubbing his head, “We're close, so we'd better hurry and get it.”
But before Robin could devise a plan, Rayman ran up to the area and blindly triggered more guard robots, these ones far stronger than the last ones.
“Are we in the trouble?” Starfire asked as Robin groaned and said, “Nice going, Rayman.”
Black Hole was just about to lose as Jake had him pinned up against a tree. He grinned with satisfaction and said, “Alright, you've just been pwned by the Am Drag and his crew. What are you gonna do now, bro?”
“I'm going to defeat you!” Black Hole shouted as Jake blinked and replied, “You can talk?”
With that, Black Hole made a shadowy hand appear behind Jake and pushed the dragon into his hole. Jake was now trapped in another dimension when a series of clones appeared.
“Oh, no he didn't!” Jake snapped as he flew in to attack the clones. Once again, his rash nature had led to a bit of a downfall for him as the clones took full advantage of this and pinned him to the ground, proceeding to stomp on him repeatedly.
Mantarou just cringed and uttered, “That's so creepy!”
“You're next,” Black Hole said running at Mantarou as the super hero leapt backwards, a strange familiar gas coming from him.
Black Hole took the gas in at full force clutching into his face. He had to be kidding. No way did Mantarou just stop him with a fart.
Then he remembered an opponent just like this, his old nemesis, Kinnikuman. During his tag match against him and Kinnikuman Great with his partner, Pentagon, Kinnikuman had used flatulence to frequently escape from his grasp. Then it hit him.
“Is your father Kinnikuman?” Black Hole asked as Mantarou stopped and said, “Why, yes. I'm his son, Kinniku Mantarou.”
Black Hole's eyes would have widened, cept they were always the same size and roundness. He held a big grudge against the Kinnikuman Family.
Mantarou was unprepared as the hole started to consume a whole bunch of wind into his black hole mouth. Mantarou was scared out of his mind until Don leapt into his mouth shouting, “WHEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!”
That was that. Don Patch was sent to the dimension as well. Mantarou's heart thumped as he thought, `There is no way I am going to let this slide. My new allies are going to live!'
That said, the Kanji for Kinnikuman appeared on his forehead as he clutched onto Black Hole, hurling him high into the air. Then he leapt up at him, grabbed onto his legs and pointed his head towards the ground shouting, “KINNIKU DRIVER!!!!!” slamming his head hard into the ground.
Black Hole felt weak as he let the other 2 out of his dimension. Jake sighed with relief as Don shouted, “LET'S DO THAT AGAIN!!!”
To their surprise, Black Hole sunk into the ground and slipped past them into the building in the form of a shadow. Jake just stared, wide-eyed, shocked that this happened moaned, “AW, MAAAAAAAAN!!!!”
Black Hole traveled through the building and thought, `Why didn't I think of this sooner?'
Meanwhile, Robin, Star and Rayman were in a tight spot. The guard robots had them trapped against the wall. Luckily, Robin had a plan.
He used his staff to knock his robot away from him and pulled out his grappling hook, tightening it around the robot's neck and causing it to explode. The shockwave caused the other robots to let go of their pray as Starfire fired a series of star bolts at its chest and Rayman slammed hard on it with his fists.
There was only one left, but before they had a chance to dispose of it, it blew up when a big shadowy serpent rose up and devoured it. Then Black Hole came up and said, “Thanks for dealing with security,” snatched the document and making his escape.
“WAIT!” Robin shouted as he fell to the ground, slamming his fist hard against the ground.
“Why?” he asked himself as tears fell down his face, “WHY DID WE LET HIM GET AWAY!?”
Starfire and Rayman felt bad for him, so they gave him a nice pat on the back and exited the base.
“Guys, you're back!” Jake shouted, “Be careful, the villain…”
“Broke in?” Rayman replied, “We noticed. He stole the document.”
“HE DID WHAT!?” Jake retorted while Don just looked at them with a look of disappointment and transformed into a woman shouting, “Now, you are very naughty boys for letting him through.”
“SHUT UP!!!!” Robin retorted as Don hid behind Mantarou. He breathed heavily while Starfire went to comfort him and said, “Robin, we couldn't have stopped him if we tried.”
“She's right,” Rayman said, “He had a way to get past everything.”
“I can't help but feel as if we're to blame,” Mantarou said, “We were supposed to stop him.”
“Don't beat yourself up, dawg,” Jake replied, “We did our best. Heck, you almost defeated him before he pulled off that cheap stunt.”
“ALMOST ISN'T ENOUGH!!!!” Robin spat, once again losing his cool, “WHY COULDN'T YOU STOP HIM!!!!?”
This was a horrible night for everyone, so they all returned to the base to prepare. They would have to do a much better job next time around.
Meanwhile, Moo was sitting in his throne, bored as could be as the red alien was arranging the spices.
“You nincompoop!” Lilim spat smacking him over the head, “It's alphabetically. There isn't even an order to how you're doing it.”
“Stop yelling at him,” Moo said, “I'm rather fond of this alien. He's more loyal than you could ever be.”
More loyal? Him? Lilim was mad after hearing that. She remembered how long ago, one of Moo's allies, a knight, had planned to overthrow him, and she had offered to help him. When the time came for him to overthrow Moo, Lilim betrayed the knight and helped Moo take him down. She had tricked the knight and saved her master. How could he not consider her loyal enough?
At this exact moment, Black Hole entered with the document in his hands as Moo looked them over and said, “Good work. This is just the first part in completing my master plan for world domination. Black Hole, take a break. I'll send someone else on the next mission.”
“Yes, thank you, sir,” Black Hole said as he sunk into the ground and exited.
As the super hero force returned to the base, Izy had to admit, she was highly disappointed.
“Man, and you came so close!” Neil stated as Taylor patted Robin on the shoulder and said, “I'm sure we'll get the document from him somehow.”
“We might not need to,” Izy replied, “There are other things that he requires for his plan, and without them, he can't take over the world. But, I'm going to have to hire other heroes. You guys are clearly incapable.”
“WHAT!?” Robin retorted slamming his hands against the table, “LISTEN, HE HAD AN UNFAIR ADVANTAGE OVER US!!!! HOW DARE YOU FIRE US WITHOUT KNOWING ALL THE FACTS!!!!”
“Chill out,” Izy remarked, “I was joking.”
“Don't joke about that,” Robin said through clenched teeth as Starfire sighed, “Robin doesn't take the failure very well.”
“It's okay,” Izy said, “We all have off-days. Look, I'll need your assistance tomorrow, so come in then for your assignment.”
The group nodded and headed out of the office to the homes Izy had bought for them. They needed a long rest.
Neil just thought about this whole thing and asked, “Wouldn't it have been easier to go after the document when Moo wasn't planning to get it?”
“There's no fun in that,” Izy replied as Neil blinked and thought, `How did I know she was gonna say that?'
Jake just lay in his bed, ashamed of himself. Sure, he'd failed before, but normally, he'd pull off something at the end and make everything right again.
He decided to risk the long distance charges and phone up his family. Sure, Gramps and Fu must have been worried about him. He also had his friends back at home.
An old man in a blue kimono was resting on the couch when his phone started ringing. He groaned in agony and spat, “FU, ANSWER IT!!”
“Fine, I'll get it, you lazy old bat,” Fu remarked as he picked up the phone and said, “Y'ellow, you've reached the Lao Shi residence.”
Upon hearing the voice on the other line, he shouted, “GOOGYGOOGY!!!! LUONG, IT'S JAKE!!!”
Upon hearing that, the old man groaned, got up and put the phone up to his ear and said, “Hello, Jake, how is it going?”
“It's going okay,” Jake said, “But Gramps, is it okay if I return to help protect the city?”
“Oh no, it's fine here,” the old man replied, “Your friends Spud and Trixie have been a great help, and with the city you're protecting being in much more danger, you should stay there.”
Jake nodded in understanding and wished his grandfather a goodnight. He sighed, looked out the window at the stars and fell into a deep sleep.