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[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Animated Super Hero Force
Gurd was spellbound. This was truly a shocking sight. That weird orange guy had turned into a super Sayajin. A super Sayajin was a man of legend known as the gold warrior with super natural powers that had the capabilities to destroy the sun itself. Anyone who activated these powers would be 5 times stronger than before, and Don Patch had this very power.
Gurd tried to fly away as Don spiraled towards him at blinding speed knocking him hard into a rock. As Gurd felt his aching head, Don landed in front of him and sneered.
“So, you thought you could get away, did you?” he taunted, “Well, the joke's on you.”
With that, his palms started to glow. He was going to use a powerful energy attack known as the Kamehameha, Japanese for Turtle Wave. This attack was legendary and was known to vaporize anything it hit.
“Ka… me… ha… me…” Don said as he unleashed his attack shouting, “SUPER PANCAKE ATTACK!!!!”
Gurd was shocked and insulted when a pancake flew out of the porcupine's hands and slapped him hard in the face. He started to fume and snapped, “I SEE WHAT THIS IS!!! THIS WHOLE THING IS A JOKE TO YOU!!!”
Don's eyes widened as Gurd flew hard and fast at him, knocking the now yellow warrior into a tree and causing him to pass out. He breathed heavily and held up his gem of power.
“Moo will be most pleased,” he said as he flew off towards the flying fortress that belonged to his master.
Starfire and Mantarou came to as they noticed everything gone and Don Patch with his hand against the ground and a rather sad aura surrounding him.
“What is wrong, Mr. Don Patch?” Starfire asked as Don sniffed and said, “Despite my efforts, he got away…”
The alien girl rested an arm on his shoulder to coax him as the orange porcupine grimaced, dressed himself up as a girl and snapped, “DON'T TOUCH ME, YOU PERVERT!!!!”
Mantarou and Star found this so strange. No matter what happened, Don always made a joke out of the situation. Who knows? Maybe he wasn't qualified to be a hero.
Meanwhile, Robin, Jake and Rayman had managed to last against Gato's new strength boost, but it still seemed pretty hopeless as the robot had dealt a lot of damage to them.
Robin hurled an explosive at the robot only to have it blown up by Gato's right hand. Jake blew a blast of fire as an act of desperation and to his surprise, it actually dealt a bit of damage.
Rayman sent a charged up fist directly into the robot's face but Gato was still ticking and ready to action, so he charged at Jake and Robin and shouted, “LUMINAIRE!!!!”
The two were shocked when a bright blue light appeared and created a huge nova-like explosion. As it subsided, both were down for the count and only Rayman was left to stop the big hunk of metal.
(I only have him using Luminaire because he uses it in the OVA anime that was meant to advertise the game)
Rayman's eyes were wide and the odd being was frozen on the spot. What was he to do now? There was no way he could defeat something so powerful.
But he was experienced with fighting robots, and he wasn't going to back down from this kind of challenge. Gato charged at him as the creature leapt over his head causing Gato to ram through 5 trees. As a nice pleasant surprise to the now airborne Rayman, the trees collapse on top of the robot.
“That was scary,” he panted, “but I did it.”
Let's ignore Rayman's ego telling him that he did it when it was really the trees that stopped Gato, because they actually were a minor inconvenience to the robot. Gato rose up from under the trees pounded them into wooden balls that he started hurling at Rayman.
The creature freaked out as he tried to dodge them but couldn't dodge all of them. 20 had smacked him hard in the face causing his body parts to scatter about. Luckily, they found their way back to him, and now it was time to get serious.
Rayman's body started to hover in the air as a light circled around him. Then the light traveled into his hands and caused them to glow. After the light faded, his hands had been replaced by silver fists with red knuckles.
“Let's see you deal with my iron fists!” he shouted as he landed a heavy blow to the robot's chest.
Gato flew right into a rock, his body actually breaking it open, and rubbed his head in pain. Then he started to fume and got back up.
“He just doesn't go down, does he?” Rayman asked as the robot kicked him hard into a tree.
Gato was ready for more pain and misery when Rayman swept his foot at the robot's leg causing him to trip, then as Gato was distracted, Rayman pumped up his fist and sent it hard into the robot's face.
Gato was down for the count as smoke poured from his circuitry. Rayman sighed with relief as Gato got up, pulled out his microphone again and sang, “I lost the battle. You totally just won. Here's 15 silver points, wasn't that battle fun?”
A compartment opened on the robot's chest revealing not the silver points he'd promised, but the gemstone the heroes were after. Rayman picked up his prize, feeling very proud of himself.
As he walked merrily back to his friends, Robin and Jake were just coming to.
“Yo, dawg, that was not cool!” Jake snapped as Robin growled with anger and spat, “He's probably already gotten away with the gem!”
“You mean this gem?” a certain someone asked showing off his pretty new gemstone.
The group looked over at Rayman with shock in their expressions.
“DUDE, YOU GOT THE GEMSTONE!!!” Jake shouted as he jumped for joy
Robin smiled for the first time since he'd gotten here and shook Rayman's hand. It felt awkward, for Rayman had no arms, but still, he was clearly a good ally.
“Now let's take this back to the base,” the boy wonder said as the group returned.
Star, Don and Mantarou had returned back to the base first, feeling very disappointed with themselves. This was the second time they had failed to stop an opponent.
“So, how'd it go?” Neil asked as Don broke out into childish tears dressed up as a baby and Star replied, “We lost the gemstones to that odd creature.”
“YOU WHAT!?” Izy retorted, “UGH, YOU'RE ALL A BUNCH OF FAILURES!!! I should fire all of you!”
Starfire started to cry with Don as Mantarou just hid behind the chair.
“Relax,” Izy replied with an annoyed look on her face, “I'm joking.”
“Stop it,” Taylor said, hugging Don, “Don't you see you're scaring them with your jokes as you call them?”
Don started to pant like a puppy as Izy felt a vain in her forehead. Neil couldn't believe this. These heroes were scared of a mere human and they'd failed twice.
At this exact moment, Rayman, Robin and Jake entered while Jake played some tunes saying, “Yo, waddup homies? Do we got some good news for you or do we have some good news for you?”
Neil perked up and said, “So, you got the gemstones?”
“Well, we got one of them,” Robin said placing it in front of them, “So where are the others? We assume you already have them.”
Starfire looked down with shame as Robin just looked at her with a look of concern and said, “It's alright, Star. You did your best, right?”
Star smiled and hugged the boy wonder as Neil asked, “So, what are we gonna do now? Moo's got 3 things that he wants already.”
“Don't sweat it,” Izy replied, “Moo needs all of the gems to complete his plan. Since we have one of them, he's missing one, therefore he cannot complete his plans for world domination.”
“So does that mean our job is over?” Taylor asked.
Izy shook her head and said, “It takes the pressure off of us, but Moo's after the other stuff, and we may as well keep that away from him. He might be able to find a loop hole to get around the loss of his gem, for all we know.”
“It makes sense,” Rayman replied as Robin nodded and said, “You can count on us to be there to help you.”
“I know we can,” Izy replied as she glared at Neil and Taylor, who looked a little bit doubtful.
They noticed Izy's facial expression, smiled and nodded, pretending to agree with her on this one. But really, for the most part, they had failed twice to protect the items from Moo. Who's to say they wouldn't fail again?
Still, things were finally looking up.
When Gurd returned with the two gemstones present, Moo smiled and said, “Good job, Gurd. You may take a break now until I need you again.”
Lilim smiled and said, “Master, they're doing a very good job.”
“Yes, they are,” Moo said, “but it seems that robot failed. He did not return with a gemstone.”
“This will be fun,” Lilim said as Gato walked over to her and she held out her hand, sending out and energy blast and blowing him up.
She looked at the red alien who was cleaning the floor and grimaced. He really irritated her.