Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ Confessions of a Hollow Heart ❯ Confessions of a Hollow Heart ( Chapter 1 )

[ A - All Readers ]
It had been quiet with out the robot there to aggravate his green friend or cheer loudly about winning a new game or adding
a new piece of equipment to his car or the tower. He supposes that this was bound to happen soon or later and in his mind
he attempts to persuade himself that it was better for it to happen sooner. Still, he couldn't help but to feel as if his
team isn't complete as if it's missing something and he soon realizes it isn't just his team but his heart as well.

He realizes its already to late for it to be sooner than later. The human/robot hybrid was a component of his team and a
component of himself too. The Titan video communicator rings and Robin is sure it is his friend. He answers it and listens
as he is told about the Titans East and their accomplishments from the excited and very proud Cyborg and he can't help but
to give a small smile. It won't last long, but the hollow feeling has left for now and that's all he needs, all he wants.