Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ Feelin' Sick Sick Sick ❯ Teen Titans, Sick? ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Author's notes:
Come on people, even heroes can get sick, and I'm going to try and portray their speech as if their noses are really clogged.
The sun rose the next morning, and all was quiet around Titan's Tower, but one would make their way down the corridors, you couldn't pass a single one of the titans rooms, or shared rooms for the married couples, without hearing a soft coughing sound, or a few groans and sniffles.
Cyborg went to the lounge to get a drink. His throat felt very dry, and hoarse. His nose was stuffed, and he felt like he was going to, “Ah… ah…!” but he didn't. “Man… dat was close.” He said to himself, but then he did sneeze. “Ah, gross!” he groaned.
Copy-Cat then entered the lounge, wearing a white bathrobe, and looking a little pale. He was shivering vigorously. “Mornin' Copy-Cat…”
Copy-Cat coughed twice, “Hello, Cyborg.” He said with a slightly gorgy voice. “I am feeling abnormally cold today.”
“You, too…?” asked Cyborg. “I don't feel so hot either.”
Suddenly there was a huge tremor, like a giant stomping his huge feet. “What was dat…?” asked Cyborg. “Felt like and earthquake.”
Terra entered the lounge wearing a yellow bathrobe and holding a hankie to her tiny, almost invisible nose. “Dat was me… sorry.” she said. Her nose twitched again, she sneezed again and caused another tremor. “Gazuntite…” Cyborg said with a wide-eyed expression.
Terra just sulked as she slumped onto the sofa.
Soon, all the Titans were in the lounge, all suffering from the same thing. Raven's voice was so hoarse you could hardly hear her. Robin's arms and legs ached as well as his head, and he had a fever.
Beast Boy felt green, really green-- even greener than usual. Every time he sneezed he almost morphed into an animal against his control.
Starfire had it bad too; every time she sneezed her hankie would then be glowing green due to her alien mucus. “Dude… dat's sick!” groaned Beast-Boy. Starfire apologized, but it couldn't be ignored now that everyone was sick. “How did we get dis?” Raven peeped. “We don't usually get sick.”
The only explanation anyone had was that purple-spray they were hit with, and what made even more sense was the name of their enemy. If you reversed the letters of Mr. E.G… they spelled out… Germ!
“A villain who makes others sick…?” asked Terra and sniffed. “Now I've heard of everything.”
Robin, though in pain, was glad they were getting somewhere, “But it doesn't explain why he wants this, or what he wants with those plans.” he said while coughing.
No one else could figure it out, and almost hardly even seemed to care because they were sick. The alarm went off. “You gotta be kidding me?!” cried Raven.
Robin wiped his nose with a tissue and checked the computer. Mr. E.G was back and he was attacking a local pharmacy, and the police weren't able to hold him up because they were already suffering from the effects of the spray.
Robin turned to face the team, and as expected they didn't think it was going to be smart to go out there in their conditions. “Sick or not… we're still super-heroes.” Robin said. “We have to try!”
The others reluctantly agreed and ran off to change quickly.
Mr. E.G had already ransacked three pharmacies and this was his fourth one today, destroying all their medicines and samples, as well as gathering a few things he needed for himself. People were already running scared of him and many others were laying in the streets all feeling sick with colds and the flu.
E.G was laughing maliciously and was feeling very pleased with himself, “A vulnerable city, and not a titan in sight.” he said with glee.
“Hold it!” snarled a voice.
E.G turned and saw the titans standing at the end of the street. They all looked serious, but then coughed and sniffled at once. E.G felt this was a joke. “Ha, ha, ha… shouldn't you be at home trying to get well?” he teased.
“Titans!” growled Robin. “G'ah-Choo! Go…!”
The battle was on, but as was expected, the titans didn't fair very well. Their strengths were severely weakened, and their focus was way off. Raven tried to use her magic, “Azarath Metrione… ZI—aa-aah…!” she couldn't speak clearly and loud enough to make her power work properly and had just completely strained her throat. “Easy pickings.” Sniggered E.G as he whammed her hard onto the pavement.
Terra tried to rustle up a rock storm, but she found that she could lift too many stones or even heavy ones. She was so sick she could hardly lift a hand full of pebbles.
Beast-Boy couldn't change into his animals properly, and even if he did his forms didn't last long, especially whenever he sneeze. A big burly bear, “Ah-Choo!” a teeny little scaredy-cat that scattered away.
The other four titans tried to fight. “How can you fight what you can't even see…” said E.G as he slammed a smoke-bomb on the ground. “Look out!” cried Cyborg as a cloud of black smoke covered the street making it impossible to see. “Where is he…?” growled Robin. Copy-Cat tried to use his foresight but his head was too stuffy from his cold to use it, and worse it made him dizzier and more hurt than ever that he fell on his back.
Starfire tried to blast away the smog by firing her star-bolts swiftly and create a gust but it seemed as if she were attacking her own self as the blasts seemed to explode right in her hands, knocking her back. “Starfire…!” cried Robin as he scrambled though he smoke to help his wife.
Cyborg found that his systems weren't working very well either. Soon the smoke had cleared, but E.G was nowhere to be seen, and the titans looked really bad. They hadn't taken too many hits and yet they all looked like beaten up sandbags, and now they felt their sicknesses getting worse.
“Back… to the tower!” cried Robin, and he sneezed again.
Back in his hideout. E.G was hard at work conjuring up more formulas and special mixtures, but still, his work was not completed yet. He was still missing one crucial element, and he aimed to take it. “Once I have it, I can make preparations for my ultimate plot.” He said to himself. “And with the Teen Titans unable to even fight off a fly in their condition… Heh, ha, ha, ha…! No one shall stand in my way.” He continued to laugh hard and evilly as he worked.