Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ Feelin' Sick Sick Sick ❯ The tracking of E.G ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

About half the people in Jump City were already sick. Hospitals were full and doctors were baffled. Never before had a common cold or the flu seemed so difficult to deal with.
It was immediately discovered that the illness was extremely contagious, and would not only spread all over those who inhaled E.G's formula, but also to anyone who came into close contact by those already infected.
The worst part, E.G was still on the loose, and as eye-witnesses had seen, the titans were also infected by his power and practically no match for him.
Most of the titans were sitting on the sofa, all wrapped up in blankets and huddled close, but they were still shivering. Raven and Copy-Cat even had their feet dipped in a tub of hot water.
They had all tried taking some medicine earlier but they didn't feel any better at all. Whatever this illness was, E.G had conjured it specifically to be immune to most neutralizers.
Robin and Cyborg were up and about. Cyborg was trying to analyze the sickness and find a way to stop it, it was already bad enough that his equipment was malfunctioning due to his cold, but he couldn't understand the formula the team had been sprayed with.
Meanwhile, Robin was trying to find any possible places for E.G to be hiding. It would be easier if his head weren't so stuffy and sore. Their best shot was tracing the sources of viral DNA from E.G's spray-cans, but the problem was there were so many people who were sick all over the city you couldn't tell which was what.
Even if they found him, how were they to fight him if they were already too weak to fight off a kitten? “No offense, dude.” Beast-Boy said to Copy-Cat. Copy-Cat sniffed and merely groaned, “Never mind… I just wish to regain my health.”
Starfire coughed, “As do I. Never before have I felt so weak and helpless”
Raven said nothing, her throat was too sore as if she had actually swallowed fire. All she could do was gently lean on Copy-Cat, and her boyfriends gently stroked her head.
Easily the one wanted to be cured the most was Terra, because, “Ah… Ah-ah-ah…!”
“Terra…!” cried Beast-Boy. “Terra cover your…!” but she already sneezed and caused another tremor, one that was worse than before. Everyone fell over, and Raven and Copy-Cat got soaked by the water in their tubs. Raven could feel her blood boiling, and it hurt her.
She gave Terra a look which said “Fine time you picked to sneeze!”
Terra blew her tiny little nose. “Sorry, I can't help It.” suddenly her nose began to twitch. “Ah… Ah-ah-ah…!”
“Get her!” cried Beast Boy, and they all jumped on her trying to muffle the sneeze. “Ah… Ah… AAAAH…!”
“No, Terra!” her husband cried as he quickly stuffed two tissue balls up her nostrils which stopped the sneeze. “Whew…!” Terra sighed. It was hard to breathe through her mouth, but hopefully she wouldn't cause anymore earthquakes.
“Man!” groaned Cyborg. “Da sooner we find a cure da better.”
Robin had only one theory, that E.G was the only one who had an antidote to his formula. “We've gotta find him, and get it from him.” He said, and then he coughed and sniffled. “And soon…!”
E.G was already out trying to gather the last few things he needed for his plot, at a missile launching site just outside the city in the desert-lands. He peeked over the cliffs at the missile-sight and gazed at prototypes that were only just being constructed. “Heh, heh, heh… jackpot!” he hissed.
He reached into his belt and pulled out a small egg that spouted out mechanical wings. “Fly my pretty… and do your stuff.”
The egg hovered up and over the base, unseen by all the workers and soldiers. Then it burst open unleashing a sleep-powder which knocked all the people out in seconds. E.G was amazed at how much sometime sleeping-medicine could come in handy. Now he was free to enter completely without worry.
Before long he had stolen a lifting vehicle and a large crate with special equipment. “Now that I have all that I have all I require… watch out world.” He chuckled.
Cyborg was still trying to scan for E.G when the mega-computer detected traces of viral DNA in the desert-lands. He zoomed in, and he could see a big spread of viral DNA in one place, but a small speck of it moving away from the larger one. “Guys…” Cyborg said, and then he coughed, “I think I found him.”
Robin and the others moved towards the screen, and could see the blip on the screen. It was still moving through he desert land until it disappeared near a series of cliffs. “So dat's where's he hiding.” Beast Boy said. Then he sneezed and turned into an elephant, shoving everyone back so suddenly.
He changed back instantly. “Sorry!”
Raven gritted her teeth. She really wished her throat was better.
Now that they knew where E.G was hiding they could try and put him out of business. “Uh, just one problem…” Terra pointed out. “Da last time we tried to fight him we were flattened.”
Starfire agreed, “In our present condition…” she sneezed into her hankie. “We do not stand a chance.”
“We can't give up…” Robin said. “There must be a way.”
Raven thought deeply, and suddenly she had and idea. She tapped Copy-Cat's shoulder. “What is it, my love…?” he asked. Since Raven couldn't speak, and copy-Cat couldn't tread her mind, Raven's best option as to do something she had never done before…
…Play charades!
She just hoped the others would understand.
She acted out the words and the others pieced together the clues.
E.G… his suit… air… they, the titans… their illnesses… and their defective powers and skills…
Beast-Boy and Terra were baffled. Starfire and Cyborg scratched their heads in confusion, but Copy-Cat and Robin had a good sense of what Raven was trying to say.
“Come on!” Robin said as he wiped his nose fiercely and the titans all donned cloth masks over their mouths. “We've got work to do.”