Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ Ghost Rider ❯ Out for a Ride ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Sometime in the 1950s, when Jump City was younger, and things weren't as advanced. There was a horse-riding range in the country outskirts of the city. A place where kids could take riding lessons, or people could just come for a holiday activity and ride for fun.
One of the stable hands was entertaining his girlfriend and her younger sister, who were both crazy about horses, and fine riders. The younger sister was going for a quick ride on her own “Are you sure it's okay out there, Max?”
Max, the stable hand assured her, “Just stick to the trails, and don't out too far.”
The girl mounted her horse and rode off across the fields, while Max stayed behind for some quality time with his girlfriend. “Shouldn't you be taking care of the horses?” the girl teased.
“I could…” Max flirted “But then who'd be here to watch after you?”
As the girlfriend's sister rode through the fields, and was having the time of her life, she suddenly felt a cold and chilling wind pick up. “Wow!” she said “What's going on?” she wondered, and suddenly her horse came to a complete stop. “What's wrong, boy?” the girl asked. Then her horse began to feel spooked as if something were near. Something dreadful...!
The bushes began to rustle as if someone or something was there. The girl decided to ride back, but that's when it came! The girl screamed and her horse reared and whined in fear…
…It was so loud that it was heard all the way at the stables. Max and his girlfriend could see the girl riding towards the stables crying “Help…! Help me…!” but she and her horse were being pulled back by a ghostly creature behind her. The girlfriend screamed as she saw her sister being dragged away by the creature, and Max quickly rode out to try and save her…
…but he never made it!
(Present Day)
Decades later…
The air was buzzing about with charity in Jump City all week, and the police department had sponsored a horse riding trail to raise money for the children's hospital, and the Titans were asked to champion the trail ride as guests of honor, to which the graciously accepted. They were always one for helping charities, and it did attract a vast number of sing-ups. A chance to hang out with the Titans was a lot of kids and teens dreams.
It was very beautiful day to be riding. All the girls were riding stallions and the guys all rode mares. Robin was enjoying himself greatly, as it helped take his mind of finding a new name for the team… as they were all adults and not teens, which was why people just called them Titans.
Beast Boy stuck close to Terra, but even though she was pregnant and expected to deliver in another three months, she was still able to engage in activities, even riding, but she had already been forbade from entering battle anymore, by the doctors and Robin. Still… she wasn't enjoying herself.
Starfire and Cyborg were having the most fun. “Man, I tell you… this is the life.” Cyborg said.
Starfire looked up ahead and saw the field was wide open. “Perhaps we shall make our steeds gallop?”
“All right…!” Robin said
“Dude, totally!” added Beast Boy.
“Yee-haw…!” remarked Terra pretending she was a cowgirl.
Raven and Copy-Cat, however, didn't feel so enthusiastic. “Gallop…?” Raven asked.
Copy-Cat was already feeling a little uncomfortable, having to wear riding boots, so as not to get his bare feet dirty in the fields. “I suppose we must…” he said “It is for a worthy cause.”
“Not me…” Raven said “I'm getting off of this bumping mule.”
The police-chief rode up to her saying, “Oh, no you don't, Raven! If everyone else gallops then so do you. Understand…?”
Raven narrowed her eyes and clenched her teeth in annoyance, and Beast Boy and Terra whispered cheekily to one another. “Come on, Raven.” Terra said “It's a lot of fun, and you know you want to.”
“Sure I do…” Raven said sarcastically “I want to gallop on this creature and feel like a bigger fool than I already feel like just walking it.”
“Ah, Raven…” Beast Boy said as he rode next to her, “How do you know… unless you TRY!” and he softly slapped Raven's horse behind the saddle causing the hose to rear wildly. “Hey!” cried Raven “Wha… Whoa… HEY…!” and her horse took off across the field widely.
Beast Boy and Terra laughed, and Cyborg thought it was funny too. “Yo' that was dirty, man.”
Copy-Cat was not impressed, but still everyone took off and galloped behind Raven.
Her horse was still galloping wildly across the fields and Raven was too scared to even let g or jump off and just held on as tight as she could. “Stop…!” she kept yelling. “Sit…! Stay…!” but her horse just kept going, and then Raven realized what she was supposed to say. She pulled back the reins firmly and shouted “WHOA…!”
He horse stopped so suddenly, like jamming down hard on the breaks, causing Raven to fly off his back like a catapult and she landed face-first in something mushy and smelly with flies buzzing around it.
“Ugh…!” remarked some of the riders when they realized what that stuff was. Raven slowly pulled her face out of the mess, and her inner voices were going crazy with disgust and outrage, but all she did was softly say “I… I think the field-hands… missed a… spot!”
Most of the other titans tried to hold it in, but they burst out laughing themselves to tears along with many of the other riders. Copy-Cat, still annoyed dismounted his horse and helped Raven up, and offered to help her back to the stables to get cleaned up. As they passed Beast Boy, Raven glared at him angrily with her face still stinky and covered in the stuff, “I… am going… to hurt you!” she hissed very deeply.
After they left and everyone stopped laughing, Starfire noticed something near the spot where Raven had landed. She moved the leaves and brambles of the plants covering it out of the way, and discovered an old wooden which lead through the trees to a larger open field, with old dilapidated stables, and fences everywhere. “Wow…!” remarked Robin as he and the others took a look. “Who knew this was here?”
The police chief got a good look at the field and said it was perfect to expand the trail ride so they could have more room for more riders. He rode back to the stables to tell the news, but the Titans remained curious about the field.
“I think I read about this place once.” Cyborg said “It was an old riding ground built in the fifties, but they only used it for a short time.”
“Why was that?” asked Terra
“I don't know. Somethin' about people and horses just suddenly disappearing…”
Robin had that expression on his face whenever something mysterious caught his interest. “If they do decide to reopen this place, maybe we should keep watch.”
“Dude… it's just a field.” Beast Boy said “How dangerous can a field like this be?”
Starfire, however, agreed with Robin. “There have been stranger things that have occurred before.” she said “Perhaps there is more to this field than we know?”
So it was decided. The Titans would investigate the next day as the trail ride continued.
Later on… one of the field hands came out to clean up the mess Raven had fallen in. He was a middle-aged man, and his nametag read “Max” and he knew the area beyond the bridge well. As he worked to clean up, he felt that cold chilling wind blow, and the leaves of the trees and brambles start to rustle.
He knew it was in there, watching him!