Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ Move, and You're Dead! ❯ Calling for Help ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Author's notes:
Hi everyone, Mykan here...
Just the heads up, this is based on the old Supermarionation series THUNDERBIRDS, made by Gerry Anderson.
DICLAIMER:I don't own THUNDERBIRDS... or Teen Titans (Though I wish I had then I'd fix up that horrible "THINGS CHANGE" mess)
I only own Copy-Cat. I created him and I'm still working at him.
Months since the Titans had returned from their battles on Planet Melee, and helping out the Super Smash brothers, and things we're looking pretty bad for Beast Boy, and Terra's adopted Grandmother.
The old lady who looked after Terra, after she was freed from her stony-state, and lost her memory in High-school. She had moved away far down south to Mexico, and by this time, Beast Boy would have been flying her to Titan's Tower for a little visit.
She hadn't seen her little Terra ever since she and Beast Boy got married…
However, they were not in fact on their way, but were being forced up onto a large I-Beam of a long bridge over a lonely canyon; One-Thousand feet down.
Beast boy was standing up sight and trying his best to hold perfectly still, and so did the old-lady who was sitting up against the supports.
Beast-Boy also didn't seem to even try and change into any animal and try to escape… almost as if he couldn't.
Right near them was a small box with antennas on its top, and it beeped softly… and right underneath the roadway of the bridge was a larger box that was ticking.
Finally, down below. Two girls; two familiar girls whom Beast Boy now hated even more, got into their red sports-car “So-long!” one of the girls called, and they drove away leaving their hostages stranded on the bridge.
“They're gone, Garfield.” The old-lady said softly.
“Careful, Grandma.” Beast-Boy said to her. “Now whatever you do… Don't move.”
The Old-Lady, whom let Beast-Boy address her as “Grandma”, she stared awkwardly at the little box in front of them. “I don't understand it. How can that little object there…”
“Save it, Grandma.” Beast-Boy cut in. “The slightest move from either of us will blow the bomb under the bridge.”
Indeed, that box under the bridge was a ticking time-bomb set to blow the bridge to bits soon. The other box was a motion-sensor linked to the bomb, ensuring that the two of them stayed perfectly still or would face certain death.
The old-lady rolled her eyes around to determine the sun's position in the sky. “What time is it?” she asked.
Beast-Boy determined that it looked as if it was coming up to Noon. The both of them looked pretty sweaty just standing there under the hot Mexican sunlight.
“My… but it sure is hot.” The Old-lady said, and then she noticed Beast Boy was ever so slowly moving his arm. “Hey! What are you up to? You're moving.”
“Easy Grandma, don't get excited.” he told her. “I'm just trying to reach my communicator. I'm going to call the others and see if they can help us.”
Beast-Boy finally had a hold of his communicator, but now it was the matter of ever so slowly and carefully raising it up to his face. The Old-Lady was really getting scared. “Ooh… careful, Garfield.” she cried as she motioned to the small box near them.. “You remember what those girls said; if we disturb the ultra-sonic waves… that thing's going to blow us sky-high.”
Finally, Beast-Boy got his communicator high enough. “Calling Teen Titans. Calling Teen Titans.”
Meanwhile, at Titan's Tower
Things certainly were quiet around the place. No criminals to round up, no distress calls. Even Slade hadn't shown himself for at least a week.
Raven and Copy-Cat were meditating in Raven's room. Cyborg was in the garage waxing the T-Car.
Robin, Starfire, and Terra were just watching a movie on TV. When suddenly Robin's communicator beeped. “Beast-Boy? Hey you're late.”
“Friend…” Starfire said with concern. “I wish to know why is it you have not returned home with our guest yet.”
Terra looked into her communicator. “And where's Grandma… is she okay?”
Beast-Boy looked at his wife dead in the eyes. “Look… I know this is going to sound crazy, but we're on a bridge, and we can't move
As Beast-Boy went over all the details. Robin sounded the alarm, and told all Titans to report to the T-Ship 2.
T-ship 2 was much different than the old version. Cyborg finally got two extra pods added to it. One for Terra, and one for Copy-Cat. This way all the Titans could go on normal missions without Copy-Cat's Super-Spaceship.
One by one the Titans boarded their own respective pods as Beast-Boy went over the final details. “So as long as we don't move we'll be fine. Just hurry and get here. I don't know how long we can hold under the heat.”
“Don't worry Beast-Boy. We're on our way.” Robin said. “Titan's prepare for liftoff.”
T-Ship 2 began to roar to life each Titan controlling new systems.
Robin: “Steering systems, online.”
Starfire: “Life-support, online.”
Cyborg: “Engines and Thrusters, Online.”
Raven: “Defense systems, online.”
Terra: “Attack systems, online.”
Copy-Cat: “Radar-Tracking, online!”
All systems were ready. “Titan's Launch!” cried Robin and off they went.
“BO-YAH! Works like a charm.” Cyborg said with pride. “Way better than the old ship.”
Robin smiled. “You've done it again Cyborg.” He said.
“Oh yes… truly a magnificent accomplishment.” added Starfire.
“Come on guys, we got to stay focused.” cried Terra. “Beast-Boy and Grandma could really be in trouble.”
Beast-Boy and the old-lady were doing their best to hold out. “They must be well on their way by now.” Beast-Boy said.
The Old-Lady however didn't look so good. “Trouble is, Garfield…” she said all weak. “I don't think I can take much more of this heat.”
“Come on, Grandma… don't give up.” Beast-Boy replied. “You've got to hold on.”
“Yes… got to-- Got to—hold… on…!” her eyes snapped shut and she was out like a light.
No response!
Still, No Response.
“Dude… this is so not cool.”
Meanwhilein T-ship 2
Robin was mapping out the position Beast-Boy gave them. “The Bridge of San-Miguel. That's where they are.” he said. “Copy-Cat, is our course set?”
“Affirmative.” Copy-Cat answered. “Our course has been plotted, and intersected. We should arrive with but little time to spare.”
All the Titans got a good look at the map on their screens. “Oh, my… it seems to be such a lonely, dreary place.” said Starfire.
“It sure is.” added Cyborg. “According to the newspapers; that bridge was just completed a couple of weeks ago. It won't be open to the public for at least two more months yet. There's not a chance of anyone for miles coming even close to them.”
Raven shook her head. “Gee… those girls really knew what they were doing when they planned this out.” she said. Then she gazed over towards Terra's pod. “and you actually used to be friends with those girls.”
Terra held her head low in despair. “What about the bomb?” she asked. “When's it due to blow?”
“Some time around One-o-clock in the afternoon, according to Beast-Boy.” Robin answered. “But that's only part of it-- They've left behind them and Ultra-Sonic, Motion-Sensitive Generator which can detonate the bomb earlier if it detects any sudden moments on the bridge.”
Cyborg went over his reports as well. “And I scanned BB's bio from out net-links. Something's wrong with his morphing-cells. Whatever it is, he can change into animals and get them out of there safely.”
This meant that Beast-Boy and the Old-Lady would have to try and hold still long enough for them to get the bridge and save them. “Do you think they can hold out?” Terra asked.
“I hope so.” replied Cyborg. “But remember where they are; San-Miguel, Mexico… and the Noon-day sun can be pretty savage in those parts.”
Robin suggested they call him and see how things were holding out.
“Calling, San-Miguel. Beast-Boy, how do things look?”
“Not so good.” Beast Boy answered. “And Grandma… she's… passed out from the heat.”
Terra nearly jumped out of her seat. “Passed out?!”
“Don't worry… she's okay. She won't fall.” he told her. “It's me who's likely to ruin everything. Just one false move, and I'm going down.”
“Whew… Dude… it's like an oven up here.”
“Come on, Beast-Boy. Don't give up like this.” Raven said to him.
“I agree…” assed Starfire. “Friend, You must not lose your concentration.”
Poor Beast-Boy, though, he looked like he was about to fall over any second, and if he did that… then all would be lost for him and the Old-Lady.
“Beast-Boy?” Copy-Cat said to him. “Beast-Boy, can you hear me? Listen to what I am about to tell you. You must continue to speak. It will help you alert until we arrive to help you.”
“Yeah. Sure.” Beast Boy said all weary. “Keep… talking.”
“Good, now hear this.” Copy-Cat replied. “I am unable to use my Foresight to sense your thoughts over the radio. So here is what I wish for you to do. I want you to tell all of us exactly how it is you ended up in this unfortunate fix.”
“Start from the very beginning and continue on to the end.”
Beast-Boy tried all he could to stay awake while standing still up there on the I-beam. “All right… All right… here's goes. I'll tell you everything.”