Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ Move, and You're Dead! ❯ Chase through Space ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Beast-Boy's story all began about a week ago after they had returned from helping the Super-Smash-Brothers on Planet Melee, and when they beat Blackfire and the Robo-Titans.
Cyborg had just completed the T-Ship 2, and for its first ever flight… they were chasing Slade through space.
“TITANS… DON'T LOSE HIM!!” Robin cried as he steered the ship to chase Slade's.
Slade opened the radio-link. “Nice little toy you have there, Titans.” he hissed. “But you couldn't have been more careless to have tested it first and then chase me later?”
“Okay… he's askin' for it.” Cyborg growled. He activated the thrusters and the ship began to speed up. “Oh-yeah. That's my girl.”
Slade could see the Titans gaining on him. Then he looked up ahead. There, out in the blackness was a large carrier with Slade's insignia on the front. “Now my minions… blow those Titans into the next dimension.
Slade's robot-fighters armed so many missiles and lasers on the carrier. Beast-Boy could see the carrier up ahead. “Uh… Dudes… I THINK WE'RE IN TROUBLE!!”
No sooner had he screamed, did the missiles and lasers begin to fire. “Quick. Take evasive action!” cried Robin.
The Titans all pulled and jammed on their steering-levers to steer the ship out of danger. Copy-Cat's radar, as well as his Psychic foresight could sense all the danger.
“To the Left!”
“Now Right!”
It was no good. The lasers and missiles were everywhere. Raven quickly turned on the defenses. Which-combined her powers and Terra's powers to form a small, protective barrier around the ship.
The barrier was as hard as stone and with a magical-current that neutralized the laser-blasts, and the missiles did no damage at all.
“It's working!” Terra cried.
“No, it isn't.” Raven quickly said. “The shields are weakening fast. They won't hold out much longer.”
“Maybe…” Robin said. “But it's not just the weapons I'm worried about. Where's Slade?”
Copy-Cat could see Slade's ship trying to zoom away. “He is over there.” He called to the others.
Robin saw no choice. “Terra, Beast-Boy, Raven, and Cyborg. You guys stay here and try to take out the carrier. Starfire and Copy-Cat, and I will go after Slade.”
Everyone agreed and then “TITANS… SEPARATE!!” the T-Ship broke off into its seven different pods.
These pods were new and improved from the old ones, as they now could extend hiding wings inside them and look more like super-space fighters.
Robin, Starfire and Copy-Cat surrounded Slade's ship almost at once. “Give it up , Slade. You completely outnumbered.” Robin said into the radio.
“Give it up?” Slade mocked. “Now why would I want to do that? The fun is only beginning.” and with that he fired his some signal-flares which alerted some of his minions to launch in their own fighters from the carrier.
“I believe this is called a… AMBUSH!” cried Starfire.
While Robin dealt with Slade, Copy-Cat and Starfire dealt with minions in their fighters. Meanwhile the others were still having a hard time trying to blast down the carrier itself, and it was still firing on them.
Beats-Boy had taken quite enough of those lasers and missile launchers. “Dude, this is what all those hours of playing Star Battles is all about.” he said as he switched on his aiming cursor.
He flew his pod perfectly through all the firing shots, and the fired his own lasers at the silos and guns on the carrier, putting them out of action. “Way to go, Beast-Boy.” Terra called.
Her husband smirked. “Wah-Hoo… It's a talent, got to love it.”
Raven on the other had was seemly annoyed with all his gloating. “Maybe I should let them just shoot me down.” then she saw a missile heading straight for her. “On second thought, maybe not.”
She flicked a switch and then stuck her arms into two holes in front of her. Two large gun-mouths appeared and “Azarath… Metrione… ZINTHOS!!” she was actually able to use her powers and send the missile back to where it came from doing even more damage, but still the carrier wasn't beaten yet.
Starfire had two enemy ships targeting her. One from behind, and the other up ahead, both coming straight at her. she pulled on her steering-gear and dove downward at the last moment, causing the two hips to crash into each other and blow up.
Copy-Cat had more than five ships coming at him at once, from many different directions, but he was trickier than the minions thought. Using his foresight, he could sense when all the enemy lasers would fire and where they would travel.
Using this to his advantage, he evaded the blasts, and even caused the minions to accidentally shoot down their own teammates. Unfortunately… the final ship was actually able to hit the wing of his pod.
“I have been hit.” he said calmly. “I require assistance.”
Starfire was there in an instant and she linked the two pods together. “Friend… are you injured?” she asked.
“I am undamaged.” he answered. “But I believe our enemy is still targeting us.”
This gave them both the idea. Starfire leapt out of her cockpit, and stood on her pod, and Copy-Cat quickly got out, exhaling so that he wouldn't die in space right away. Then he quickly touched Starfire's hand and copied himself into her form.
Except for his Robin Mask, and voice, he looked just like Starfire and could do everything she could; and that included being able to breath in space.
The two Starfires stood side by side. “Ready?” said one.
“Aim!” said the other.
“FIRE!!” and they both fired huge bursts of green energy from their eyes. The beam hit the enemy ship and destroyed it.
Starfire, herself leapt for joy. “We are victorious.”
Then the both of them turned their direction towards Robin, and Slade. “No, not yet we are not.” the duplicated Starfire said.
Starfire herself gasped when she saw Slade's ship-arms grab robin's pod. “No… Husband, dearest!” she cried out to Robin.
“Quickly… let us go.” The Duplicate Starfire said.
The others were still trying to bring down the carrier. Cyborg scanned it, every bolt, every wielding. Finally he found it's weak-point. “Bingo. Listen up Y'all… we have to destroy the bridge. We blow up the bridge, the whole thing goes.”
“Cover me… I think I've got a shot.” Terra said.
Cyborg flew his pod on a collision-course with the bridge. “Get ready to make like a banana and split.” he warned the others; Raven and Beast Boy retreated at once.
His pod, with Terra's trailing behind were nearing the point of no turning back in time. “NOW!!” Terra shouted. At that instant, Cyborg's pod zipped upwards as Terra fire two strong missiles that collided into the control-bridge and blew it to shreds, causing the entire carrier to break up and implode.
“BO-YAH!” Cyborg cried for joy. “That's what I'm talking about.”
“No…” Beast-boy said. “That's my Terra.”
His wife smiled at him on the screen, but then they go their game face back on as they weren't through yet.
Robin was still being held by the robo-arms on Slade's ship. “Poor Robin… it's regrettable that it all comes down to this now.” he hissed. “I'm really going to miss our little encounters.”
He then positioned the arms, ready to open up the pod which would cause Robin to be sucked out into space, and kill him…
Starfire and her duplicate had formed a plan. One Star was steering the two connected pods into position, while the other was flying freely towards Slade's shit from behind.
“Starfire, be prepared.” Copy-Cat said. “We only have one shot at this.”
Starfire nodded.
Slade was just about to open Robin's pod, when he saw Starfire park two pads a little way in front of them. “Well, well… if it isn't your soon to be widow.” he hissed at Robin.
“Starfire!” Robin called at his wife. “Shoot him down!”
“I will not!” Starfire said sternly. “I will not risk your life even if it is to stop Slade. Nor will I have to.” she motioned right behind them. Slade turned and saw the second Starfire headed straight for him. “What?!”
Copy-Cat shot a couple of star-bolts which broke the robot arms and set Robin free from their grip. “Robin… quickly, you must get clear!” Copy-Cat called, and Robin backed away quickly.
Slade turned his ship ready to open fire. “Here Kitty-Kitty-Kitty.” he mocked, but before he could fire…
Copy-Cat drew in a huge breath and began to exhale as he changed back to his regular state…
Despite the fact he was an alien, he was a half humanoid, and therefore could not live in space.
As long as he exhaled, he wouldn't freeze right away.
He sprung out his claws (Wolverine claws like in X-men. Not Cat claws) and sliced the ship wide open as he sped past, then he landed within the safety of his pod where he could breathe again, and they sped away just as Slade's ship exploded, taking him with it.
“Starfire, Copy-Cat… way to go!” cried Robin. “We actually got him.”
Starfire smiled and giggled for joy, but then Copy-Cat noticed that their screens were showing them a message. A message which read…
“That was quite amusing. We should really do it again sometime.”
“Until then, Titans.”
They realized that it had to be just another one of Slade's android clones, and it wasn't really him. Robin was exceedingly pissed off.
“Never you fear, my Husband.” Starfire said to him. “We are safe now, and the battle is won. That is all that matters.”
Robin knew she was right. Someday they would get Slade for real. “Someday!”