Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ Move, and You're Dead! ❯ Old Painful memories ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Upon returning home, the ship was too badly damaged. Nothing that Cyborg couldn't fix. So the Titans decided to stay in and order pizza; one being half vegetarian of course.
Beast-Boy flipped both he Pizza's into the air, and Copy-Cat used his claws to slice them up perfectly, and send the correct slice to everyone's plate.
Reports had also come in that all the jails in town were keeping a close watch on all the criminals the Titans had rounded up. “I guess that means no criminals will be breaking out anytime soon.” Robin said.
Cyborg didn't know, “I should either be grateful, or a little bummed.”
“Dude… I totally agree.” added Beast Boy. For as much as it meant putting the city in danger, what good would heroes be if there wasn't any bad guys to fight… aside from Slade.
“I disagree.” Starfire said. “True we would not be able to save he city, or do battle as much, but we would have time to enjoy the wonders of our daily lives.”
The Titans actually agreed with her. It would have been nice to take more than just a vacation from being heroes, and all that stuff. They even all had plans for the upcoming week in any case.
Robin planned to take Starfire out on a romantic evening.
Cyborg was picking up three different ladies for three separate dates. “Movie at seven… steak at nine… and late night drive across the town at eleven. Man I love bein' the ladies man.”
Raven and Copy-Cat planned to stay in. Raven wanted to catch up on her reading, and Copy-Cat wished to meditate some more.
“Dudes… how can you be anymore boring?” Beast-Boy asked.
“He's right.” Added Terra “You two should get out more, and do stuff together.”
Copy-Cat looked up form his plan. “Oh… and just what certain type of Earth-activities do you propose we attempt to try?”
Raven looked up from her book. “Yeah… who needs to go out, when all you really want is to spend time with each other?” she asked rhetorically as she stared at her boyfriend.
Copy-Cat gently kissed her hand. “You all may spend your quality times as you wish, and let us spend it in the terms that of which we prefer.”
Terra and Beast-Boy looked at each other with raised eyebrows, and they picked at their ears in the “Like, whatever.” expression.
“Friends… do you have any special plans involving only the two of you?” Starfire asked, and Beast-Boy and Terra did have plans.
They were invited to a reunion at their old High-school…
The same High-School Terra went to when she'd lost her memory, and when Beast-Boy quit the team, changed into a regular boy, and also lost him memory.
“They're also holding a few contests for the graduates.” Terra said. “Me and Beast-Boy want to enter the music competition.”
Beast-Boy nodded. “We already got a great song lined up for them.”
They were referring to the rock song they sang a couple of years ago. The only song out of all the songs they sang to actually be made into a huge hit; Rebel Girl.
The next night
All the Titans went out on their plans, while Beast-Boy and Terra headed for the High-School.
Beast-Boy was wearing his old rock outfit; Black leather jacket over a white T-shirt, a golden chain around his neck. Sunglasses over his eyes, blue jeans, and white sneakers… and Terra was wearing her usual brown hiking boots, and matching gloves and belt. Short yellow pants, blue lenses goggles, and the bets part was… the Black shirt with a “T' for Terra in the middle.
They both took one look at the building. “Dude.” he said softly. “This is starting to bring back a whole load of bad memories.”
His wife held his hand tight. “Yeah… I know what you mean.”
(This refers back to “MUSICAL: Some Things Never Change”)
Not a day went by that Beast Boy and Terra hadn't forgotten everything they had been through. The worst being when Terra was attending the school with amnesia, and trying to tell Beast-Boy to leave her alone.
Thoughts and images began to replay in their minds…
“Things change, Beast Boy. The girl you want me to be is just a memory.”
“Come with me.”
“You go. You're the Teen Titan. That's who you are. That's not me. I'm not a hero. I'm not out to save the world I'm just a girl with a geometry test next period, and I haven't studied.”
Beast-Boy; alias Garfield Logan-- Had taken about all he could from his unbearable life, saw an old scientist he remembered and had changed form Beast-Boy to regular boy, and had enrolled in the school.
Sadly, he too had lost his memories of the Titans, and anything related.
He and Terra had a rocky first encounter, but things began to heat up, and eventually they found what they wanted, and helped each other remember.
If it wasn't for those twists of fate, the two of them wouldn't have been standing right there, and coming back to the school was bringing all those memories back into action.
(Music Cue)
(I don't own this song)
(This is also a BBxTERRA AMV)
-I don't feel the joy
I don't feel the pain
You were just a toy
I am just insane
Walking on my own
Leaving you behind
You were crying out
That you need to speak your mind
(Beast Boy and Terra on THINGS CHANGE)
So alone in love
So alone in love
I'm going to haunt you everyday
Haunt you everyday
(Beast-Boy all alone and depressed)
-I am gonna kill
When I need a thrill
Eating at the heart
until I've had my fill
When will stupid learn?
Fire's gonna burn
Think of consequence
Then you move when it your turn
(Beast-Boy, as Garfield, and the Maniaml)
So alone in love
So alone in love
I'm going to haunt you everyday
Haunt you everyday
(Guitar Solo)
-Walking on my own
Leaving you behind
You were crying out
That you need to speak your mind
(Garfield blowing up the meteor)
So alone in love
So alone in love
I'm going to haunt you everyday
Haunt you everyday
Haunt you everyday
Haunt you everyday
(Another long guitar solo)
(Many other BB and Terra shots)
At least now they were able to put that all behind them, in the past and never look back. They were together, happily married and graduates of the school.
“Are we ready?” Terra asked.
Beast-Boy nodded. “Yeah…” he said as he looked at the school. “Let's do this.” and they began to walk inside.
Things hadn't changed that much since they graduated, and left. Everything looked pretty much the same. The lockers, hallways, the classrooms.
Even the Girls room was still there. “Hmm… I remember when I almost followed you in there.” Beast-Boy laughed.
Terra giggled. “Yeah… I can't imagine what a mess there would have been if you had.” she said.
They kept on making their way down the hallway, and passed the graduation boards from two years ago. Terra was there, and Beast-Boy himself had very special singular framed photo with his award, and a plague on it reading. “To Garfield Logan. Student of the Century.”
Beast-Boy still had a hard time believing that he was actually that boy-genius in the picture. Never went to school that much in his life, and graduated in only one year…
“You really deserved that award.” Terra said. “You really did yourself proud.”
Beast-Boy smiled. “Garfield.” He spoke to the picture, pretending to be speaking to his inner, regular-self, “I owe you a lot, Dude. Thanks.”
Finally they made it to out to the backyards where everything looked wonderful.
Lots of Balloons all clung together to form large arch ways. Tables spread out along half of the huge space for the couples to just sit at and relax.
There were even other long tables off to the sides, with foods and snacks, and like all proms… there was some punch, only, and would you believe there was some students behind the tables to guard the food and make sure no one tried to spike it.
Even some police officers around the perimeter to watch over the place incase a fight broke loose, and also to take part in the rock contest when Beast-Boy and Terra went up.
The best, and new feature was the stage and set for the rock-contest going on later that night. Special effects, and high-quality sound promised and all.
There also a lot of old faces Terra and Beast-Boy hadn't seen in a long time. Including Terra's two Ex-Friends, Jackie and Jillian (That's what I call them)
The same two troublemakers who would do anything to be popular, and try get Terra to be mean and hostile towards Beast-Boy.
As was excepted, when they came up to say hi to Terra, they stopped when they saw her with Beast-boy. “Yo… haven't we met before?” Jackie, the Red-haired girl asked?
Jillian, the black-girl, looked him over. “Hey, I recognize him, it's Garfield Logan.”
Beats-Boy nodded. “Yeah, I was Garfield Logan.” he said. “And… I'll never forget how mean and unkind you two were towards me while I was here either.”
The girls did remember that maybe they were kind of harsh on Beast-Boy. Even though they secretly wished they had gotten rid of him for good. Then Maybe Terra wouldn't have gotten mixed up with him and turned against them.
“So… uh… you two are like… dating?” asked Jackie.
Terra shook her head as she rested against Beats-Boy's chest. “Oh, no, no… we're married.” and they shared a quick kiss, much to Jackie and Jillian's shock.
“Wh-wh… what!” Jillian snapped. “Married?! No way?”
They showed them the rings on their fingers, and Terra even showed her new ID-card. Terra Logan: Teen Titan.”
The girls were even more shocked than ever. “Uh… yeah.”
“I guess you'll want to be alone.” And the two of them scuttled off, much to the couple's confusion. “Dude… what's got them so worked up?”
The girls met in a quiet space away from the party. “She married him?!” Jackie said.
“Yeah.” Jillian agreed. “What's with her? She lost her mind.”
The girls had always tried to make Terra one of them. The popular kind of girl who shuns out the unpopular, gets what she wants, and acts like she runs the show.
Instead, with Beast-Boy at school, he messed with her brains, and made her fall for him. Now she had the never to say she was his wife?!
And thanks to them… they graduated with the lowest marks in all the school. Not wanting to consider it was their own fault for all the trouble they caused.
“Never mind.” Jackie said. “We can fix them in rock-contest.”
“Right-On girlfriend.” Jillian sniggered.