Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ Project After ❯ Payback! ( Chapter 6 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

The next morning, the other titans got into the T-Ship-2, and took off for the coordinates that were given to them. Robin's pod was set to auto-pilot. Pretty soon they were flying over small mountains, and into a valley. “Hey, Copy-Cat…” Cyborg said into his radio, “Where do we go now?”
Copy-Cat checked his computations, “We must turn ten degrees south… heading course 184 zero-blue.”
Steering the ship onto that course, The Titans kept their eyes peeled, but they proceeded with caution. The enemies knew they were coming, and were probably spying on their every move.
Their course had taken them deeper into the valley surrounded by the mountains, and over a small lake. “There's nothing here.” said Terra. “Not even any signs of a base.”
Copy-Cat and Raven scanned their radars, but they couldn't detect, nor sense anything. “It got to be here somewhere.” Beast-Boy said. They all decided to make another pass and fly over the area again, but once more, they found nothing.
In their lair, The Master and he team were tracking the ship. “Target acquired.” said one of the operators. “…Ready to fire on your word, Master.”
The Master nodded pleasantly, “Well done, Yunagirlamy. I knew there was a reason I hired you.” he said kindly to her. “Launch the missile!”
The ship's sensors weren't able to detect the missile coming, but Copy-Cat's foresight did sense danger. “Watch out…!” he shouted, but it was too late. BOOM! The left side of the ship had been struck. Terra screamed as the explosion nearly hit her.
The ship began to lose height and Cyborg could barley hold it. “We're goin' down!” he yelled. “Mayday…! Mayday…!” Beast-boy kept crying out.
Then, as the ship plummeted towards the water, another missile was launched. “Everybody, hang on!” shouted Raven. This was different, it exploded as it got closer, and incases the ship inside an energy field, just as it hit the water.
“What is happening?” asked Starfire. She and the others soon got their answers as the barrier began to take them and their damaged ship under the lake, down, down, down. “Look…!” said Copy-Cat. There in the distance was an underwater complex. “No wonder we couldn't see them.” groaned Cyborg.
The barrier seemed to be dragging them towards the complex, and into a hanger bay, where some guards were waiting to seize them, and take them through the facilities. The Titans didn't dare to put up a fight, due to the fact that they were outnumbered immensely. There had to be at least two-hundred members of Project After. There was no way they could fight off all of them, even if Robin were with them. They were going to need reinforcements, but how?
This gave Raven and Copy-Cat a little idea, and they were certain it was the one thing that Project After wouldn't be able to know of this time. So, as the continued to walk down the halls, they held hands, deceiving many of the members; thinking they were so scared, they were holding hands to calm their nerves.
…if they only knew!
They reached the second floor, towards the upper-control deck where The Master was waiting for them. “Ahh… Teen Titans…an honor to have you with us” he smirked. “Though, frankly, I expected you fifteen minutes earlier. Trouble with learning how to do things right…?” he mocked.
Cyborg felt his oil boiling, “Why you little--”
“Ah-ah-ah…!” The Master said, “Before you get rational, perhaps I should present my prisoner.” He snapped his fingers and two guards entered bringing in, “Robin!” cried Starfire. He looked rather sore and had several bruises from being punched so much, but he was okay. The Master allowed his guards to let Robin go, and Starfire dashed over to her husband, and hugged him tightly. “Aah! Aah! Star, easy!” cried Robin, who was still plenty sore from his beatings.
The Master was then speaking with his chief computer-technician. He was called Dracula-Marth, due to the fact that two of the top-row teeth were pointy like fangs. “The satellite will be in range, and charged in six minutes, My-Lord.” he hissed.
The Master nodded, and then gave the order, “Prepare the transmitter.”
The Titans all felt confused and, suddenly, frightened as the whole complex suddenly began to rumble softly. “What's going on?” asked Terra. “It feels as if we are moving.” added Starfire.
The Complex was indeed moving. It was rising up, up, up, out of the water. The water suddenly began to drain out, it was being pumped away. For many months Project After had been working hard to transform the lake around them into a complete and fully functional satellite control-dish. That was the water was being pumped away. That's why the complex was rising, to serve as the antenna of the dish with high-voltage transformers at the top.
As the members continued with their plans, The Master explained to the others exactly what he had told Robin, how he intended to wipe out fantasy and create a better world. “Yo' that is so messed up.” snarled Cyborg.
“Dude…!” Beast Boy snapped. “My novel is considered one of the best on the shelves.”
The Master gazed at Beast-Boy sarcastically, “Your novel… is a piece of BULL!” he shouted. “You Titans are just like all the other stupid, whiny people. You think with your head in the clouds, and believe that fiction and fantasy can provide inspiration and good feeling to many-- Well your little dreams are about to vanish forever, and the sooner… the better.”
At that moment, Dracula-Marth cleared his throat and asked “Target coordinates?” The Master decided what better place to start than the titans' hometown. “Jump-City…?” Terra gasped.
“That's what I said…” The Master snickered.
In orbit, the satellite's flaps began to unfold, and the ray-gun was stretched out and charging up.
“Ready to fire… on your orders.” said Dracula-Marth.
The Master smiled, and she lifted his lighter to his face to light up another cigarette, “Ready… Aim…” he lit his smoke, “…Fire!”
The gun fired a long beam of light straight at the Earth…
The people in Jump-City were just going about on their usual daily routines, when suddenly the sky began to brighten.
“What's happening?”
“What is that…?”
The ray shot right in the center of the town, and spread a wave of energy over everything. This did not harm anyone physically, nor did it cause any damage. It did, however, do exactly as The Master said it did…
Everywhere people had stopped talking about their favorite video games, movies, novels, or anything else that was considered fantasy, or in the art of wishful thinking. They were all behaving as if they were all hit in the head.
All this was watched on the monitors back in the complex. The Master grinned wickedly as he puffed from his smoke, “Excellent…!”
The Titans were livid. Their whole town had been turned into a humorless, non-fun place of glum people-- but it was only the beginning. The satellite would be recharged within ten to twelve minutes. Then they would fire it again, and then again, and continue until the whole world was wiped clean of all fantasy.
The Titans realized that that satellite would have to be destroyed, and Project After needed to be put out of action, but how could they get the upper-hand? That's what most of them wondered. Raven and Copy-Cat, however, were still holding hands and keeping quiet for some reason, unnoticed by all.
Still, there were only seven of them, and over two-hundred bad guys who were watching their every move. Any sudden movement or trick up the sleeve would get them into a lot of trouble. There had to be a way to keep that from happening.
That's when Robin noticed, the long line of gas tanks were just down the stairs. The way they were aligned, just one little spark inside just one of them would cause a giant chain reaction of explosions, and really make a mess of things.
Already the gas tanks were being tended to, and some were wide open as the technicians did their work, but how to ignite them? Suddenly he saw the one thing that could just do the trick, all that remained to figure was how to make it all work.
Suddenly, Yunagirlamy's control console began to give off warnings. “Master…?” she cried, “Master!”
The Master got up and peered over the railing. “Can't you see that I'm busy?”
“Sorry, Sir, but I think we have trouble.” replied Yunagirlamy, but she had no need too.
Loud humming sounds of police-helicopters, and sirens were heard form outside. The ground shook with the sound of cars, and prison trucks passing onto the land. “You… in the complex!” shouted a voice. “You are completely surrounded. Come out with you hands up!”
“WHAT…?!” The Master shouted so loud, his voice echoed several times along the walls. “No! It's impossible! How did the authorities find us?” Raven and Copy-Cat smiled at one another, but then The Master realized, “Never mind-- Just get the defense-missiles ready!”
Outside, the police were growing impatient. “You're time is running out!” The Chief said. Come out with your hand sup, or we're coming in after you.”
The complex was suspended thirty feet above the dry lake, but it still had walkways and ramps to get up to the interior. However, unseen by all the cops and swat-teams, deep within the bed of the dry lake, special compartment containing missiles were starting to open and arm the massive rockets to fire.
“Acquiring targets…” Yunagirlamy.
“Move it!” snapped The Master. “They think they can stop me from making the world a better place, THEY CAN DIE!”
Robin finally saw his chance. All the members were distracted, and The Master was standing in the perfect place. “Hurry! Get those missiles launched!” then suddenly, WHAP! “AAH…!” Robin slapped The Master's arm flinging his lit cigarette out of his hand, “RUN!” Robin cried.
Before The Master could get back to his feet and order the guards to shoot them, the cigarette landed directly inside one of the open tanks of gasoline…POW! The tank exploded in a huge ball of fire. Many of the members gasped, some were blown off their feet and hard into the wall as the whole complex began to shake and spark.
“In here!” Robin shouted as all seven titans leapt into one escape elevator just in time!
The other gas tanks began to explode simultaneous throwing burning rubble everywhere. The members all scattered to escape, screaming like frightened children, as their control consoles began to spark and flare.
BOOM! Another explosion! Dracula-Marth even leapt up and over the rails (Wilhelm Scream)
The Master ducked under a table, “AA-AAAH…! MY COMPLEX---!!”
Safely in the elevator, the titans were breathing heavily. What an escape, but it wasn't over yet. “Dude…!” Beast-Boy snarled at Robin, “The next time you pull off a stunt like that-- Never mind… I don't know.” At least now the members are all distracted, some of them were even badly injured, but the main thing now was destroy the satellite. “Cyborg, what can we do?” Robin asked
Cyborg's wrist-computer was unaffected by the elevator controls. He calculated that the high-voltage transformers, atop the complex, were the main-source of the satellites link-up. “If we lodge-something big and metallic in between those suckers, they can generate so much voltage that the satellite won't be able to take all the energy.”
Terra snapped her fingers, “…And it'll short out and explode…?”
“Right on.”
“Wait…” Raven said. “Doesn't that mean--”
It did indeed, it meant that someone would have to go up, to the antenna, and take a very calculated risk of lodging something large and metallic on the transformers, a very good chance of being electrocuted by at least hundreds of thousands of volts, possibly even millions.
“I'm going.” Robin declared.
“What? Robin, you cannot.” cried Starfire. “You are not yet fully recovered, and you have no that many weapons to defend with.”
Robin felt just find, and he always carried a spare belt of gadgets. “I have to go. The rest of will be needed to help the police round out the rest of the members, and just in case any of them go after me, drive them off.”
It was agreed. The final step was ready to begin. Project After was going down! They hoped…
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