Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ Project After ❯ A shock for you ( Chapter 7 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

The complex was huge mess on the inside. Flames were still burning, and the crew was barley able to extinguish them. Many of the controls had been destroyed, and that included the security cameras. Now Project After could no longer spy on people, or plan any sneak attacks. Many of the members were injured badly, and taken to the med-wing, while others were arming themselves and charging outside and into battle with the police.
As for The Master, he was pretty pissed, but still very much alive and not hurt too badly. If The Titans wanted to fight, he'd give them one. Also, his satellite was still functioning, and so were the emergency systems. “Dracula-Marth…!” he shouted.
“Yes, Master. I'm working on it.” he responded. “We'll have recharge in eight minutes and ready to fire.”
“The get on with it!” snapped The Master as he dashed off. He knew The Titans would be heading for the antenna to destroy it. He dashed back upstairs what was left of his office, and pulled an emergency switch. A secret panel in the wall flipped round revealing a one-man, tech-armor outfit. Complete with guns, bombs, and even tracking systems in the visor.
The Master quickly donned his armor, and dashed out a secret exit which would lead to the outdoor upper-level of the complex. There, he saw Robin already dashing along the ramp to reach the transformers. The Master grabbed his machine-gun and began to fire.
“WHOA…!” cried Robin as he tumbled forward to avoid the shots, and threw his disc-bombs right back. The Master was struck and fell back down the ramp, rolling, and tumbling back down again. He lost his machine gun, but he had other weapons. “GRR…!”
The police were busy in their own problems. A lot of the uninjured members were shooting off their guns, and tossing grenades. Still, the swat-teams, with their bullet-proof armor, had the upper-hand. They shot back at the members… in their legs... “D'AH…!” …In their arms… “UGH…!”
They wouldn't kill them, unless it was totally necessary.
The Missiles were still active, and launched from in the lake-area, but the chopper-pilots managed to intercept them all with their own missiles and machine-guns.
Agent-17 called his force to arms, and they began to dash for the battle zone, only to have the other six titans stop them, Copy-Cat had copied Robin's forum before Robin had left the team. “End of the line, Dudes!” Beast-Boy snarled.
215 groaned loudly, “How many times are you going to say that? You fag! It's getting on my nerves!”
“Never you mind!” Starfire sneered.
The enemies charged into battle!
As usual, it was still the same. Starfire and Raven went after Lizard. “Hah! You just never learn, do you? Losers! BIMBOS!” he snarled as he switched on his cloaking device. “Ha, ha, ah, ah, ah… I can see you, but you can't see me.”
Raven and Starfire had had just about enough of this creep's badmouthing. “What say we shut him up for good?” Raven asked.
“Agreed.” added Starfire, and so the battle was on.
Beast-Boy and Terra went after 215 of course. “You're in for it this time, Dude.” Beast-Boy sneered, “I'm going to give you the beating of your life.”
215 only laughed his head off, “You and what army? Weak-sauce! None of your stupid animals can beat me.”
Terra knew what Beast-Boy was up to. “Be careful…!” she warned him.
Beast-boy nodded, and then charged right at 215 without even changing into an animal. 215 just socked him hard in the face. “AH…!” sending him down hard. Beast-Boy gritted his teeth and got right back up, “Oh, yeah…?” he snarled as he charged again only get punched again.
The third time, 215 jumped on Beast-Boy and began to pound the living daylights out of him. “What's the matter, wuss!” he mocked, “To pathetic for your animals anymore.” But Beast-Boy just continued to take the beatings and still did not change.
Finally, 215 lifted Beast-boy over his head, spun him around, and around and threw him hard into the forest near the ground.
That did it! Beast-Boy had that glow in his eyes again...! His clothes were starting to shred as he grew, and grew.
215 was too busy to notice, as he was now ready to teach Terra a thing or two. Terra tried throwing rocks and boulders, it only made him laugh. Then he grabbed her by the neck. “Ah… UGH… you're chocking… me!”
“That's the idea-- Duh!” mocked 215, but suddenly, he heard rustling in the bushes behind him. “No way…?” He couldn't believe that Beast-Boy was still moving after all that. He threw Terra down. “All right, ya little brat… Come on out of there!”
CRASH! A giant, ferocious, werewolf-creature emerged from the woods by shoving the shrubs aside as if they were made of paper. It gazed at 215 through the trees, and roared loudly.
For the first time, 215 was actually scared. He was quaking in fear and almost ready to scream like a girl in horror movie. “Get away from me!” he cried, “Get away!”
The Beast just growled, and then easily knocked down the tress that were in his way with his bare hands alone, and began to stop towards 215, who was inching away and getting ready to run, but then he realized… “What am I doing? I can take this freak!”
That's what he thought, but when he tried to attack the seven foot, hulking creature, it was like colliding with a steel wall. The Beast then picked 215 up, exactly like he did before, whirled him over his head, and threw him much farther. 215 hit the edge of the lake and almost fell off, but as he tried to get back up, he turned round just in time to get smacked by a large flying boulder. He tumbled down the slopes, crashing head first into the complex support-legs. “Ow…!” he groaned and passed out. “That's for calling Beast-boy names-- YA BIG OX!” Terra shouted.
Terra had other things to worry about right now, like keeping Beast-Boy at bay until he changed back.
Robin was still climbing to the top to reach the antenna, but The Master wasn't to far from behind. The Master kept throwing his explosives towards Robin, knowing they were special designed not to hurt any of the machines, but Robin managed to dodge them all, and continued on his way up.
While inside…
Dracula-Marth finished his computations. “Yes…!” he cried for joy. “The satellite's ready to fire.” But before he could send the command, the swat-teams broke into the base and wasted almost not time in apprehending all the crooks inside, including Dracula-Marth, but not before he quickly activated the about-fire sequence.
In only five minutes the satellite would fire, and nothing could stop the program this time. Five minutes!
Ms. Meow and Agent-17 both knew that the Robin they were facing was Copy-Cat, yet both of them were arguing over who would fight him first and how. Ms. Meow wanted to face him again as Copy-Cat, just like they promised, but Anget-17 preferred to keep things as they were. Since Copy-Cat was copied as Robin, then he knew all of Robin's moves.
Copy-Cat couldn't take much more of this bickering, and decided, “I shall face you both as I am!” The two thieves agreed, and the fight was on.
Four minutes!
As for Cyborg, he was fighting with Mastrass, and this time… he seemed to have the upper hand. Mastrass tried some of her best flash-screens, but the problem was that it was daytime, and the light was so blinding when it wasn't dark. Cyborg finally grabbed her by the collar. “Aw, yeah, this is gonna feel good.” And in one swift punch, he knocked her out cold.
“Remember, Kids… It ain't right to hit a lady.” he said to no one in particular, but then again, Mastrass was no lady.
Three minutes!
Starfire and Raven were still having no luck with Lizard. He punched, and kicked, and pummeled them just like in all their other fights. “School's out, Losers!” snarled Lizard and he prepared for one final assault, but, suddenly, the girls realized they were going about this all wrong… Just because they couldn't see him, didn't mean they couldn't hear him.
“Say goodbye!” Lizard shouted, and that, the sound of his voice gave him away. Starfire swiftly raised her fist and punched him right in the face. “ARGH…!”
Raven couldn't see the moment of the dirt on the ground showing where Lizard was standing, and she fired a blast of energy at him. “WHOA…!”
His cloaking-device was damaged, making it so he could no longer hide. “Okay! That's it!” he roared, “I don't need any device to beat you a pair of bimbos!” and he began to dash at them with his fists flying.
“Shall we…?” Starfire asked.
Raven nodded, “Mm-hmm…!”
The both fire a long and strong bombardment of star-bolts, and dark-waves. Lizard was hit on all parts of his body like ten-thousand machine guns attacking at once. Sparks and flames flared all over him as he got hit, “WHOA-AAAAH-GRAAAAH---!! Ohh----!” Feeling weaker than a kitten, he collapsed hard onto the ground.
Less than two minutes!
Both Robin and the Master had reached the top. The high-voltage transformers were just near them, but the two men were staring each other down like cowboys ready for the fats-draw. “So… here we stand.” Robin sneered. “So it would seem.” snarled The Master. “Only this time… you lose!”
It was in vain that Robin tried to convince him that fantasy was a good thing, and just because he didn't like it gave him the reason to destroy it, or mock it. “SHUT UP…!” shouted The Master and they began to fight, but The Master was too much for Robin to handle, what him in that metal-armor. Robin got pummeled very badly.
One minute!
The satellite was ready to fire.
Two against one, and this time, even without the aid of his foresight, Copy-Cat managed to over power Ms. Meow and Anget-17. “You lose…!” growled Agent-17, but then he got kicked hard in the gut and went down.
“Hey!” snapped Ms. Meow, and she charged straight at him, but Copy-Cat leapt up high, changed back to his normal self, and SCRATCHED her hard in the face with his own claws. Ms. Meow screamed in agony and fell right down. “No, Project After. It is you who have lost!”
The Titans all met up, and then agreed to dash off and help Robin, and let the swat-teams handle to rest, but as they neared the top, they could see Robin was already in a bad way. “Robin!” cried Starfire.
The Master was holding him by the collar, “It's been fun…” he mocked and then threw him over the edge. “No!” cried Starfire.
What nobody had noticed was Robin quickly latched onto the metal of the base and held on like a ladder, but all his weapons continued to fall. Now he had nothing left that was large and metallic enough to lodge into the transformers… or did he? He knew the perfect thing now. So he shakily but carefully began to climb back to the top.
The other titans landed on the top and began to do battle, but they were all too tired from fighting for so long down below and The Master still feat as if he hadn't broken a sweat and easily overpower all six of them.
Robin finally made it to the top just in time to see The Master mercilessly holding Starfire by the neck. “Face it!” snapped The Master. “In a few short seconds all the crummy fantasy in this whole will be wiped out! You've lost!”
Starfire, though weak, was still able to say, “We can learn from a great many things, as well as fantasy.”
The Master just grunted, “Too bad you never learned to win. And he threw her down sending her tumbling down the ramp. Robin had taken enough of this; he crept up behind The Master, with a surge of rage flowing in his blood.
“VICTORY IS OURS!” shouted The Master, but then, he was grabbed form behind by Robin, “Have I got a shock for you…” Robin sneered as he gazed him dead in the eyes, “You… You sick, twisted FREAK…!”
Before The Master could do anything, Robin shoved him right onto the transformers, “D-AAAA-AAARGH…!” The high-voltage went berserk because of his metal armor. The Titans still had the strength to run, “Let's get out of here!” cried Robin, as they all left the Master to fry! “YAAA-AAARGH---!”
All that powerful energy was being sent right back up to the satellite and was starting to overload its systems.
As everyone dashed away from the antenna, the other Titans couldn't believe what Robin had just done. For that matter neither did he. As much as The Master deserved to fry like that, he knew they had to get him. “Wait… just a couple seconds.” cried Cyborg, “Wait for the satellite to blow.”
“UGH-A-A-A-A-A-A-A…!” More and more high-voltage was surged, and finally, The Satellite exploded, and whatever was left of it burned up in the atmosphere.
The Electrical current also stopped, and The Master fell totally flat on his face. He felt almost completely dead. His body hurt so much. It hurt to breathe, it hurt to blink, and it even hurt when air hit him.
Robin marched up to the fallen creep, and gazed him dead in the eyes. “When I became hero, I made a promise to my dead parents… and that I would never, take the life of another human being. No matter how despicable they were. You almost made me forget that promise!”
They forced him onto his feet and force him to march down the ramps where the swat teams were waiting for him. Robin even booted him hard in the back, “Move…!”
Project After was no more!
Author's notes:
Yes I admit it, thatscene with the High Voltage was from SMALL SOLDIERS.
I'm well aware that even with all that armor on, Voltage that high would instantly kill someone, but this time we'll just have to overlook it. After all… it's a fanfic about a cartoon.