Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ Project After ❯ Fantasy and Reality ( Chapter 8 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Author's notes:
When I say ALL the members were captured… I MEAN… All of them. Including ones not mentioned, nor the fight scene.
That's YOU, BO.
Every last member of Project After was captured and taken to a maximum security prison. All of them clapped in irons, and chains. They wouldn't be causing anyone anymore trouble for a long time.
The Master was given his own private cell, where if he had anymore chains on him, you wouldn't be able to see him. He just never learned the sense that other people had, but he swore, if ever there came a day when he'd get out of jail… The titans would pay!
The Complex was demolished and cleared away, and the lake was back to normal. As for the satellite, with it destroyed, all those who were shot by its ray had gone back to normal. They remembered all of fantasy and things they liked but had no memory as to what happened.
It was still amazing that as smart as those crooked Project After guys were, they couldn't find a permanent way to keep the memories erased.
The Titans figured it best that no one remembered so things would get back to normal. Unfortunately, since all the stolen items were destroyed, they could never be gotten back, however, the companies, and art museums, and all the places in the world that still made the stuff that was taken, were more than happy to replace them.
The stores were stacked, museums back to normal, the theaters were busy again. Even the Titans got some new stuff. Cyborg couldn't stop playing with his new game-station, with improved graphics, “BO-YAH… this awesome.” he cried with glee.
Beats-Boy and Terra were on the other side of the room moving and grooving to the new CDs and the new boom-box they got. “Dude… this totally rocks.” Beast-Boy said.
“You got that right.” added Terra.
Raven even got some new books, including a new copy of Beast-Boy's story, The Incredible Beast. “Hey…! It's not that bad.” she would say.
Robin was busy ordering up some big pizzas, to celebrate their victory and repairing the tower. Starfire, however, was curious about one thing, “How was it that the police, and teams of swat were able to locate us?”
Raven and Copy-Cat explained how…
Over the weeks, before Project After appeared, they had been trying to perfect a new sort of contact-method. Combining Raven's telekinetic-contact with Copy-Cat's psychic-foresight to produce telepathic messages and send them over long distances.
They held hands, while in the complex, and were focusing on sending their message to the nearest ranger-station, or police-headquarters. It was the one thing Project after never anticipated and would never be ready for.
“But I thought they could watch our every move what with all those hidden cameras.” said Robin. Copy-Cat shook his head, “They had seen us, but they could never tell what it was we were doing, as we never spoke a word, and communicated through our thoughts.”
Raven nodded, “Besides…” she said “All the camera's are gone and destroyed. So at least we can get some privacy.”
And so it was that fantasy was spared from a fate so horrible yet so ridiculous. No one ever deserved to be mocked, or treated very wrongfully by people who didn't like certain things.
May we all learn to accept ideals, and get along better in the world.
Author's note:
I urge everyone to do as I did.
You sick and fed up with PA always busting your chops just they haven't got a clue? Well, why do you make a fic and blow off some steam the way I did.
Trust me… it's way worth it.
I'm starting to think some of them DESERVED those fates in real life. Especially, The Master.