Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ Teen Titans Kite's story ❯ Chapter 1

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

The past to the present
These are the memories of the boy he's been very lucky to have any memories at all!
A baby boy with strange dark blue hair was captured and put into a science lab to figure out the reason for the blue hair and his called “disease.” The parents of the baby tried to free their son from the scientists that took him from them. After a strong battle between the parents and the scientists and their android body guards the boy's parents were publicly executed for being traitors.
It was raining because a hurricane was coming to the island where he was kept in a mad rush the scientists tried to get out with him inside of a test tube. With a powerful strike of lightning one of the four scientists fell and the other three lost grip of the tube and it fell on the ground and broke. The boy weakly stood up and pulled out the ivies in his wrists. The boy ran off into the hurricane and was lost at sea.
The boy stayed on the streets trying to remember his name where he came from or, why he was where he is now. In 1998 he was caught by a man working at an orphanage and immediately was put into the “Hope Orphanage.” An old Japanese couple noticed a lonely blue haired teen and decided to adopt him.
The old man taught their adopted son how to defend himself as a birthday present and the boy continued to learn till he was fifteen. The old folks died leaving their adopted son named Kite because he was free spirited. He preferred the name Lance because of the stories of the powerful night of the round table Sir Lancelot. After he was expelled from school for getting into fights he was captured again by a man in a mask that only showed one of his eyes.
(Present day)
A boy wearing a blue jacket, with red and black flames, and a karate belt holding his baggy blue pants up, and cut off gloves. The boy's most noticeable feature was his shoulder length blue hair. The boy washes up on the shore of Titans Tower.