Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ Teen Titans Kite's story ❯ Chapter 2

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

The Titans
The boy opens his eyes and a huddle of people look down at him surprised. The boy looks around and sits up and tries to get off the couch in the middle of a giant room with a view of the whole shore line of the city. The boy stumbles a little and then almost falls but he is caught by black energy and he looks over at a girl in a blue cloak with a black long sleeve shirt and gives her a silent thank you and sits back down.
Starfire: glorious he is awake.
Robin: he seems dazed.
Cyborg: hey where are you from.
Kite: I, I, can't remember.
BB: what can you remember?
A flash of what seems an eternity pass by his eyes so fast he can't catch any of the memories but a few.
Kite: I lived in Japan I was adopted and taught to fight. My name's Kite Navix.
Robin: how old are you?
Kite: I'm, sixteen? I think I am sixteen.
Raven: that is quite the fashion statement.
Robin: I kinda like it.
Cyborg: ya, hey where did you get the jacket?
Kite: (another brain flash) my adoption mom bought it for me.
Starfire: where can we locate your mother and father.
Robin: ya, we can take you back to them.
Kite: (drops his head) in the ground.
BB: what was that?
Kite: I said there in the ground.
Starfire: I'm sorry I do not understand Robin.
Robin: (whispers) they are not alive.
Starfire: so they're dead.
Everyone stays quiet and Starfire turns about as red as a tomato. Kite just puts his head down and wipes a tear from his eye and looks at Starfire as happily as he can being as sad as he is.
Kite: its okay, they would have probably laughed at that outspoken remark.
Starfire: many apologies I'm not of-
Kite: its okay I miss them but they are in a better place.
BB: now what?
Kite: you guys got a pair of scissors and some hair gel or something?
They got Kite some scissors and a little of Robins hair gel and in a matter of minutes Kite had his hair cut shorter and used the gel and a black karate head band with two long bands coming from the back and a Japanese symbol on it and spiked his Hair up and left two bangs down that went down just above his nose.
Robin: so you have anything special that could help out our team.
Raven: what?!
Cyborg: what are you talking about Robin?!
BB: your gonna let him in just like that?!
Starfire: another new teammate?
Robin: only if he can prove himself worthy on the obstacle coarse then in a real fight.
Kite: ya I have something special and it's inside my gloves.
Robin: your gloves?
Kite: well sort of it's more on the inside of the gloves on the skin I guess.
Raven: let's see it then.
Kite: show me the obstacle course then.
Robin walks over to the elevator and waves for Kite to follow with the rest of the Titans are close behind.