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Well, I did it. I don't know why. But here it is, a sequel to Bryan's first adventure, which I've decided to continue due to popular demand....2 favorable reviews, actually. It doesn't matter, I had nothing else to do when I wrote this, so I don't care if no one bothers to review this story, not bothering to put in five seconds to say something like "wYA t00 Go d00d ,tHAt wUzz awsUm1!1"....really, go ahead. Copy that line and paste it as a review. Right now. You're reading this, so don't tell me you couldn't...........you're not going to do it, are you...you lazy bastard...

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Bryan's Crazy Adventure...In the Army!

Wow, that title says it all, doesn't it? .....maybe I should use something else..

This is a stupid little sitcom with no point other than to provide viewers with a variety of comical situations. So I put Bryan Fury in the army.

(Bryan enters the barracks)

Jack-2: Welcome, fellow private.

Bryan: Shit, not you assholes.

Jack-2: I am a 4000 series, so I have not been equipped with an asshole, having no need to remove excre-

Bryan: Just shut up.

Jack-2 : Understood, I shall close the opening for my voice output, thus preventing any further vocal-

(Bryan smashes the Jack-2)

Bryan: I'm really gonna hate this place...

Jack-2: The sargeant is coming.

P-Jack: The sargeant is coming.

Another Jack-2: The sargeant is coming.

Gun-Jack: The sargeant is coming.

All the Jack units: The sargeant is coming.

Bryan: Shut the hell up!

(Sargeant Lei Wulong enters)

Bryan: Wulong?!

(Jack units stand at attention while Wulong proceeds with an inspection)

Lei: Good...good...good...good...(sees Bryan) Fury?! What are you doing here?

Bryan: None of your business.

Lei: Oh, great, I'm stuck with you in my platoon!

Bryan: You can just go stick your platoon-

Lei: You can't talk that way to me, I'm your commanding officer!

Bryan: The hell you are, I'm not taking orders from some stupid Kung Fu reject.

Lei: I was a better cop than you were!

Bryan: Bullshit! I took out an entire gang armed with submachine guns by myself!

Lei: At least I wasn't involved with drug deals!

Bryan: That was never proven, you just set me up! And why the hell are you here?

Lei: I botched a two-year case...

Bryan: So why are all these Jacks here?

Lei: We receieved them from Russia as part of a goodwill trade.

Bryan: Weren't you lucky...

Lei: Well, Bryan, just realize that while you're here, you follow my orders.

Bryan: Sure (gives Lei the finger behind his back)

Lei: Now, it's getting late, so everyone power down.

Bryan: (looks around as all the Jacks shut off) Now what?

Lei: Go to sleep!

Bryan: There aren't any beds!

Lei: Oh, sorry, these barracks were designed for the Jack units. Good night.

Bryan: Goddamn Wulong and his goddamn Jacks...I hate this place.

End Of Chapter 1

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