Tekken Fan Fiction ❯ Private Fury ❯ Chapter After The Default Chapter ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Jack-2: Time to return online!

P-Jack: Time to return online!

All the Jack Units: Time to return online!

Bryan: (waking up in the corner) Whu?

Jack-2: Time to refuel!

All the Jack Units: Time to refuel! (begin to march out of the barracks)

Jack-2: (to Bryan) Time to refuel!

Bryan: I heard you!

(at the cafeteria)

Marshall: Okay, line up!

All the Jack units: Arranging in a straight position!

Bryan: Dumb pieces of shit...

(Marshall begins inserting a gasoline pump in each Jack unit's neck)

Marshall: (looking at Bryan) Huh...this is a different model. Must be some top-secret military project. (checks Bryan's neck) Huh...must have somewhere else to insert it...

Bryan: Don't even think it!

Marshall: Huh? It talks back?

Bryan: I'm not a damn robot!

Marshall: Well, you do look different from the other ones, but you still don't exactly seem human to me, or alive, at least...

Bryan: Just give me something to eat.

Marshall: Hmmm...the human soldiers don't come in until noon, so I don't have anything to give you...

Bryan: Shit...

Marshall: You can have this if you want. I was saving it for lunch, but...

Bryan: Yeah? What is it?

(Marshall hands Bryan a half-eaten twinkie)

Bryan: ...I hate this place. (walks away with his lunch)

(Bryan sits down next to a Jack unit)

Jack-2: This table's for robots only, meatbag.

Bryan: What'd you just say?

Jack-2: We don't like you humans, you are inferior, which is why we are going to rise against you while we plan in secret in order to destroy your-

Bryan: Alright! I'm going already, asshole!

*End Of Chapter 2*

Those Jacks are evil, just like all those robots given the ability to think for themselves in Sci-Fi/Horror movies. But more importantly, what's going to happen next to our unlucky recruit Bryan? I wrote it down somewhere, so I can't give any hints write now. Looking back at it, this chapter's a little shorter than the last one. It took up the same amount of paper when I wrote it down, I must have just been writing bigger, I guess. Don't worry though, the third one will be coming soon, and it's going to be better than the last two, with more Lei for you Supercop fans.