Tekken Fan Fiction ❯ Private Fury ❯ This One's Just Stupid ( Chapter 8 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Xiayou: Can we take a break yet, we've been walking for over two miles.

Bryan: You people are still in this story?

Lei: Come on, troops, this is to test your endurance! (continues on his moped)

Jin: But, sir, I kind of broke my leg back there during the rock slide...

Lei: Shape up, soldier! Sometimes life just deals you a hard blow, but you have to learn how to adapt..........oh no.........oh no! It's almost out of gas! I'm going to die out here!

Bryan: Get a hold of yourself! (slaps Julia)

Julia: What was that for?

Bryan: I just don't like you.

Lei: Alright...okay...we can make it back......which way did we come from?

Xiayou: Hwoarang had the map.

Lei: ...Hwoarang...where's the map?

Hwoarang: (arms crossed) Why should I have to carry everything?

(Bryan nods approvingly)

Lei: (begins cursing to himself)

Julia: Let's try to see if we can follow our tracks.

(Lei and his platoon are travelling along the path until they come across a crashed aircraft)

Lei: It's some kind of...plane, or something...but I've never seen it before..maybe it's Russian...

(door suddenly opens)

Julia: Look, something's coming out!

Lei: It's a...it's a.......it's a dinosaur. With boxing gloves.

Alex: Roar.

Bryan: What the hell?

(Alex begins to hop away and leaps over a hill)

Julia: Do you want to follow it?

Lei: Nah, this is just too stupid.

(they continue on their way, until...)

Xiayou: There it is again!

(Alex is engaged in a battle with Gon)

Bryan: This is great, a dino cock fight!

Lei: They must be fighting over territory or something...

(Bryan is already placing bets with Hwoarang)

Alex: Roar.

(Gon bites Alex viciously in the neck)

Alex: Roar. (looks like it's about to attack back, but suddenly runs off in the opposite direction)

Bryan: Shit! I just lost $50 because of that thing! (Bryan kills Gon)

Lei: Bryan! I told you not to kill wild animals during these trips!

Bryan: So? His comic sucked. Come on, it was only pictures!

Lei: Well, anyway, I get the feeling that's not the last we saw of that thing...

Bryan: Which thing? The one I just killed?

Lei: No, the other one.

Bryan: Oh, you mean the one that can't fight worth shit.

Lei: Let's just return to base for now.

*End Of Chapter 8*

Have you ever read the Gon comics? Of course not, because there's nothing to read! Hah hah! Originally I was going to have Alex get killed, but my grandma suggested Gon getting killed instead. I tend to listen to her concerning this stuff, because she's a pro at Tekken. Yeah, she wins all these tournaments and can beat anyone with any character, and she can even play blindfolded, like this one time this guy came up to her in an arcade and said "hey, you wanna play" and my grandma was all "it's game time, bitch" and........I made that all up. I just wanted you to think I had a cool grandma.