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Neon Genesis Evangelion and all related characters, concepts, etc., are
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This is a Re-write of my first stab at an Evangelion Fic. Let me tell you that up to chapter 24,
I loved this anime, then as so many others it turned dark and
painful, Though I didn't disagree with who Shinji ended up with, I still didn't like how the others were treated.
So, this and my other Eva stories to come will focus on giving those characters a fair chance at a happy ending.
So this is fair warning to a good amount of Waff, romance, and character development!
So I am writing this story to show what I thought would be an alternate ending to the series
where Rei and Asuka lived!
Hopefully the creator of the series will make more movies and hopefully
they will give us a more hopeful ending. Thanks to ForbiddenExodia, and Ryan Xavier for prereading this revision!

Bonds of Love and Survival

Chapter: 6. A New Family

Author's Note: Due to my Pre-readers being un available, this chapter will be the Beta version until I can get it
pre-read. If you want to help me with pre-reading my chapters, e-mail me! <dennis_d@popmail.firn.edu>

Shinji's POV: A wake up call!
A knocking of the front door to the Onsen's building we were staying in woke us up.
Alarmed, Asuka grabbed the handgun I gave her and took up a post behind a cabinet where she had a view of the door.
She was the best shot at close range of all 3 of us. I had Rei go behind one of the doors off to the side
to cover me from the opposite side of the Onsen's entrance. I had my side arm ready as I made my way towards the door.
As I got near the door, which had a glass window on the upper part of the door, I saw a girl about our age
with spiky bright red hair, even more red than Asuka's, green eyes, and she was wearing a green and black uniform,
though it didn't seem military, it seemed more like a school uniform in nature.
I looked behind me and pointed to my eye to both my companions as a way to communicate to them to keep an eye out.
I turned back to the door, where the girl was smiling and showed us the victory sign as a form of greeting I think,
I definitely saw that as strange. But, I opened the door anyway and greeted her.

"Hello, what can I do for you?" I said.

"Hello, I am Little Washu, The Greatest Scientific Genius In the Universe!" stated the diminutive girl with the utmost confidence.

"Ah, Aren't you kinda young to be that?" I asked, doubting her.
She gave me a glare that would put Asuka's to shame but within a second her demeanor changed back
to that previous confident smirk.

"Well I guess I'll have to prove it to you won't I Sonny!" she said.

Within 5 seconds Asuka, Rei and I were floating 5 feet above the Onsen's floor, ...without our weapons.
They were laying in front of Washu's feet.
Obviously we all had confused looks on our faces.
We then heard a steady stream of verbal insults in both German and Japanese from Asuka.
That was quickly silenced by a gag that popped on Asuka's face. She tried futily to pull the gag off.

"I need you attention, not your comments" stated the girl calling herself Little Washu
wagging a finger on the now gaged Asuka.
"OK", I said, "you have our attention, now can you put us down and we'll hear you out?"
"OK", she answered and we fell the five feet to the floor. After we got up, brushed our selves off,
grabbed and held back a furious Asuka from maiming Washu, we listened to what she had to say!
"I live with my family just outside Okayama at the Masaki shrine.
As you may have already noticed I am not your typical human."
I nodded to Rei, and then she proceeded to the room with our supplies,
she returned with the portable scanner from the supply cart behind one of the quad-tracs.

After Rei scanned Washu, she then declared that "Washu had an AT-Field" then she looked ...confused.
"But it is glowing green, not blue like an angel, nor red like an EVA's, Right!" stated Washu.

All 3 of us were confused because Washu was absolutely right!
They looked at the scanner with disbelief. Washu was definietly not normal.
Then her cackling and nasally voice added."Listen, let me finish what I have to say and
then you can ask questions OK"!! she said! All three nodded yes, even Asuka who forgot she still nhad the gag on.
"As I said my family lives outside Okayama, and we are not your typical family."
"We figured that" I said, and we nodded our heads, then she went on; "We are for the most part Aliens, from another planet.
(The Alien part hadn't sunk into our minds yet!)
I and my daughters, my great grand daughter, my son-in-law, his 2 other wives, my husband, and all our kids are wholly or partially alien. The only one who is human is my great grand daughters husband, who happens to be my son in laws father..."
We had ... confused looks on our faces.
"Did you all get that or do you want me to repeat that again?" (She was obviously getting frustrated. As were we!)
"No", I said, "but you didn't answer my original question Washu."
Oh But would you please call me, Little Washu! We looked at her with puzzled looks!

"Oh Yeah you are right." she said. "Well I know you three were the Eva pilots down in Tokyo-3 and well,
to cut to the chase, six Production Model Evas are headed right here probably to kill us,
... and we need your help with them. We'd be willing to put you three up with us if you can help us?
What ja say?" she smiled a very cheesy smile.

We all had a grave look as she finished her statement. None of us were even contemplating having to pilot again.
After a few seconds to understand what Washu had just said. Then a revelation came to us,
"That's why we've been having those nightmares." stated Asuka, after she yanked off the gag.
Rei, and I agreed, "The dreams we've been having,"I said with sadness, "it wasn't from our past,
but a possible premonition of our future." I must have looked even more grave than before. Washu's expression changed as well. But before she could ask, I then grabbed both girls in my arms, around their waists.
"I promised Asuka and Rei, that we'd start a new life here, away from the Evas."
The girls then looked at me with eyes that told me what was it in their hearts. I nodded to them and answered Washu.
"I cannot tell you Washu that we would want to get back into those killing machines."

I then detailed to Washu, our battles with the angels, the innocent victims, our sacrifices, including us dying
and the final battles with the Production Model Evas in Tokyo-3. I then took them in a tight hug.
"I am not going to lose Rei or Asuka to that again!" (I was raising my voice as I made my last statement.)
Washu then nodded yes and said;
"Well, you can still stay with us, we have a security field around our valley
and out here those Evas will make you three mush if you stay".
"Even if we don't help fight them?" I asked.
"We would have asked you if you wanted to stay even if the Evas weren't coming." answered Washu
convincing us of her sincerity.

We then excused ourselves to another room, and discussed Washu's offer. Asuka was first to speak.
"I don't know, Shinji. I mean what if the MP Evas attack and they can't keep them at bay?" She was slightly shivering.
I took her hand in mine."I as well have apprehensions on Miss Washu's and her families abilities to defend themselves against six Production Model Evas." I took her hand in mine as well.
Rei then looked at me, as Asuka watched him as well. "Girls, it seemed that Washu may have a point.
They seem to be coming whether we like it or not. I would take their offer, since I have the feeling that Washu may have some of the answers about our missing Evas. She may even know where they are, and why they were taken."
To myself I said,"As well as who may be behind the revived production Evas. I also knew that Washu is right. We would be little more than a footnote to any MP Evas out here. We were defenseless!"
After talking to Asuka and Rei, we finally agreed to go with Little Washu!
We then took a final dip in the Onsen to clean up and packed the supply carts
and after we hooked them back up to the Quad-tracs ,
she led us to a portal, and all four of us rode our motorbikes through it into the Masaki Valley.

**************************************************************** *****************************************
*Author's Note: Reminder, the Tenchi Series all occurred in between 1993 to now (2001), As you know it's 2016 in the EVA's world now, so that's why some of the Tenchi clan have kids!*

A New Home

Washu had opened the portal,(which looked very similar to the ones the Evas were swallowed up by.)
and we entered the Masaki Valley. We rode onto an escarpment facing the valley.
We then looked above us where we saw a dome like structure which looked similar to an A.T. Field, only green that encompassed the whole top of the valley from the ridge we were on, to the far mountain on the other side of the valley.
It suddenly winked out as we drove down into the valley.
As soon as we cleared the area the security field popped back up and we continued on down the ridge
towards a house next the the valley's lake. the valley seemed very pristine, and well kept
not like the way the land looked even inland in and around Nagoya, or Kyoto-2.
It seemed this family was either very lucky or had enough power to deflect the results of Third Impact.
It definietly made a difference to me, and with the girls and their looks on their faces,
I knew it made that same difference to them.
As we made our way closer to the house we noticed a group of people gathered.
We stopped there and were met by over a dozen people, all Washu affirmed were the Masaki Family.

As introductions were made by Washu, I finally understood what she was talking about when it came to her family.
First she introduced us and who we were. Then came the family's introductions.
First was the head of the family Tenchi Masaki who we learned is the Crown Prince of a Planet called Jurai, ...
and he had three wives!!!
I and Asuka's jaws hit the ground, Rei quirked an eyebrow reminicent of a certain Vulcan science officer
from a long ago television series. He ...had ... three ... wives!

After we were brought back to reality via Washu's nasaly voice, Washu then continued the introductions
His first wife, the former space pirate Ryoko now third princess of Jurai
( She was Washu's daughter, how? We'll ask her later!),
their children, son Yousho who looked about 8 years old, and a 18 year old Daughter named Mayuka
His second wife, Ayeka, was 1st Princess of Jurai, and their son Suko, 6 years old.
Finally, his 3rd wife Sasami, 2nd Princess of Jurai with their daughter Achika, 2 years old.

Little Washu (Who then transformed to a 30 year old woman, [again We'd talk to her later about that!])
introduced her husband, Yousho.Tenchi's grandfather, Washu's other daughter Ryo-Oki,
a girl who can transform to a furry Animal that's a combination of a rabbit, and a cat.
Finally, Tenchi's father Nobuyuki and his wife Mihoshi, with their infant daughter Tenko, 6 months old.

After the introductions were finished, we all made for the house and had an excellent dinner, prepared by Sasami.
It was and interesting situation because they accepted us and seemed to carry on as any family would.
It brought back memories of me, Asuka and Misato, and our daily dinners. Now that wasn't the same because of the Yabisi beer, and being hit by Asuka, but the atmosphere and talk was the same though not as boisterous as this was.
Haveing dozen people. plus us was different and it made us much more calm about what we had to discuss with them
after dinner.

After Dinner Conversation

We then explained what we had told Washu earlier.
We then explained to the whole family about how our previous lives and how the pain of being an Eva pilot was all consuming.
then we detailed the plan from the group SEELE, how they caused the Second Impact, and let Adam, the first angel vaporize Antarctica, and kill 3 billion souls, half of the world's population.
Of our mothers being used as the souls of the Evas, of Naoko Akagi manipulations that caused my,
and Asuka's mother's souls to be held in the cores of the Evas, and in a ironic twist of having Naoko's soul in the Unit-00 that was piloted by Rei herself. Then came
the battles, the physical and mental punishment, my fathers goals and manipulations to have his scenario circumvent SEELE's.
Then we recounted , each of us our personal experiences with Nerv and the Evas.

Next, Rei explained her origins, and sacrifices
(I held her hand when she recounted those parts in her montone and emotionless tone).
Asuka then recounted how she grew up, seeing her mother change overnight from a loving and determined person,
to one who didn't care about others and had subsituted her daughter for a doll, and then to see them hanging there
...in front of them. She had decided then, that no one would hurt or leave her again.
Eva became her life and throughout the battles that was all important.
I then reached up from the seat next to her, and held her hand as I held Rei's hand with my other.
Then she recounted battle with the 15th angel.
She swallowed hard then slowly meticulaously recounted how the angel was driving all her walls down, sifting through the contents of her memories, bringing back all the repressed memories, and the revelation that she never accepted her mother's death!(She then broke down as I held her.) She looked up ans smiled at me, knowing I was there for her.
She got back up and then, finally, explained the events of the last battle with the MP Eva's, and then ... Third Impact!
I was the lone one to recount what I could since Asuka was crying quietly by my side, and ony other side was Rei who was silent and stoic, as I went on.
I explained the final assecsion of Lillith from what I remembered and of course the MP-Es
ramming their copies of The Lance of Longenius through their mid-sections.
The swirl of talks with different people, the ideas, the colors.
Finally the final merging with Lillith, and my decision to come back to this earth.

When I finally finished, there was a good minute of silence, broken by Tenko's girgling in her mother's arms.
Even the children understood the gravity of our story.
They understood, the reasons for us not being able to pilot.
Washu got up and walked in front of us, motioning all three of us to get up.
I can say with all certainty that we will not lookat you any less for not piloting, but can you help us in other ways?
We looked at each other and then nodded in agreement
We did promise to help them prepare for the coming battle with the Production EVAs.

We also heard from them about their adventures, and how they survived the Second Impact
by living in Washu's sub-space lab until all three of us appeared in Tokyo-3.
When Second Impact occured they had hid In Washu' Lab
For about 6 months Washu had converted one of the five planets that made up her lab to agriculture.
She had a copy of the Masaki home made and everyone stayed there.
The only ones that stayed outside the lab until Third Impact were Katsuhito and Nobuyuki
The Priest kept the shrine and home up and clean while Nobuyuki had to keep an income coming into the family.
With all the rebiulding of cities throughout Japan, he had no problems in doing that. .
This was also the time right after Second Impact that Tenchi had made his decision about who he would marry.
He choose Ryoko, and Ayeka, then 6 years later, Sasami.
He explained that after such a catastrophe in which so many people and families lost their lives
he didn't want to lose those he cared about the most. He then kissed and hugged all three of his wives.
Washu then stated;
"I have been monitoring you three since the Third Impact happened there." She then looked at me,
" Shinji, am I right in that you had been the one to decide to return from instrumentality
and not merging with the rest of humanity?"
That question shook me for a moment,then after some moments to compose an answer I said;
"I could not agree to merge with the rest of humanity, even though it was Rei who wanted to merge with me,"
(I sqeezed her hand) "because I could not live with what happened to Asuka, Rei, Misato, and the others.
I wanted to give them the choice to come back if they wanted to. I also wanted ... to punish myself."
Both girls tightened her hugs on him as he continued.

"I figured that to live alone was a just punishment for what I had done."(He looked at his fiance's)
But I had forgotten that I let them decide to come back, ... come back to the joy, and pain of life.
They had a choice to stay in an artificial gelatinous bliss, or face life with all it's happiness, as well as all it's sorrows.
I had even forgotten to see Rei, Asuka and even Misato again. So, I decided to go back,
and I know the Rei who met me above Tokyo-3 understood that"
(Throughout what I had said, I had each of the girls in my arms I hugged both girls as I finished.)
"That would explain how more people were returning around the world." answered Washu.

I'm getting readings from my sensors that their are more and more people rising from the LCL , and the volume of the LCL in the sea, as well as that in orbit around the earth is shrinking." Washu then looked at the three pilots.
That means more for these Evas to hunt down. But we'll deal with them, and deal with them now or they will ravage those coming back."
"We'll be ready Mom, And so will the Evas you have right?" Ryoko stated.
"You have Evas?" I asked Washu.
"Yup!She nodded! Yours!"

**************************************************************** *****************************************
Some news

For the next week we became accustomed to the Masaki residence, and it's chores.
We started by helping them with all the data we had on the EVAs,
The girls and I were tested in her lab by Little Washu over the first few days that we stayed there.
She found out we all had no residual effects from the Third Impact. She then sat us down and explained.
She started with Rei. "Rei, I have gotten some information about you, so can you tell me ... if you are sterile?"
Asuka then reacted before Rei could answer.
"Listen, Rei had her first period last week, and it seems to me that she isn't sterile."
A flowerpot slammed into the top of her head.
"Don't speak unless spoken to!" was all Washu said, as Asuka got the hint ,
glared at her and simply crossed her arms and hurrumped!

Rei finally spoke,"What Asuka said is true. I hope to be able to have children when it is ... proper."
She then looked at Shinji, who smiled at her.

"Well, lets make sure!" Washu then made a wand-like device appear and waved it over and around Rei.
" Yup, sure looks like you have all the plumbing there.
Just a blood sample and we'll make certain you can have Shinji's baby."
She then looked for a reaction from any one of us three.
We just looked at each other, then a smile first came to Rei, then Asuka smirked,
while I contemplated the ramafications of our future as my cheeks reddened as red as apples.

Settling in!

We also started sharing in the family chores. I helped Tenchi and his son Yousho with working the fields
on the agriculture planet in Washu's lab. Though they had a field in the valley, most of their food came from Washu's lab.
Due to this, I became close to Tenchi, and His son Yousho. We talked about many things and I became more comfortable with the Jurian Prince, he reminded me if ... Kaji.
I began to appreciate his position on not taking the throne until this crisis was averted.
He told me Of Ayeka's father's insistance on him taking the throne when they got married.
Tenchi, seeing his home planet in the upheaval it's in refused to do that and simply stated that he and his family would help earth through this. Then when he was sure that the planet was safe he would consider Emperor Asuza's offer.

Asuka and Rei helped the women with their duties.
That meant cleaning the house and doing the daily chores that is expected of the girls there .
This was .. different and not to Asuka's liking, but for now she would do it.
Rei was indifferent about it and simply followed what was asked of her.
Washu told me later what she did next.

Washu soon saw the need for the girls to do something more to their expertise, she also saw the simmering volcano that was Asuka, doing the laundry which reminded of her daughter when she first helped the others with the chores.
She smiled and chuckled. She knew how to diffuse Asuka, so she then commandeered them to help her organize
and interpret data she got from the Magi computers.
We also got some self defense and bokken training from Yousho (Tenchi's Grandfather).
And throughout all the knocks and bruises we all became better and more agile.
Through all this, they never again asked us to pilot the Nerv Eva's they were preparing for the coming battle
with the MP Evas.
We asked Washu if these were the same Evas that we had last battled in Tokyo-3?
She said yes, and that from the data she got as with our Evas, they appeared but at different locations in Japan, seven in all.
The seemed to have activated each other by touch and all then headed for Okayama and the Masaki's valley.
Washu finally determined that the Eva's have stopped around the valley in a circle with a radius of fifty miles.
She calculated that as soon as they moved, they would be here within four days.
She also noticed that one Eva was on the move walking around in a path to each of the Evas in that circle,
spending several hours with each before moving on to the next one. Washu surmized that the one who was leading them was also repairing them. How? She didn't know. But it was becoming more evident that when that lead Eva finished the circuit of its path, then the Evas would move as one towards them.

****************************************************************** ***************************************

Concerns and Answers

It seems now that I, Asuka and Rei were concerned about the same thing!
As I had started daily bokken practice with Tenchi and both Yousho's,
the girls were being led by the Masaki women to the Onsen!
This was a floating island filled with hot springs and bathing pools,
were they went to relax and chat about their families and their adventures.
All of this was new to the former female EVA pilots, and after picking up their jaws from the floor
Asuka and Rei were led inside.

After some instruction and time for adjustment, they settled into one of the larger pools.
They started first thanking the Masaki's on this and allowing them to live there.
all the women nodded and then passed the Sake'
Those present with Asuka and Rei were Ryoko, Ayeka, Sasami (Tenchi's wives),
and Washu (Mihoshi was at home taking care of her infant daughter).
After fielding many questions about the EVA's and the Third Impact, Rei and Asuka then began their round of questions beginning with how all the girls got to Earth, The Planet Jurai, The Galaxy Police, Galactic Union, and how the family survived through the Third Impact(A more detailed explanation than what Washu gave earlier).

After almost 2 hours of conversation, the subject shifted to Tenchi and how he married his 3 wives.
Ryoko began (Being the first wife) that through several years of adventures
and escapades that she and Ayeka had fought literally on a daily basis over Tenchi's love.
Asuka then asked what changed this?

** We now change scenes to the shrine's practice grounds ** (Third person POV!)

Shinji had finished practicing his bokken lessons with Tenchi, His son Yousho, and His Grandfather Yousho.
he then asked Tenchi to stay a minute and then began asking him questions about his relationships with his wives.
As with The girls in the Onsen, he went through similar questions that were being asked by the female EVA pilots
to the Tenchi's wives and Mother-in-law.
Shinji then took the opportunity to ask Tenchi how he had fell in love and married his wives.
He further explained that he wanted to know this because he had the same problem with Rei and Asuka,
being that he now knew he had fallen for both of them and had already pledged his friendship for them.
He wanted to take them away from their horrible memories, from the Evas, Nerv, and the Third Impact and Instrumentality.
Tenchi asked, "Do you really love both of them equally and wholly, doing anything, even at the cost of your life for them?"
"I have given my life for them, well almost."
He explained the reasons he battled the 3rd angel to save Rei from fighting and how he risked his life to save Asuka,
with the 8th angel in the volcano.
"Would they risk their lives for you?" asked Tenchi in a serious tone.
"They both died (now with a heavy sigh) doing that, to protect me! Those were the worse 2 days of my life, not being able to protect them and seeing them die to protect me",
He started slowly sobbing, Tenchi put his arm around Shinji's shoulder to comfort him.
After Shinji calmed down Tenchi acknowledged that the three are really in love.
Tenchi asked, "Why did he give them Friendship rings, and not engagment rings?"
Shinji had to take a few moments to answer, and then taking two black boxes from his pocket.
"I didn't want to force this on them. It was enough for me to have their friendship."
"You were scared they might refuse, right?"
Shinji only nodded in agreement.
"Listen, from what you've told me, and from What we have heard from you three, you shouldn't keep this away from them. Beleive me I died by thinking the same way!"
What? Died, what do you mean?" Shinji asked in surprise.
So Tenchi related his dating, and the Depression he sunk into as he realized that he loved them both equally and wholly.
"I was in the same place your in now and yes we all have risked our lives for each other as this came to be!"

** We now return to the Onsen **

Ryoko said "Tenchi had had enough of the fights and finally agreed to date both of us as long as there were no more fights,
so like two giddy school girls who got their way, we both agreed".
As Ryoko explained through that year that Tenchi dated both Ryoko and Ayeka,
he slowly and helplessly fell in love ... with both of them.
Now this would have made the girls very happy at least knowing that he loved them, but, it was the opposite.
Rei asked "Why were they not happy?" Ryoko answered in a more somber tone;
"Towards the end of that year, Tenchi fell into a deep depression because ,with what we found out later,
was the inability for Tenchi to choose between us!" Ryoko gave ayeka a sad look.
"We were both at a loss as to why he had become sullen and shunned the whole family,
always wanting to be alone and he simply one day stopped our dates."

Ryoko wearily looked at Ayeka, who then continued the story,
explaining that both of them became deeply concerned about Tenchi's depression.
"We were so distressed when he began to withdraw from not just both of us, but everyone else.
He stayed to himself joining us for meals and when he had to, otherwise he kept to himself.
This hurt Ryoko and myself most deeply. Asuka and Rei could see the sadness in all the women as Ayeka continued.
It started to dawn on them the similarity to their situation with Shinji prior to Third Impact.
As Washu took over a now sullen Ayeka she continued;
"All of us then went to Lord Katsuhito (Yousho) expressing our concerns and asked for guidance on how to best help Tenchi.
After a minute of pondering, Yousho spoke, "When one cares for all, and is hurt by this,
then those affected by that love should give that love back as One! "
"I had understood what my future husband had said, but did not explain this meaning to them.
It was one of the few times where he had been clear and concise with his advise." Answered Washu, a small smile on her face.
"That both should love him, and not make him decide between the two." stated a surprised Ayeka.
Washu continued," And so Ayeka and Ryoko scanned through Jurai Law with my help.
We came up with two solutions about Marriage in Jurai law!

** We now change back to the shrine's practice grounds **

Tenchi then explained how he was helped out of his depression with the surprising cooperation of Ryoko and Ayeka.
"One day, they had asked me earlier to meet with both of them, so after promises of not fighting, I agreed.
They came to me one night after dinner, to my room. As they came in, they didn't not antagonize each other
and were quite civil. But, in the back of my mind I was puzzled why both of them wanted to see me?
It had to be who I will choose to marry! I soon became nervous seeing them at my door, that either would force me to choose,
or my indecisiveness may force both of them to leave me. So, I was quite nervous and scared when they joined me.
I'm sure they saw just how nervous I was because to my surprise, they each laid one hand on each of mine smiling at me,
this did calm me down." Then they spoke;

"We were concerned that you have been depressed and really down in the dumps, Tenchi...." Ryoko looked at Ayeka.

Ayeka continued, "So, Lord Tenchi, we wanted to talk to you about what drew you to this depressed state,
and how it might be solved!"

Tenchi then started getting nervous, but a reassuring squeeze from both girls calmed him down.

Ryoko then said, "Well, Ayeka looked up some Jurian law that might apply......."

".... to our situation!" Ayeka concluded.

Tenchi asked nervously,"Ah, girls? How does Jurian law solve my being depressed?"
See I didn't think the girls knew My reason for being depressed, Boy was I wrong. he said to Shinji.

Ryoko then said, "Hear us out Tenchi, dear."

"I blinked when Ryoko said "dear"added Tenchi

Ayeka then said, "Oh, Tenchi, my love, you will understand quite clearly"

"I heard "My Love?!?! Now what's going on here," Tenchi continued to tell Shinji.

"So, you see Shinji, at that moment I was probably the most depressed and confused teenager in Japan,
probably in the universe!"

Want to see what happens next? Well that's in Chapter 7!
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