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[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Chapter 11
"5 ways to fight Boredom"

We were on the Galaxia shuttle,the story took place during the flight
to the next Solar system we were in the kitchen and was occupied with
a very important 'Experiment' which main purpose was to make
Spaghetti in the vacum of space .......without the vacum but
still in space. The Microwave oven finnally made its noise !
"Whats the Cocnclusion ?" Said Dr Olchiward
"Hungry Why wait ?" I said it
"Thats good" Said dr Olchiward

We were traveling the entire two weeks already,it was booring a little bit
Demonica and Ikernel where at the guard duty so they won't appear in this chapter
Actually don't expect anybody else appearing in this chapter !!!
We were at the shuttle's kitchen and this is where the whole action
take's place !
We ated our Spaghetti
"I got an Idea lets make a cake "Said Dr Olchiward
"Thats a good idea Mr Olchiward....but what does exactly
the cake needs ?" I said it
"Ohnestly I have no Idea"Said Dr Olchiward
"Hold on I have a Kitchen book somewhere here" I said it

I decided to take a look at the kitchens cuppboards and all hidden places and I found it
"Kitchen from A to Z published in Warsaw 1829" I started to read
"very well we have a kitchen book" Said Dr Olchiward
We had a Kitchen book so we really thought we were ready !
"Are we doing the Karpatka,cheesscake,cake,pieczarki
....oups sorry my mistake" I said it
"pieczarki" Said Dr Olchiward
"thats not a cake" I said it
"So lets make just the cake" Said Dr Olchiward
"So we need Flouer,sugar,two eggs" I said it

The doctor prepaired everything as I instructed him:
-2 Eggs
- Crackers (for taste ???)

"well we need to mix this together" I said it

We begun to mix not realising that the pages simply flipped.
We had a very dark bubble gum mass after adding gelatine

"Now thats weird add to the cake someblack bread" I said it
"what's weird add it" said Dr Olchiward
We beaten up the cake and poured it to some cooking boiler and
we putted it to the oven.
"Now we just need 4 hours" Said Dr Olchiward
"So whats your story ?" I said it
"Good one but your turn first" Said Dr Olchiward
" I was born on the 1 January 1987 in Norymberg in Germany
my parents lived there until the fall of communism in 1989
when my father lost his job we came to Poland to Szczecinek than
where we lived till today I was born in Germany so Im actually
a German but I also consider myself to be Polish I was raised in
Poland well soon Poland will enter the EU so that's not quite a
propblem anyways ! on 23 November 1992 my younger brother was
born he was born in Szczecinek !
in 1993 I went to the first class in 2000 I moved to my
recent house and now I mean in 2003 I went on this Universe
exploration !" I said it
"Your turn" I said it
"oh well very well I was born 35 years ago in Celestia it was my familly town
25 years ago my father begun to introduce me into the scientific knowledge
15 years ago I got my permission to continue the work of my ancestors
10 years ago I got married and my daughter Eleila was born
you know the rest something stinks here..."Said Dr Olchiward
He was right our 'project' was burning we talked to loooong
"Oh no" Said Dr Olchiward

Eleila came and saw our cake she was willing to eat some 'pieczarki'
and eated the cake(pieczarki) Dr Olchiward wished to explain the mistake
but I told him to be quiet and so I found some good ways to
fight boredom:
1 way Watch television
2 way play Computer Games
3 way go sleep (it was used by the rest of our crew)
4 way play with some toys ??
5 way its never to late to actually read a book
PS (Cooking should be left to a professional chef)

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