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[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Chapter 41
"Return of thhe Monster"

We passed the infinity of the universe (whatever in the hell it means)

it has been three days already since that meeting with Demon Kid on the planet
of Seriada.
Currently it was Dr Olchiwards and Eleila's watch,meanwhile Lilly and Leon where in the
storagearea of our shuttle
"See I told you its here" Said Lilly
"Could you tell me what are looking for ?" Said Leon
"Yes GAMES Stasek said he has some games !!" Said Lilly
"Ach so what are those games ?" Said Leon
"Well Games are games...go ask Stasek for more details ok" Said Lilly and as she said it
the bell ringedc annoucing its dinner time so Lilly and Leon went to kitchen the rest
including my humble person tagged alone too.
"Whats todays menu" I said excited
"Vegetable soup" Said Eleila
"ekhmn again" Said Vaclaw
"I only learned to cook that" Said Eleila
"You're the first to complain" Said Chriss
"Chriss is right lets just eat" Said Demonica
"hows the flight ?" Asked Lydhia
"And how dudes it should be ?" Said Skatie
"Im not talking to you" Said Lydhia
"Fantastic in two hours were gonna reach an another solar system, Galaxia is not
causing any trouble" Said Dr Olchiward
"You seem to be in a good moode" Said Boris
"to be ohnest me too" Said Leon
"You know what ? you're diffrent once you guys open up" Said Lilly
"huh Chriss how much time did it pass since they joined us ?" I said it
"One and a half month why do you ask ?" said Chriss
"for the sake of the knowledge" I said it

Meanwhile during the time we enjoyed our peacufull conversation on the Galaxia shuttle
White Master was talking with some demon on the planet we were to land on.
"there talks about you in demonical society that you yourself fought with Stasek" Said White Master
"yes long time ago in the times myself and my master rulled the entire world he was just
a boy but even than he could!!!!!!!!" said a mysterious demon
"Yes Ill give you a good reward" Said White Master
"I don't want any reward killing him and his friends will be my call of duty he did something
for which he will pay!!!!!!!!!!!" Said the Mysterious demon
"yes but you see I don't trust people who do not want any reward you wanted to rule the world
you'll get a planet" Said White Master
"Yes there is a planet I want to rule" Said the Mysterious demon
"Yes !!! tell me its name and once you defeat Stasek Ill give it to you" Said White Master
" I wan't earth"Said the Mysterious Demon
"ach you wan't earth , after defeating Stasek you wish to destroy his house to loonger
delect with the revenge let it be that way than I really like the Idea" Said White Master
"Wonderfull where is he ?" Said the Mysterious demon
"He will land here soon and now its time to say goodbye" Said White Master
and he dissapeared
"Ill be waiting and by the way I need to make this place more suitable for a fight" Said the
Mysterious demon

Meanwhile we were already landing on the planet. The planet remainded a peacufull village
we landed near some mountains where a small town was located there were futuristick sky scrapers
and also the village had more traditional houses.
"its a calm place" I said once we left the shuttle
"No not again!!!!!!!!" Said an young man
"What happened young lad?" Asked Dr Olchiward
"Avelange again damn it" Said an young man
"Can you state your name ?" I said it
"Yes my name is Eric Johnson im an arcitect and constructor all in one person we were planning
to build a fun park on the mount Hitokyushi but something interrups our work actually were not
even able to get on the mountain" said Eric Johnson

He was wearing a T-SHIRT bllack one and some brown pants and old working shoes grey in color
he was also wearing a yellow Helmet actually he looked as any other plane construction worker
"Something is blocking the construction" Said lilly with mistrust in her voice
"I wonder what ?" Said Lydhia
"All right do we want to go .." I said it
"huh do we want to go ??!!! WE MUST GO ! WE WANT TO GO !!!!!!!! you need to train
in order to fight DARK MASTER AND THE SECRET ENTITY our time is limited !!!
WHAT THE FUCK IM SAYING WHATS WRONG WITH ME !?!?!?!?!!?!?" Said Demonica and begun to cry
"DEMONICA WHAT ARE YOU DOING.....ow never mind listen to me Stasek,Chriss this supposelly
happy journey is in fact a great trial for you too !!! You need to get out alive no matter what
there might be times when we won't be able to help you" Said Dr Olchiward
" I don't get it and you Stasek ?" Said Chriss
"You don't have there might be something you're need to know..." Said Lilly
"Whats with you guys" I said a bit suprised
"ay yay ! my turn stasek chriss You're incredible we admire you for that don't worry
about the whole talk actually do not worry about anything use your own conscious and your own hearths
when making decisions its not an easy battle and you will be schocked we say these things
cause we might not have the second chance and that would be the worse we really do like you
but we might not always help you" Said Lydhia
"So whats it all about" I said it
"N.O.T.H.I.N.G" Said Lydhia
"So are we going ?" I said it
"YES WERE GOING !!!!!!!!" The whole group screamed
"So lets go" Said Eric Johnson
and he begun leading us to the mountain first we passed the forest second was the field
and than we were near the mountain.
"Nobody today was able to climb on it" Said Eric Johnson
"All right DUDES IGZO" Said Skatie
"Be carfeull I feel a demon" Said Leon
"Me to dear" Said Demonica
"What kinda demon is it?" Said Ikernel

We begun climbing and managed to nolt fall down which suprised Mr Eric Johnson but we continued
our climbing we got to the top of the mountain it was flat like someone would
flatten it on purpose in front of us an orange cat in stripes was standing
Eleila wanted to pet it and I rushed to stop her but the cat attacked her on the face with claws
"Why !?!!" Said Eleila
"You should stand in line brat!!!" Said the cat
"I could have known that this looser is behind this !!" I said it
" Well well Stasek is that all you remember about me we haven't each other in a while did we" Said the Cat
"Who is he do we know him ?" Said Chriss
"Yes you do !!! since the year 200 !!YES WE KNOW EACH OTHER
"Revenge for what ?" Said Chriss
"You really have forgotten...allow me to introduce my self than
My name is TERROR CAT do you remember now punk" Said Terror Cat
"Oh yea you're the servant of what you call it ow Terror Kid!!!" I said it
"LORD TERROR KID if not for you all that lives on earth would bow to us" Said Terror Cat
"Whats going on ?" Said Lydhia
"Right !! this Idiot and his master Terror Cat in the year 2000 in my town Szczecinek
wanted to take over the entire world there were only four other entities that could stop him
all died during the battle !! Than I did take the part in the fight and Kill Terror Kid
but eventually it wasn't me who delivered the final deadth blow....that idiot in his fury
did it he killed his boss..You should blame yourself !!!!" I said it
"Ow REALLY how long will you keep up with this crap !!....You know what White Master and some
secret Entity want you dead and I will fullfill that request" Said Terror Cat
"The Secret Entity I don't know who the hell she is but mark my words Ill defeat her and both Masters
and you yourself are not an even match for me too Im in a group again and this group is good
you won't defeat us that easilly" I said it
"You belive in friends how noble of you but you know there servants of the Secret Entity too
they'll kill you if she sais so" Said Terror Cat
"and it was really peacufull just now" Said Vaclaw
"Well dude these things happen" Said Skatie
"let's see I still belive in my team" I said it and attacked with my Lasersword
" I waited so long for this time to come" Said Terror cat

And our fight begun I hitted him with my Lasersword but he scratched me with his claws
"So are we waiting for an official invetation !" Said Demonica and she joined the battle.
The rest followed her except Eleila who was schocked and except Eric Johnson who was actually
confused with the whole situation.

Demonica attacked with a Force ball she used the "OMEGA" Jewel Boris and Vaclaw shooted from
their Machine gun, Terror Cat threw me down on the ground and attacked Demonica with an another focre ball
Lilly attacked with her Lasersword and tried to attack him but he attacked her in the arm
Lasersword falled down from her hand.
"And now what bitch !!" Said Terror Kid
I grabbed his tail since he was distracted
"Be polite when speaking to children !!" I said it
I picked him up and slammed him on the ground with my full force Chriss used the Fire Master Jewel
and fried him deeply.
Leon and ikernel served him a series of force bullets.

Terror Cat simply standed up unscathed
"Wonderful but its time to show you all were your power lies this arena is only 15 m wide
allow me to enlarge it " Said Terror Cat
"You want to destroy the mountain are you insane!!" Said Eric Johnson

Terror cat attacked him with a force ball
"now be quiet you wothless piece of shit" Said Terror Cat

And in few moments using his force he blow up the entire mountain it become suddenly very bright
I must fainted when I woke up I was buried under the rubble I digged my self from pile of earth
and rocks.
"So how do you like it now our battle field is 2 km an a half long" Said Terror Cat
"Where's the mountain" Said Eric Johnson
"Were standing in its rubble" Said Boris
Mr Eric Johnson was schocked
"What did you want to acomplish by destroying this mountain" Said Dr Olchiward
" I was hoping to burry you alive" Said Terror Cat
"But unfortunetly it didn't work did it ?" Said Chriss
" You know what its so mean to destroy everything" Said Eleila
and she used the Ice king trapping him in ice
"And thats all" Said Lilly
But the Ice begun to crack and he broke free
"Nice I needed to cool down" Said Terror Cat and laughted
" I must admit I didn't expect you here I thought You're hiding on earth" I said it
"well Im not on Earth as you can see" Said Terror Cat and we resumed our fight Leon attacked
him with an force ball, Lydhia Shooted at him so he first attacked Lydhia than he sended
a force ray at Leon. I used My Lasersword Terror cat deflected me with an well placed
force barier.
"good Stasek Ill admit you won this fight but not the battle well meet again" Said Terror Cat
and dissapeared.
"uff its seems we don't have to worry about him" Said Lydhia
"Don't be so sure about that he will come back to hunt us down im sure of it" I said it
"Damn it anybody seen my Lasersword" Said Lilly
"Who is he ?"Said Boris
"the succesor of the Headhunters" Said Demonica
"That means " Said vaclaw
"since you betrayed the Mistress she asked him to take your place since I was pretty sure
about you guys not being a threat to us Im pretty sure I can't say that about our new oponent
he will carry out the plan !!!!" Said Demonica
"plan ?" Said Chriss
"Thats enought talking about nothing we need unity so lets not trouble ourselfs with someones
fantasies its not our place to think about the scenarios of these adventures we are all tired with
the flight thats why we act strange today Stasek" Said Dr Olchiward
"Yea we need a break" I said it
"Thats a good Idea" Said Demonica
"Hey Demonica did you see my Lasersword?"asked Lilly
"Is this it ?" Said Eric Johnson who found it in the mountains rubble
"Yes thnx I don't know what I would do without it" Said Lilly
Mr Eric johnson returned the Lasersword to Lilly and he sat down on a rock
"Whats wrong" Said Eleila
"My whole investition just gone with the dust I think Ill kill my self now" Said Mr Eric Johnson
"we apologies ,lets go" I said it
" We can't just leave him like that" Said Eleila
"You have a good hearth but we cannot do anything in this situation we don't know
what to do with Stasek and Chriss as well" Whispered Demonica to Eleila

We left the scene of these events I was worried now that Terror Cat has returned and my team
begun to be vulnarable now that I knew that the trust might be broken I really wished
for the KID team to be revived.

Meanwhile in another Dimension
"How dare they try to betray you" Said Dark Master
"Ow so thats what they were trying to do I was actully confused my self ...but Stasek you said
you'll kill me it was so rude and scary im so excited this is so exciting yay will you come
and sheed my blood I hope my crimson red blood will open your hearth Im so excited please
come and kill me I wan't to see your face covered in my red blood oh my I wonder how will it look" Said The Secret Entity
"Please do not say such things I will protect you" Said Dark Master
"hmm but you can't protect someone from deadth" Said the Secret Entity
"Ridiclous my lady we demons are immune to deadth we are Immortal creatures that ourselfs define
our appearance were not like these weak pathetic humans true power can only be bestowed on us" Said Dark master
"Thats true human beings are nothing but ants like ants they can be squished like little bugs" Said the Secret Entity
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