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[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Chapter 44
"Personal Data part 8 (and the rest is history part 1)

This time Im gonna present you with an veru ancient story
about the Big Bum...its time for the story of Demonica

"In order to make it easier for you to record this
ill put it chronologically but first thing first
Im Demonica one of the last surviving guardians of the I
Megacivilisation and this is my story:
70 Billions years before the Big Bum this is when I was born
thats one of the better times in the Megacivilisation I together
with my fellow Megacivilisation guardians learn about it and
discover it wonders. We are tought by the God himself who shares
his knowledge with us these are times where we do not experience
any majour problems here. Humans all creatures are immortal
The justice rulles over sometimes disturbed by the vandalistic
acts of the Satans an demonical organisation that likes to destroy
everything thats good.

60 Billions of years before the Big Bum
Our learning process is over our mission
is to prevent The Satan's in causing even
more damage,we are partially succesfull
they even annouce a cease fire. However
soon the Satans would acquire a very powerfull
ally no body suspected that a great crisis was coming
our way.

50 Billions of years before the Big Bum
The Satans do not plan to live
peacufully soon Dark Master and his
brother appear on their political
scene. Soon a new ideology
of total anihiliation gains
more Satanic followers in the whole
Megacivilisation The Palace of God
is attacked. However thanks to me
and other Guardians of Megacivilisation
we manage to defeat the attacking forces.
And force them into retreat.

40 Billions years before the Big Bum
Fortunetly for us not whole Satanic population
is pleased with the policies of Dark and White Master
a new Satanic move is born a revolution is under way
God forbidds his followers and Megacivivilisation guardians
to take part in that revolution. However Lucyfer the brother of
God sais that we can join the revolution if we want to. I with
other followers under the leadership of Lucyfer join the war
on the side of the Revolution of course.

30 Billions years before Big Bum
The Revolution wins the war Dark and White Master
detronized flee. However after we return to heavens
were punished by the God and arested for treason however
were pardoned later. A new Satanic front demmands to be recognised
as an unindependent entity. God grants us our wish
the Hell is recongnised officially for the first time in Megacivilisation.
In Megacivilisation (now just heaven) an ideal peace has begun.

20 Billions years before the Big Bum
an ideal time period for all humanities to florish
everyone considers that the civilisation reached the eternal
paradise period. Only God knows better than to fall in uselles euphoria.

10 Billions years before the Big Bum
God was right it begun from a trivial matter it was revealed that
Dark Master has gathered a powerfull army a new war begun the guardians
were to defent the Gloriansky Front. I was able to discover Dark Master's real

1 Billion years before the Big Bum
the last events in the history of the I Megacivilisation despite our efforts
we managed to only limit the catastrophe. Dark Master kills all of the Megacivilisation
guardians. The Tragedy the world never known takes place shortly after
I think I might be responsible for it as well.
However everything is reborn again only Me,God and Lucypher are able to

4 tousand years after the Big Bum
some how I got seperated from the other two
and made a contact with the Dark Master I went into hiding
because of that. I meet my short wile Husband ,Leon is born
however shortly after were attacked by the Dark Master's survants
I leed them out in the outerspace where Im Frozen and captured in the
huge Iced coffin. I would remain that way untill I got to the Solar system.

Now Present day:
Im freed by the Stasek's group there not bad and
Im quickly convinced I belong here" Said Demonica

That would be it there's only one more recording and
many adventures in >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ;...
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