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[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Chapter 45
"False accusations"

This time we landed on a federated colony of Dark Master
called Orhen (or did we return on it ?)

"So this is Dark planets colony ? " I said it
"yes" Said Lydhia
"and this means..." I said it
"Dark Master has the same authority here as on his own planet" Said Lydhia
"is it true that Dark Masters planet lies in the exact center of our universe ?" Said Dr Olchiward
"Hey duuuuuuudes someones missing" Said Skatkie
"Yes the Dark Planet is in exact center of our universe...its a border world of the current Juraian
Empire, its suppose to be placed in Jurais rings" Said Demonica
"The 'headhunters' are the ones missing" said Chriss
"yes where did they go" Said Ikernel
"Lilly,Boris Vaclaw where did these loosers go" Said Leon
"here" Said Lilly inside the shuttle
"hey whats the matter are you coming ?" Said Chriss
"eee better not" Said Vaclaw
"eee just come on" I said it
"our reputation here is pretty bad you know" said Lilly
"Where isn't anyways thats why you're here to change that" I said it
"Don't be a wiseguy" Said Lilly
"you're going !!!" Said Chriss
"were coming" Said depressed Head Hunters
"FINALLY!!!"Said Demonica

It was raining it looked like huge Storm was coming along
The Headhunters unwilingly followed us finally however we reached a devastated
an in poverished town.

Meanwhile the Terror Cat was talking with the mayor of this time
"The Population of this town considers 'The Headhunters' responsible
for the fact that the town becamed inpoverished that they were the ones
that betrayed and formed an alliance with Dark Master that they're the ones
responsible to selling this planet as a colony to Dark Master"Said the Mayor
"and what do you expect from me I surve White Master" Said Terror Cat
"there are signs thats the truth is being revealed and there voices
accusing me of forcing the 'Head Hunters' to ally themselfs with Dark Master"said the Mayor
"I would like to know what goes in his tiny brain" Thought Terror Cat
"I think you should know more about your coincious" Said the Voice
"what ?" Said Terror Cat
"Will you take care of this matter" Said the Mayor
"yea ok did you say something about my coincious?"Said Terror Cat
"huh no" Said the Mayor
"Its not him its me Im the one who knows how many victims died from your claws
but do you know you will die soon but before you die you will understand
the hight of your crime you will convert in the same way your boss converted
before!!!! Ill give you the gift!!! The Power to read in human and demonical minds!!!
By reading in other minds I hope you'll learn to read your conscious that way
YOU HAVE THIS POWER !!! I hope you understand something before you will be swallowed
by the Darkness" Said the Voice and start laughed
"What ?"Said Terror Cat
"What was White Master thinking when he hired this idiot
to be his survent" thought the Mayor
"im a Idiot ?" Said Terror Cat
"No that never crossed my mind" Said the Mayor

Suddenly Terror Cat found himself in Szczecinek's animal shelter
which he remembered he was back in it in the fatefull winter of1997
"Why would I even think of hurting this defensless little kitten" Said a man
"he lied he loved to abuse me" Said Terror Cat
"he lied lied lied" repeated the Voice
and Terror Cat returned to reality
"I take this Job" Said Terror Cat

Meanwhile we were already walking in the town
when a by passer noticed us and the "Headhunters"
"its you how dare you come back here" Said the By passer
"we never were here before Said Eleila
"Not you Im talking about the Head Hunters don't interfere" Said the By passer
soon a small judgement crowd become to form around us
"You mean Lilly Vaclaw and Boris what kinda mess did they get themselfs this time" I said it
"Allow me to explain" said Terror Cat who appeared
"not him!!!" Said Chriss
"This trio is accused of allying themself with Dark Master and selling
to him the entire planet thanks to that the planet bankrupted....
they're the ones responsible I work in the majesty of the law
this time " Said Terror Cat
"shouldn't be the law used to inforce Justice ?" Said the Voice

Terror Cat found himself in the Mayours office in the forgotten times
"The planet will bancrupt but your finances will multiply thanks to that" Said Dark Master
"Wonderfull" Said The Mayor

Than Terror Cat found him self in the estate owned once by the Head Hunters
"Dark Master is conmsidered a war criminal what proof do you have that he's from
the Royal Juraian familly" Said Vaclaw
"We must trust in advice's given to us by the most trusted advicer of our familly" Said Lilly

Terror Cat returned to reality
"arrest them" Said the Mayor that came in his luxiourious car
"You traitor !!" Said Lilly
"I do not need to obbey orders from a traitor be gone now" Said Terror Cat
Terror Cat fired his energy beam on the mayor effectivelly killing him
"Lilly Vaclaw and Boris are not guilty of allying themselfs with Dark Master
they were forced to it by this worm I just squished Long live
independent ORHEN" Said Terror Cat
we all were schocked
"what the fuck !!! I should rest now" said Terror Cat and dissapeared
"whats going on" Said the by passer
"its true Stasek get out of here we will deal with things here" said Lilly
"why?" I said it
"Just get the hell out of here" Said Lilly
"everyone is responsible for their faults just like we will be held for ours
they must face their fate alone...I think we'll meet up with them in a while" Said Demonica

we left leaving the Head hunters behind.

Meanwhile on White Masters planet
"What do you think you're doing !!" Said White Master
"I think It got to me" Said Terror Cat
"well congartulations you messed up everything" Said White Master
"I hear voices" Said Terror Cat
"you need to rest" Said White Master

Terror Cat left

Dark Master appeared on the screen
"What happened" Said Dark Master
"He interfered with us again !!!" Said White Master
"God!!" Said Dark Master
"Yes him" Said White Master
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