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[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Chapter 49
"Chronicles of the Kid Organisation part 1 the appearance of the demons episode 2
the truth from the voids of Hell"

Finally after the dinner I decided to end my little story:
"I found my self in a loose interpretation of Szczecinek
"How do you know my name ?" I said it
"I can read your mind" Said Demon Kid
"where am I ?" I said it
"you're in hell here evil rulles,the false of the falseless here's the domain
of the eternal pain you have a bad luck KID" Said Lucifer
and laughed.
"Your fate is in our hands my and my demons belive nobody will help you now
your earthly familly has already forgotten about your existence" Said Demon Kid
and laughed.
"but I didn't do anything.." I said it
"Dear foolish mortal its not the matter of what you did its the matter
of your destiny!..... That's enought waisted time tell your demons to attack
the town let them plunder kill everything first let them destroy all of the towns
churches Szczecinek will surve a fine example for the entire earth !!!!" said Lucifer
"We understand our master we will obbey" Said Demon Kid
and he along with Kid and Thief Kid dissapeared
"wonderfull....Now you listen me good boy Ill show you the depths of hell
I need you to do some crimes for me will see how cabaple you really are" Said Lucifer

I was still schocked by the situation.
"Come on boy!!!....You need to be strong here or you'll go nuts
in just couple hundreds of years" Said Lucifer
"couple hundreds of years !?!?!" I said suprised
"Yes live here has its advantages you can't die were all Immortal here you won't
as long as you remain usefull to me. I don't need traitors !!! You won't be
harmed here that easilly as well. Tell me whats your chance to survive an accident
with a car at speed 300km/h on earth ?" Said Lucifer
"none" I said it
"and here under my scholarship you'll be able to blow up sucha car before it
reaches you!!!" Said Lucifer
"But it still hurts!! It hurted when you throw me on that wall" I said it
"YOU TALK MUCH DO NOTHING !! You feel pain cause you're weak only weaklings
feel pain if you train you won't feel any pain even if ill try to squash you with
a giant marble !!!...But let go you have some work to do now its your first practice
!! once you try this world I guarantee you won't wanna go back. Falling
into darkness has its own virtues you need to be strong to fight
and loyal to me !! You have alot of time to learn that" Said Lucifer

Than he grabbed my hand and helped me to stand up. We left the cave we walked
slowly we both weren't in a hury. What I saw was grim picture from a timeline
where earth has fallen to its own greed. My town Szczecinek in ruins
people hunting for each other like animals drunks abusing alcohol and each other
The world where Greed got its tool where people had nothing except Alcohol money
and sex. Ignorance of humans who allowed to destroy their world and turn it to this
the anger,saddness,deppresion. Not cherishing work but gloryfing murders and thiefes
this world was not far from the one I lived in. I seen somehow thought I was so young
not being accepted by my friends without a reason. Being rejected for beliving
that while Im at school I should learn. Not allowing to beat up a college
and being so naive to think he would do the same for me how many times this happened
was the world where I was now really so bad it wasn't falsified it was true
for the first time I was allowed to see the true nature of humans. It really
was HELL !!
But was it really worser than that we had on earth ?
"Why this town is in ruins ?" I said it
"Why ? why do you think that is ...here in hell evil rules greed,the insane lust
for power. We all become like that you and these two demons will be like that too
these do not produce anything but destroy" Said Lucifer
"Your name appears in the Bible are you the ruller of hell. Are you the Satan which
became the serpent and turn Adam and Eve to Sin ?" I said it
"Yes ....Ill explain you have four questions in one Im ussually
mentioned in the Bible cause Im Gods brother the creator of everything.
in the world we know the one that is the center of all of the universe's religions
Yes Im his brother and he's my brother because Good without Evil cannot exist
because theire in opposition to each other. Its a simple mathematical logic
PLUS and MINUS !!! They're the most powerfull forces that define single entity.
The fate of the entity is to choose beetween one or another. Question 2
Im not the ruller of hell from a very simple cause here rulles anarchy
The ruller should have law there's no law here So I can't call myself the ruller
of hell but its just matter of time !! question 3 Im a Satan which is what I choosed
You althought you did not choose if I would ask you would answer that you're Polish
cause you lived in earths country that was named Poland. Satan's are an demonic race
You'll see other demons as well Guardians you call them "Angels" theire the ones
that surve God. fourth question Was I the serpent in the beginings of your world
yes it was me and Im proud of it Only I had enought power to get to the Eden and you
need to know it was guarded by great power is that enought" Said Lucifer
"yes" I said it

Meanwhile in Szczecinek back on Earth:

My mum was a bit worried about me
"Where is he ? he isn't returning since 4 hours what is he doing
in that School why is he like that !! Why hasn't he become normal
like Chriss?" Said My mum
"I don't know screew him !!! I mean ekhem hehheehem
How can he be so Inhumane for his parents I beat he is meating up with
his no god friends !!!" Said Chriss
"with these guys again Ill kill him when he comes back !!" said my mum
(My brother sure made things tougher for me)

Meanwhile I back in hell

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>..
Was running for my life from some drunkyards which strangelly were revealed to be
Stalin and Hitler !!!
"give that back you scum" Said Hitler

I hid my self behind a wall they all runned straight not noticing that I hid
I left my hiding place and tried to go in the other direction when I encountered two dogs
"well well what we have here" Said one of the dogs
"Some looser with a cake" Said the other dog

"and who are you suppose to be ?" I said it
"That looser dosen't know about us ...were called Hellian Dogs
we surve Lucifer" Said one of the Hellian Dogs
"well isn't that good timing I also surve Lucifer can you help out a little bit" I said it
Prove it" Said one of the Hellian Dogs
"Ok take me to Demon Kid's cave its up there" I said it and Got on one
"Listen brat if its somekinda Joke you will be sorry" Said the other Hellian Dogs

than we quickle took off and after a short while we were at our destination where Lucifer
was awaiting me
"ooo I see you befriended my dogs.....the last one who tried to ride on them however was
is in hospital since 1500 years ago" Said lucifer once I got off that dog
"Hellian Dogs whats the situation at my Peruwian Mansion" Said Lucifer
"The Satans in that Mansion will not rebel against you anymore Azazel's influence
was destroyed his troops left the possesion. They paid their fee thats 3 golden bricks" Said Hellian dog

Lucifer took it and hid it somewhere I gived him the cake I was carrying
"See whats the price of rebelion against my will!!! I see you done good job as well" Said Lucifer

In this moment Demon Kid and the other two appeared all covered in Gold which I recognised
to be Golden crucifixes that thing the priest drinks his wine on every mass that wine
the priest drinks (poor guy good thing they left him with that wafel or he would starve ! I thought
to my self I even wondered how those these guys keep at it they really must be survents of God
to endure this this was because one of them told me that this is all food they need I naivelly
took his words to seriously )
"I see your mission was a total succes" Said Lucifer
"Yes my Lord first three churches gived up without a fight the other two
gived as little resistence but lost we were to full on goods to even consider
on attacking the Mariacki church" Said Thief Kid
"Wonderfull" Said Lucifer
He was content with himself he took the gifts Thief Kid and Kid brought to him
than we all got a piece of that cake I brought.
"So then begining from my faitfull Hellian Dogs and ending on you Stasek I must
admit that Im very proud of you all...You deserve my respect and to be mentioned
by me in a speech these are all very good promising beginings. Hellian dogs
Im proud of you cause the lesson you gived to that Peruwian rats will not be forgotten
They will now all fear the name Lucifer and his authority over life and deadth!!
You Kid and Thief Kid under the inlighting guidance of Enblemo by some of you
prevered to called plainly Demon Kid you were able to execute a succesfull attacks
on 5 churches in the town of Szczecinek these brave actions will be like a bridge
for future generations of my followers!!! The speed is also demanding to be respected
if I count right after the whole time of teleportation is taken from account
that would give 2 hours of operation time!!! And of course you Stasek as well
succesed in your trial mission we can endeed celebrate our victory
In that way thanks to your sacrifice I will build an entire new universe
WHICH WILL BELONG TO ME" Said Lucifer and started to laugh histerycly
"Lucifer can we talk about the request made by my mistress" Said Demon Kid
"Yes Why don't we talk about it at my residence in the Hellish Athens" Said Lucifer
and the whole four Lucifer,Demon Kid,and Hellian Dogs dissapeared.
"ojojojojojo" I said scared
"It means we have some free time now" Said Kid
"Its a shame that Lucifer guy took everything away from us" Said Thief Kid
"He would have to share it on earth" I said it
"what ? What do you mean ?" Said Thief Kid
"Well on earth in gangs you also steal things if you're the bos you get
the biggest part its a 'Mafia justice' " I said it
"And I wouldn't have to listen to Demon Kid and Lucifer thats great" Said Thief Kid
"great but thats just a dream we live in hell for almost the entirety of our existence
" Said the Kid
"almost ??????" I said it
"yes we were born to a diffrent world and when we were in Szczecinek I felt I was there
before anyways our former names are Boris Develette me and Nickolas Develette Thief Kid" Said the Kid
"That surname I know it ??? of course thats the surname of that CIA Governer you must be
than Im sure of it it wasn't a terror act than" I said it
"So you want to tell us we were abducted just like you thats outrageus" Said Thief Kid
"Im not quite sure but it can be right ?" I said it
"You're acting like that cause you yourself want these treasures and you Stasek
stop rebeling him!!!" Said Kid
"Im not rebeling anyone" I cried
"Leave him alone what right do they have to decide about our fate" Said Thief Kid
"The right of streanght thats our fate accept it" Said Kid
"Whats the chance of leaving this place?" I asked the Kid
"Well theoritically you would need to rebel agains our lord Lucifer
and dispose of Demon Kid than we would need to ask him to exile us from this place
and maybe luckilly we would be send back on earth"Said Kid
"all right lets kick Demon Kid's ass and order Lucifer to send us back to hell" Said Thief Kid
"are you insane even if you win with Demon Kid you would need to battle with Lucifer himself
and he would kill you without an effort Im not to keen about surving Demon Kid my self but
not so stupid to become a traitor" Said Kid
"And what about you Stasek ?" Said Thief Kid
"Lets kick Demon kid's ass" I said loudly
"Listen this kid only wants to get out from this place don't allow yourself to be manipulated
by such scum!!" Said Kid
"He manipulating me don't be foolish he knows that being obiedent to me might spare his life
and what about you brother still no ? or yes and we can still live in our brotherly
union" Said Thief Kid
"I said I won't betray thats to big a risk for me" Said Kid
"Thats a shame brother but Buisness is Buisness Stasek let's find some transportation
we won't get there on bear foot,and I can't teleport yet" Said Thief Kid
"I get it" And we rushed we rushed to the ruins of Szczecinek city in hopes of finding
some means of locomotion" I ended my story
"Stasek you interrupted again why now" Said Lydhia
"I need to rest I need to organise the facts now" I said it
"But you'll finish the story" Said Eleila
"Of course" I said it
"let's give him 2 or 3 hours I need to do my maintance
and I would like to know what happens next so thnx for the wait" Said Doctor Olchiward
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TO BE CONTINUED IN THE NEXT CHAPTER OF GALAXIA>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ;>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>&g t;>>>>>>>>\
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