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[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Chapter 50
"Chronicles of the Kid Organisation part 1 the appearance of the demons episode 3

After my three hour break I took I decidded to continue my story.

"And we rushed we rushed to the ruins of Szczecinek city in hopes of finding
some means of locomotion suddenly Thief Kid called on me I rushed to him
as fast I could.
"have a look at this its a car" Said Thief Kid
"Polish Fiat ??(wikipedia dude Wikipedia) why not " I said it
"well I certanly hope so and STASEK ITS MY OPERATION" Said Thief Kid
"yea yea I know I forgotten my place please forgive me" I said it

Meanwhile at Governers home Ms Teresa Develette was crying
she was 25 years old very beutifull brown hair.
she was wearing an blue blose and a red dress she was thin.

"I don't understand dear who would do this this horrible thing to us" Said Ms Develette
"I don't know but they must be hearthless I bet its AL-QEIDA" Said Mr Develette
"We must call the Police" Said Ms Develette
"no...we don't know how these Terrorists will react we must wait untill they notify
us with their ransom demands besides local Police is Incompetent" Said Mr Develette
"But why ? what does AL-QEIDA can wan't from us ?" Said Ms Develette
"Did you already forget Im an CIA specialist to Poland.... these idiots
In Congress will never understand THIS country I don't understand it even thought
I live here" Said Mr Develette
"yes dear why did we stay in this country why couldn't we leave
to PARIS FRANCE,WASHINGTON everywhere where you can live normally
would be all right for what sins are we suffering at the end of the civilisied world
why do these idiots in congress imprisson us like that" Said Ms Develette
"I don't know but they will pay for it dear" said Mr Develette
"Hon look out the window there are some people there" said Ms Develette
"what an unsobirdinate nation" said Mr Develette

Meanwhile we in hell where speeding in a white Polish Fiat.
"Nice Stasek...speed up or will never get there" Said Thief Kid
"How will we reach that Hellish grece in 3 hours???" I said it
"wellllll I know a certain Shortcut" Said Thief Kid

In a short while we felled into an lake.
"hmm I know a certainm shortcut" I said furious
"everybody makes mistakes remember Im 4 days old" said Thief Kid
"how will we leave this lake than?" I said it
"Don't worry about it" Said Thief Kid

After a while we were back on the road meanwhile at Lucifers castle:
"And that's why I decided to come here" Said Kid
"So Stasek manipulated Thief Kid into Betrayal" Said angry Demon Kid
"Know lucifer this will have tragic consequences for them both" Said Demon Kid
"uhuhu I hope so what a pathetic Joke would it be if you lost control
over the ones you yourself created....I must admit that boy did make
an Impression on me I will grand your wish only when you yourself restore
the order in that mess. You must understand were talking about serious issues
and they demand to be respected. Thats why your minions need to begg you for mercy" said
I ended my Story

"thanks I wan't to go to sleep now" Said Eleila
and she left the Pilots Cabine
"Galaxia whats our time ?" Said Dr Olchiwar
"Its 21:30" Said Galaxia
"you'll finish it next time" Said Ikernel
"So what do you think about it Chriss ?" I said it
"You were lucky with these demons" Said Chriss and he left the cabine

and so after everybody left only me and sleeping Lydhia remained
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TO BE CONTINUED IN THE NEXT CHAPTER OF GALAXIA>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ;>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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