Tenchu Fan Fiction ❯ the Azuma crisis ❯ The Beginning of Chaos ( Chapter 2 )

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The Azuma crisis:
The Beginning Of Chaos

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Rikimaru was preparing for his mission. But his mind was on other things, things that would not leave him alone. Is this what he will do for the rest of his life? Would he be doomed to this fate of obeying orders like a dog, and receiving no reward? He has the skills to live out his days the way he wants them to be, and yet he stays, with unwavering loyalty and respect. Rikimaru never had any doubt about his life. "The air is...unnnerving. Something is wrong. I feel it...", Rikimaru said to himself. He then continued to gather his tools.

At the feast, Graham was thinking about his actions and how they have been influenced by the stranger’s advice. Why would some poor, ragged soul come to him, and tell him the secret of conquering the land, for nothing in return? Graham put the thought in the back of his head, and decided to enjoy his free time. “Nothing can stop us now!” he cried and raised his goblet. “Here, here!” his subordinates shouted in unison. “Dance my little puppets, dance,” muttered the stranger, hiding in the corner. “Now the only thing left is for HIM to come. Then he will be snared in my intricate trap,” he sneered. “Lord Mei-Oh will soon be restored.”

In a distant, uninhabited land, the formerly human Lord Mei-Oh saw everything that was happening, and could do nothing about it. This lack of influence infuriated him. It taunted him to be helpless in the world around him. Thus is the reason that he summoned Onikage to formulate a plan to return him to this plane of existence…

Ayame was having difficulty preparing the village for the oncoming attack. “This is a peaceful place,” she thought. “These people do not know how to deal with hostility.” But that was why she was there, to enlighten them on how to defend themselves and their village from attackers. Ayame pondered about something. “Why would a group of bandits this large come to a little, out of the way village?” It did not make sense to her. However, she had to concentrate on her current objective. She had no time for daydreaming.

With unimaginable speed Rikimaru arrived at the coordinates. They were correct: the bandits were celebrating their self-implied invincibility. “Heathen scum,” Rikimaru said with distaste. He absolutely despised all manner of brigands and thieves. In Rikimaru’s eyes, they are all honorless cretin who deserve no mercy from anyone. He put his anger away, for it would interfere with his efficiency. Rikimaru planned his strategy. He would attempt to find an entrance through the roof, and work his way from there. He pulled out his grappling hook, but stopped. Voices emanated from the roof. “It is as if they are expecting an attack,” he thought. Underestimating your enemy was dangerous, as Rikimaru knew firsthand...