The Wallflower Fan Fiction ❯ Light In The Darkness ❯ Light In The Darkness ( One-Shot )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

darkness n. 1. total or partial absence of light; gloom. 2. physical, mental or moral blindness. 3. want of clearness; obscurity; secrecy 4. the quality of being dark in color or shape.
Kyouhei Takano sat still on the cold floor of his room in the Nakahara mansion, the place that he's been calling his 'home' for over a month now. The power went out because of the strong winds brought about by the cruel storm outside. He could hear the roar of thunder and the flashes of sharp lightning illuminating his dark room every now and then. He was shivering, but not from the coldness of the marble floor or the awful weather, but from the coldness in his own heart...a coldness no one knows about even his three housemates.
“I wish you would just disappear from my life! This is all your fault!” these words keep echoing in his mind, like a sharp knife that's being thrust deeper and deeper into his cold heart...words that came out from his own mother's lips. How he hated the darkness. It reminds him of how empty his life is.
The same darkness that Kyouhei finds cold and empty brings comfort and is the sanctuary to a certain soul in the same mansion, Sunako Nakahara. For her, the darkness is her friend who shields her from the prying eyes of people. In the darkness, no one could see her and call her ugly.
Sunako's grin intensified when the power went out. The whole mansion engulfed in absolute darkness. She heard the familiar whining of Yuki, who's afraid of the dark and decided to bring them some source of light. She lit some candles and started for Yuki's room. While she was walking in the dark corridor, she heard sobs coming from the direction of Kyouhei's room.
“Wow! could that be the sobs of a restless ghost?! I need to I want to see a ghost!”, she doubled the speed of her pace, following the sound until she stopped and found herself in front of Kyouhei's room.
“Oh no...this is that beautiful creature's room...I'll melt if i go near him”
Kyouhei perceived the light shining from outside his room.
“Who's there? Yuki is that you?”, he called out.
No answer. Sunako was about to run away when the door suddenly swung open. She found herself face to face with the beautiful creature. He was looking down at her and she could swear that his face was tear-streaked and his eyes red.
“I...I just brought you a take it...”, she shoved the candle in his hands and was about to turn away when he spoke.
“Don't leave me alone...Sunako.”
Her eyes widened even more when he pulled her close to him.
"Melt...melt...melt..." Sunako said to herself holding her breath.
“What are you doing? Let me go...let me—"
“Please...stay with me.” he asked again in an unusual pleading tone. This seemed to have taken effect on the weird girl for she softened and stopped struggling. A smile temporarily replaced Kyouhei's sad expression.
“Alright...but...let me go and blow out the candle before I get a nosebleed.”
Kyouhei obliged then walked back to his room, Sunako trailing behind.
They sat in the darkness in silence until the weird girl broke the ice.
“Did you hear the cries of the lamenting soul?” Sunako suddenly asked upon remembering the reason why she found herself in front of his room in the first place.
Lightning struck and Sunako got a glimpse of his handsome face. She closed her mouth when she saw his tear-streaked face.
"So...It's the creature of light who's been crying and not a restless ghost." she whispered to herself, not daring to look at him.
“My mother...”
Kyouhei began, as if having read Sunako's thoughts.
“What about her?” she asked innocently.
“...she hates me and doesn't want to see me again. that's why I ran she'll be happy...” he stated.
"But why?"
"She said having a son like me is like having to live in hell...because of the constant harrassment that I get from the female population...she never knew a moment of peace. My life now, is as empty as the dakness surrounding us now."
Sunako looked hard at him, it helped that it was dark for her to avoid a nosebleed. Her next action not only surprised Kyouhei, but herself as well. She pulled him close, his head resting on her shoulder while her hand patted his blond hair.
"That's not have Yuki, Ranmaru and Takenaga...the're your friends and they care about you...this is your home now...and...and..." Sunako felt her face grow hot, she couldn't continue what she was saying.
"And?" Kyouhei asked, his breath tickling her neck.
"...and we're your family now...and this is your new home." she finished fighting the urge to melt.
The blond guy closed his eyes and inhaled her scent. He smiled a sincere smile before saying,
“Thank you, Sunako, for being the light in my darkness.”
Suddenly the lights went back on. That's when the two realized the intimacy of their position. Sunako upon seeing Kyouhei's contented face screamed in horror.
“AAAhhhhhhhhh!! It's too bright in here! I'm melting...”
These were her last words before her nose spurted blood and fainted, swimming in a pool of her own blood.
Kyouhei shrugged his shoulders and sighed. Smiling before reaching down to see if she's alright.
“Here we go again…”
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