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Originally, it was going to be Suna-Kyo, but I have a partiality for Take-Noi, so I decided to try it. (Although there are hints of Suna-Kyo XD) I made up the sister part just for this story, and I don't know if he really has a sister in the manga.
I apologize beforehand for the lack of a good plot, and the total OOC-ness of Takenaga! (celinae bangs head against wall)
Sister Dear
By celinae
“We should do something for Halloween this year,” murmured Noi, as she clutched her bloated stomach, weighed down with all of the food she just ate.
Sunako had made another stunningly delicious meal, and Noi had been invited to join the boys for dinner, since she spent most of the day at their house.
It was Sunday, less than a week away from Halloween, and already Sunako was gathering pumpkins and morbid decorations for her annual Halloween party. Earlier that day, Noi had made the mistake of looking through Sunako's open door while she was trying to find Takenaga's room (for purely innocent purposes, of course!), and fainted at the sight.
She awoke to find Takenaga's face uncomfortably close to hers, his hands gently prodding to see if she was alive, and fainted again only a minute later, when Takenaga smiled and hugged her in relief.
Her murmur echoed in the quiet room: Ranmaru had already left for a date with his newest girlfriend, while Kyohei was watching TV in the den.
“How many times have you read that book?” Yuki asked Takenaga, stretching out on the couch next to Noi. Takenaga looked up briefly, blinking, and responded, “Five times.”
Yuki choked.
Noi didn't notice this exchange, though, because she was busy thinking about possibilities for Halloween. Ever since she and Takenaga had kissed on that fateful Halloween party, a year ago, Noi had decided to celebrate Halloween as a special “holy” day.
“I'm going to go visit Sunako!” Noi said brightly, after she had rested off her dinner long enough.
Takenaga looked up from the Tale of the Genji to watch her leave, smiling softly. “Be careful, you might faint again!” He laughed, and she quickly exited the room to escape her embarrassment.
This time, Noi knocked and entered after an appropriate pause. Sunako was just shoving the last bloodstained knife under her bed when Noi came in and sat on the only clear space of floor, which was directly in front of the TV.
This time, the room was much less intimidating without the TV on. Over the year Noi had gotten used to Sunako's gory room, although they had come to an agreement that whenever Noi came in she would turn off whatever she was watching and clean up her room a little.
Right now, Sunako turned on a small red lamp that lent a bloody glow to the dark room. In one far corner, Sunako had a pile of pumpkins and a stack of slasher movies for the special day. Hiroshi-kun sparkled from another corner with several other carefully cleaned mannequins, skeletons, and anatomical models.
“So you're having another party?” Asked Noi, propping her back against a cushion shaped like a skull.
Sunako nodded, smiling happily as she thought of her extensive preparations. Halloween was the most important day of the year, even more than her birthday or Christmas.
“Do you still have the coffin from Christmas two years ago?” She didn't see it amid the other Halloween preparations.
“It's there, next to the closet,” Sunako said, pointing. “Since you're here, can you help me move it?”
Noi moved closer to it, before quickly backing away.
“The-there's a blood stain on it!”
Sunako looked curiously at her, before coming up to the stain and rubbing her cheek affectionately against it. “Yep! It's mine, from when it fell on my feet when I was moving it yesterday,” she said. “I guess you're not going to help me, then. I'll just ask Takenaga or Kyohei, since they don't mind my room so much…”
Noi sat back down, careful not to touch any of the other dubious items scattered on the floor.
“Maybe… we should do something different, other than a party this year…”
Sunako looked up at Noi. “Then what would we do? I have a special movie from Korea that took forever to find, since they stopped selling it when the government said it was too gory, and I really want to see it for Halloween.”
“What if we go somewhere?”
“Like where?” She stopped stroking her coffin.
Noi looked at the casket, thinking.
“How `bout the cemetery?”
The boys all finally agreed to come with Noi and Sunako to the nearest cemetery, which was in the suburbs.
It was a sunny, perfect Sunday. The sun was shining, and Takenaga was wearing a pale blue polo T-shirt that made Noi almost drool as she stepped out of Ranmaru's car onto the sidewalk. She was even happier that she finally found that lovely little purple dress in the back of her closet.
It was a perfect day.
Ranmaru drove away to find a parking space nearby. Apparently, his birthday had been several weeks before, so he finally got a driver's license. He drove everywhere in his little red Mercedes, which barely fit the six of them, even with Noi sitting on Takenaga's lap, and Yuki sitting on Kyohei's.
Sunako was already ahead, wrapped in a black cloak, her smile lighting up the air around her, as she skipped among the gravestones and stopped every once in a while to rub her fingers through the grave dirt. Noi smiled when she noticed Kyohei standing at the edge of the cemetery, watching Sunako dance around.
As Kyohei walked closer to her and managed to stop her from falling face-forward onto a gravestone, Noi thought sadly, I wish Takenaga would love me as much as much as Kyohei obviously cares for Sunako…
Does he? She thought, looking ahead to Takenaga as he stopped in front of a gravestone a few feet away from her.
He crouched down and traced one of the words engraved in the gray marble. He didn't look up when she came closer to see what the word was.
Lynne Goldman, 1928-1957, A Beloved Sister and Wife
“I have a sister a couple of years younger than me, you know?” Takenaga's voice was soft, barely louder than the wind that stirred his black hair.
“You do?”
Noi wished she had bothered to ask him. Even though she liked him, maybe even loved him, sometimes she just couldn't bring herself to ask him questions.
He was so handsome, so amazing, and Noi was afraid he was just too great for her, that maybe he just cared for her. Would he ever tell her how he truly felt? He knew, without a doubt, how she felt about him.
Was he trying to tell her something?
“She looks a lot like you, except she has darker hair.” Takenaga turned around and smiled at her.
Noi's heart was raging.
Had he kissed me and dated me and let me hang around with him just because I look like his sister?
Is this what he's trying to tell me?
She looked down at her pale hands, that shook ever so slightly. The wind was sharper now, more like an autumn wind then before. The sun was clouded over now, so shadows danced around the gravestones like flies.
She felt ridiculous and cold in the tiny dress that dug into her shoulders and squeezed her waist. The black velvet and cheap purple satin felt shoddy, like an imitation that failed to be as beautiful as the original.
As her sore heart thumped in her chest Takenaga spoke again, although Noi didn't hear what he told her.
“I said, but you're braver, and much more prettier, if a brother is allowed to say that about a girl, over his own sister.” He smiled again, his amusement lightening up the air with invisible sparkles.
What is he trying to say?
“…Oh.” Noi felt lost, confused between the two different meanings she perceived.
She looked away, and noticed that Sunako was trying to break off a piece of a gravestone, although Ranmaru and Kyohei were (barely) restraining her. She sat down, folding her legs and reaching out to touch a flower in front of her.
What does he mean?
He was faster though, plucking the pink flower and carefully brushing off an ant in the petals. She let her hand fall to the side, staring at the gravestone in front of her.
She tensed when he moved closer, his hands going up to her loose hair. Gently, he tucked the pink blossom behind her ear, smoothing the strands around it.
“You… you're much more… than a sister to me, though.”
Noi gasped, her eyes widening. He smiled nervously, and Noi could feel something on her face, brighter and warmer than sunshine. He bent forward, and she could feel his happiness and love radiating out to her. And she knew, because she finally understood.
I feel the same way, Noi thought, grinning, as she closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around his neck.
XXX (A sort of Epilogue, if you will.)
It was a nice kiss, maybe even as good as her first serious one during that Halloween, so long ago. They had to end it, eventually, when Sunako went ballistic and nearly dug up someone's grave.
As usual, Kyohei managed to knock her out, and the boys dragged her back to the boarding house, where Sunako slept for most of the day, and woke up a few hours before midnight to have her Halloween party.
The boys woke up early, after sleeping fitfully, and with terrifying nightmares. They didn't realize though, until much later, that the awful sounds they heard during their sleep were actually from Sunako's little “celebration.”
Noi herself didn't know about Sunako's party until later herself, but she didn't mind that her cemetery idea was a total bust, in Sunako's opinion.
For her, it was something so much more.
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