The Wallflower Fan Fiction ❯ Understanding ❯ Teh Dos ( Chapter 2 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Title: Understanding (2/?)

Written: Mechan and Teh Caness

Pairings: Yaya x Sunako

Category: crossover, shoujo ai, angst, sap, humor, drama

Ramblings: We've been rping for months and I was formatting this they other day when I said, hey! Why don't we share this with teh peeps online?

Disclaimer: Don't own Del Rey, Othello, The Wallflower, or the characters in either.


Sunako shook her head and smiled "Of course not, although...I don't have any pajamas..." She said, blushing and looking down at her long black dress.
"Oh! Well, that can be remedied. You look to be the same size as Yaya," she said pointedly, getting up to rumage in the closet, flinging things unceremoniously aside. "Aha!" She pulled out two matching pairs of pyjamas, and handed one to Sunako, before vanishing inside her other's closet.
Sunakochan smiled and changed into the pajamas "Thank you," she said, putting her dress on the chair. "These are really comfortable," she said, running her hands along the pant legs.
Nana came out of the closet, yawning theatrically. "I know," she said sleepily. "Aren't they splendid?" Then she was hit with an onslaught of Yaya's thoughts, though the girl did not threaten to reemerge. "She wants to take you shopping." Nana blinked, that had just come out. She shrugged and went to sit back down on the bed. Then she glanced up at Sunako, both her and Yaya wishing more than ever that they could see this beautiful creature's eyes.
Sunakochan blushed behind her bangs and smiled "I'd like that". Gently leaning forward Sunakochan brushed her lips against Nana's and then stood up, walked to the bed and tucked herself in.
Nana grinned, slipping under the covers herself. Her only regret was that Yaya may or may not remember this. She drifted off into a very peaceful sleep, taking a reluctant Yaya with her. When one of them slept, the other, as a general rule, did as well.


Sunakochan smoothed out her uniform "Do i look okay?" she asked Yaya. They'd gone shopping and finally decided that Sunakochan was to stay with Yaya and her father until she was ready to go back to the mansion. In the meantime she was to go to school with Yaya.
"Good enough to eat," tumbled off her lips before she made a suficient move to stop them.
Sunako blushed and grinned "Alrighty then...shall we go?"
Yaya tried to hide her own blush as she linked their elbows and headed out the door. As they began to walk they were immediately barragd by Yaya's "friends".

"Ohayou, Yaya-chan!" Seri called out in a sickeningly cheerful voice. "And who is your friend?"
"Ohayou gozaimasu!" Yaya bowed quickly, losing the contact with Sunakochan. "Anou...sore wa Sunako desu."
"She's so...weird...what's with her uniform?" Moe asked, her eyes looking Sunako up and down critically.
"Yeah," Seri agreed, laughing outright when she saw the girl's bangs. "Does she have eyes?" she raised an eyebrow and looked back over at Yaya.
"Leave her alone," she said quietly, seething, balling her fists together at her sides.
"I'm sorry, Cry-ya, I didn't hear you," Seri taunted.
Yaya's eyes snapped up, her eyes swirling angrily. Internally, Nana was struggling for dominance, Yaya couldn't handle this on her own. "Leave. Her. Alone." she ground out, shaking off the urge to vanish within herself.
Sunakochan blushed and looked at the ground "It's okay, Yayachan, everyone does this to me."
That was enough to pull Nana completely to the fore. The shakingly out-of-control anger had become calculating. When her eyes snapped up the girls were no longer laughing, though a faint look of amusement clung undeniably there. Then she reeled back her arm, and struck forward, her fist connecting with Seri's face with a click.
Seri's head snapped backwards witrh the force of the blow, and gasps echoed among the gathering of girls. When she stood upright again, she rubbed at her teeth, desperately hoping none would fall out. Then she directed her posse to turn around, taking an alternative and slightly longer route to school.
Sunakochan blushed as Seri, Moe, and the other girls left. "Thank you Nana," she said, hugging the girl and smiling. "No one's ever stood up for me except for Kyohei, and he's always mean to me, too."
A sudden burst of jealousy sprung up, but Nana quickly forced it back down, banishing from whence it came. "Kyohei?" she asked lightly, a far cry from the growl that was starting in her throat. She did her best to quell that as well, and simultaneously attempted to train her face back to cold apathy and mild amusement.
Sunako nodded, "One of the four boys who I'm forced to live with," she said, shrugging.
"Ah," she grunted, trying to make it to school without having to look at the girl beside her. The second she looked at her she would have to see her eyes, and the second she saw her eyes she would melt... Then Nana couldn't help it, she growled. We're *so* far gone...
Sunakochan walked alongside Nana, looking around the place they were walking. "You live in a nice neighborhood," she said "Is this your school?" She asked, pointing at the building that looked like a school.
Nana nodded absently. Why hasn't she come back yet? I never take classes for her... "Yeah, this is Yaya's school," she answered stoicly, though Sunako had already caught the nod.
Moriyama walked down the hall to find Yaya with another girl standing at her long. "Hey, Yaya! Who's this?" he asked, walking up to the two girls and smiling.
Nana smiled with ease, Moriyama may have inspired nervousness in her other, but they were so much alike, Nana couldn't help thinking of him as a surrogate brother of sorts. "Her name's Sunako. She's staying with Y-me indefinitely."
Sunako looked at Nana in surprise but smiled at Moriyama, hiding behind her bangs at the same time.
Moriyama smiled at the long-haired girl and grinned back. "Hi, I'm Moriyama," he said, extending a hand.
Sunako took his hand and shook it, nodding her head.
Nana shared a knowing smile with Moriyama before starting off to Yaya's first class. It was a damn good thing she had all the girl's memories, even if Yaya didn't always remember what Nana did with her body in her absense. "Shall we?" She beamed.


Sunakochan walked along the road with Nana after school, oddly yaya hadn't returned during the day. "What do you want to do now?" Sunako asked, linking arms with the girl.
Before she could answer, Nana caught something out of the corner of her eye. Four very pretty looking men were making their way towards the two girls.
"Sunakochan!" Kyohei cried, accosting the girl and trapping her in a tight hug.
Sunakochan stuttered and stood as Kyohei hugged her. "Erm...hi.." she said, trying not to get a nosebleed on his pretty white shirt.
Nana lifted an eyebrow, but decided to make herself scarce, standing aside.
"If you don't come back, your aunt won't let us stay," Yukinojo wailed from somewhere behind Kyohei.
Ranmaru snapped at Takenaga "Shut up!...Sunakochan.." he said, walking over to the girl and released her from Kyohei's grip. "Please come back to us, we miss you," he said, running his finger along her jawbone.
"Yes," Kyohei pleaded. "Come back with us so we can make you a pretty lady." He beamed for the effect.
Sunakochan blinked and looked at the ground "You only want me to come back because you want the rent paid," she said, pulling away from Kyohei and standing next to Nana. "I don't want to go back if you don't even care," she said
There was a tug at Nana's heart strings, she so didn't want Sunako to leave.
"Oh, nono, Sunakochan, you've got it all wrong," Takenaga countered. "We're your friends and we do care. Don't mind these bakas."
Yuki gave Takenaga a reproachful glare but stood next to him and nodded, "Please, Sunakochan, we like you being with us, we like you hanging out and being you." he took her hand in his and smiled. "Please come back to us!"
Sunakochan shuddered at Yuki taking her hand "I don't want to, I don't want to go back and be forced to be something I'm not," she said, gently pulling her hand away and boring a hole into the cement beneath her feet.
Nana grinned triumphantly. She hadn't lost her girl to the bishounen. "I suggest you take your leave, gentlemen," she said corgially. "Sunakochan has expressed her view on the matter."
Ranmaru turned on her and gave her a warm smile "And who might you be?" he asked, a lecherous smile replacing the previously innocent one.
Nana's smile didn't waver, she didn't much care if she looked like a loon. "Higuchi Nana." She held out her hand in an offer of competitive nature and not so much in friendship.
Ranmaru took it and bent down, kissing the top of her hand close to Nana's wrist. "Pleasure to meet you Higuchi Nanasan, my name is Morii, Morii Ranmaru." He grinned up at her with a smile that had claimed so many married women's hearts. Sunakochan glared at him but knew Nana could handle him.

"I really don't want to go back right now, maybe some other time," she said, looking up at Kyohei.
"Leave now," Nana said, her smile sliding off and quickly being replaced by a hard-as-nails glare. She snapped her hand out of the boy's grasp. "I will not ask again."
Ranmaru stammered and stepped back "Let's go, you heard Sunakochan, she doesn't want to come back." He started to walk away with Takenaga and Yuki. Kyohei stayed behind for a second

"Just make sure to come and get some of your stuff? We'll tell your aunt you're hanging out with a friend." He leaned in and kissed Sunako's cheek before walking off.
"You okay?" Nana asked sincerely, her annoyance melting away.
Sunakochan nodded and closed her eyes, slumping onto the ground. "I'll be fine," she mumbled, the blood seeping through her clenched fingers and onto her school uniform.
Nana drew her up and into her arms. "Let's get you home," she said warmly.
Sunakochan smiled and nodded, "Kay."
Nana wound her arm around the girl's waist, leading her back to the house. When she got there she was relieved to find that her father was not home yet. "Still bleeding over there?" She glanced fondly over at the prone form she was all but dragging along. She now had a rather lovely rouge stain all down her school blouse.
Sunakochan blushed and nodded. "Yeah," she said, her voice muted by her hands. "It's not stopping." She continued squeezing her nose only to get another stream of blood to run down her fingers. "Could you help me?" she asked, looking sheepishly at Nana.

"Of course." She dropped the girl gently into a kitchen chair, and went off in search of a damp washtowel. When she came back she was wearing a tank top. Though red was her color, she had to soak the shirt before her father saw it and flipped. "Think maybe you can bleed on all of my uniforms? I rather like the color," she joked, pressing the cloth to the girl's face as she knelt at her side.
Sunakochan grinned and shook her head. She muttered something about not wanting to have to bleed that much but it was jumbled by the washcloth. "Thank you," she said, this time clear enough so that nana could hear her.
"Tilt your head back" she ordered, even while doing it for the girl. "Has the blood slowed yet?" she asked, concern creeping in over her light tones.
Sunakochan did as she was told and nodded "It's slowed, yes. I'm really sorry about bleeding on the uniform," she added, a small frown spiriting itself onto her face as she looked at the sink.
Nana shook her head dismissively. "Not your fault." She stood up slowly, pushing past the girl's bangs and looking into Sunako's eyes in a way that could only be described as lovingly. "Don't sweat it."
Sunakochan blushed and her nosebleed got worse "O...okay" she blushed and willed her nosebleed to go away
"Oh my god!" Yaya took over with a snap. "I'm sorry...did I do this?" The girl fidgeted uncomfortably, withdrawing her hand from Sunako's face.
Sunako nodded sheepishly and looked at the ground "It's okay, don't worry." She took the washtowel and continued to take care of her nosebleed "it's fine"
"Have I lost time again," she muttered under her breath. Yaya wanted to ask just what had happened today, but felt dumb for not remembering any of it. "I hear Chechewe in the driveway," she said quietly, toting Sunako into her room and placing her in a chair by the desk.
Sunakochan continued squeezing her nose and willed her nosebleed to stop. When she thought it was safe she took the washtowel away and looked at yaya "Yes, you did."
Yaya blinked, wide-eyed. "Oh my..." she paused. "That's not good." She thought deeply, before kneeling in front of the girl. "What am I like?" It was barely a whisper.
Sunakochan smiled "You're very brave, and you take care of me. And you're also nice to me, and you stand up for me and yourself," she said, blushing down at the other girl, her bangs covering most of it.
Yaya suddenly went numb as a low hum went through her mind. "" A flood of memories and feelings washed threw her, and she began to develop a sense of coconsciousness with the other girl inside her head. "I punched Seri," she finally gasped out in slight horror. "I'm...crazy."
"Nonono, you're not crazy, you're special," Sunakochan said, wrapping her arms around the other girl. "I think it's wonderful, not something to be ashamed of." She smiled at Yaya and hugged her tighter
Yaya allowed herself to be pulled partially into the other girl's lap and hugged, though she hadn't the energy to hug back. "Why didn't you go back with them?" she mumbled, her words muffled in Sunakochan's clothes.
But I like you much better. "Because I don't want to go back to a bunch of lying," she said, ignoring her original thought and stroking the girls hair. "Don't be upset, Yayachan, everything's going to be fine."
Yaya brought her head up to look at the other girl. "You would really rather stay here with us?" she whispered, incredulous. She saw the answer plainly behind Sunako's long bangs, and she smiled. Then she leant in, ghosting her lips over the other girl's,
Sunako blushed but returned the kiss, hoping that she'd bleed enough to not get another nosebleed.


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