Thundercats Fan Fiction ❯ Last Life ❯ Chapter Fifteen: Visions of Mother: Part I ( Chapter 15 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
“Get off of me, you blasted Cat!” Alluro growled, struggling against Kassim pinning him down. Finding that he was not going be free anytime soon, the Lunatak huffed and gave up on even escaping for the time being. He watched as Catrina picked up his psyche club. The corners of his lips curled back into a sneer as he saw the girl examine his weapon. “You’ll never be able to use that against me, Catlina.”

Catrina frowned, her eyes narrowing as she glared at him. “True, but I can make sure that you won’t be able to hypnotize me or my friends for awhile at least.” Holding the Psyche Club in her hand, the Thunderian walked up to the side of the Thundertank. She raised the weapon high above her head before bringing it down as hard as she could against the firm metal of the Thundertank, making the crystal orb shatter into a million tiny shards.

Alluro’s eyes went wide with anger, fear, and shock and he struggled from under Kassim’s weight. “You blasted little brat! How dare you break my Psyche Club! Mmmph!” Kassim cut off Alluro’s voice by pressing a paw onto his head, forcing his face into the dirt. Every inch of fur on the lion’s body bristled as he growled, baring his teeth at the Lunatac pinned under him. Kassim’s license tags jingled as the lion pressed a little harder onto Alluro’s skull.

Catrina swiveled around on the balls of her feet to face the Thundercats when she glanced back at Kassim. “Kassim, let him go.” She ordered and the girl started walking back to Lion-O’s side when she noticed something flashing in the distance. “What the…”

Alluro laughed from under Kassim, his lips curling back into a sinister sneer, flashing his pointed teeth at the Thundercats. “You Thundercats are finished now. The other Lunataks are possibly taking over –“ His face was forced back into the soft earth below him by Kassim and before the feline warriors knew what was happening, the sky started to turn blood red, becoming filled with a thick black smoke, making it hard to breathe.

Lion-O and the other Thundercats all started coughing into their hands in an attempt to protect all airways into their bodies. “W-what’s in…these…” Panthro was the first to fall to his knees. The great warrior tried to take in a deep gulp of fresh air, but the atmosphere was so thick with smoke that he found it extremely hard to take breaths.

“Thundrainium!” Was all Catrina heard from one of her friends before starting to feel weak herself. Her legs started to become feeble, almost like they were made out of rubber or maybe jelly. The smoke burned into her lungs as she coughed. She could feel the weakening sensation of the Thundrainium coursing through her blood stream. Her mind was beginning to fog up, making it hard to think straight.

How did the Lunataks get Thundrainium into the sky?  The girl thought to herself, but her thought was subconsciously forced away by the smoke streaming through the air as she coughed. Catrina saw what looked like little balls or rains of fire flying through the atmosphere through the slits of her half-closed eyes.

Each of the yellow streaks of fire landed all around them. It looked like as though all of Third Earth was going to end and that the stars of the sky were finally falling. Each one shook the ground as they made an impact. And just like the yellow fireballs were dropping from the sky, so were the Thundercats. Her friends were succumbing to the high level of Thundrainium lingering in the air. All of them except for her. Sure, she felt weak, but she found that she could still move, but barely.

Seeing that his mistress was in danger, Kassim quickly leapt off Alluro and quickly ran to Catrina’s side. The lion nuzzled the side of her face, pressing his cold, wet nose into her cheek. A soft growl escaped his throat. He could sense her life slowly slipping away from her.

Through the split of her half-closed eyes and the blurriness caused by her tears, she saw her. A beautiful long gold blonde haired woman with a pale complexion, and deep blue eyes. The woman’s lips curled back into a smile. She seemed familiar with a light blue dress made of silk hugging the curves of her bust, only to fan out a bit at the waist. The crinkled bottom of the dress ended directly at the knees of the woman’s elegant legs. Two long strips of blue silk streamed from the shoulders of her dress, only to be attached to two small rings she wore on each hand.

Catrina coughed harder now, struggling to inhale and to place a name to this familiar figure standing before her. But she could not despite a voice echoing in the back of her mind.

Catlina, my precious Catlina…

The words seem to flow endlessly from the woman’s lips and Catrina could see the woman’s eyes filling with a familiar love and warmth. Where did she hear that voice? Surely, she would remember someone as beautiful as this woman and someone with such a kind demeanor. As she struggled to keep her train of thoughts straight, the voice spoke again.

Do not give up, my daughter. Even it seems like all is lost, there is always hope. You just have to reach deep inside of yourself and tap into the strength of your heart.

These words settled into the back of her soul and the girl felt her heart leaping. Memories began to resurface at hearing the female’s voice.

She could see green grass all around her. A stonewall of a castle stood nearby, surrounding a large, cat shaped palace. This looked like some kind of courtyard for there were several rows of flowers gracing each corner of the enclosed space. A cobbled stone path through an underpass, going into the middle of the courtyard where she could see the shimmering surface of a small pond, but what really caught Catrina’s attention was a gentle hum, floating through the air as it formed into an equally sweet melody.

Once there was a way to get back homeward. it was familiar what with the soft voice singing in the air. Catrina couldn’t help, but go in the direction the singing was coming from.

Once there was a way to get back home.”

The gentle song got louder and louder with each step she took as she followed the stone path through the courtyard. It was almost like listening to a Siren, being hypnotized by a beautiful melody and no matter how hard she tried, she could not resist the call. Was it a Siren singing or was it just her imagination? It was hard to tell.

Sleep pretty darling, do not cry and I will sing a lullaby!”

Catrina was coming upon a small gate leading into a large garden. It was just above the crest of a hill that the singing was at its loudest. The words were getting stronger, clearer now.

Golden slumbers fill your eyes.”

Reaching out a hand, the girl opened the gateway and walked through, entering the garden now. She did not have to walk very far before seeing a large tree with long pale white limbs reaching towards the ground. “Smiles awake you when you rise.”

Her heart leapt in her chest at the sight of the tree. It was her mother’s willow tree – the one that she and her mother always sat under. Taking in a deep breath, the blonde-haired girl started to make her way to the tree, disappearing into the shade of the willow branches above.