Thundercats Fan Fiction ❯ Rebirth ❯ Prologue ( Prologue )

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Panthro furrowed his eyebrows as he worked on the Feliner. He was on the inside of the engine room, working on the engine with Snarf perched on his shoulder and helping him. The grey technician held out his hand for whatever tool Snarf held before leaning back down to the part of the engine that he was working.

Snarf’s ears drooped slightly at the silence around them. It during peaceful days like these that makes your mind wonders about topics that would be the last thing on your mind. Days where nothing happens and the entire world seemed to have come to a standstill just for you. Days where nothing happens. These kinds of days are rare for the Thundercats since they were always battling the Lunateks or the mutants, or even Mumm-ra. But today was just one of those rare quiet, peaceful days.

For Snarf, days like this made him think back to when Lion-O was still a little kid; back to the days when everyone had lived on Thundera. But as for Panthro, no one could tell what the good natured Thunderan was thinking. Quite frankly, all the Thundercats had barely known each other when they had escaped their home planet. Well, Lion-O had known Wilykit and Wilykat, but aside from that, everyone weren’t as close as they were today.

Snarf squeaked a bit, letting out a soft yawn in the process. He glanced at Panthro, his red eyes searching for any lost thought that might cross paths with Panthro’s current thoughts of the repairs. Panthro just seemed to tighten his face in concentration as he looked the engine over. Not being able to bear the silence of the engine room, Snarf spoke.

“Panthro, have you ever thought of what you have left behind on Thundera?” The catlike creature asked in his usual squeaky tone.

Panthro nearly bumped his head at hearing Snarf’s question, though he did drop the wrench he was holding. “No, what makes you say that, Snarf?” He lied, keeping his voice calm. He didn’t like showing his sadness to his friends. He was always thought of as the one with no worries and the carefree Thundercat. He was always the fierce protector of the Thundercats as well. But that was only one side of Panthro, his exterior so to speak.

The other side of Panthro, the interior, was one who lived with regrets; living with all the pain of losing not just his home planet, but of losing his family. His wife and children. The last time he saw them was on the day that the planet was starting to destroy itself. Panthro had been busy working with some of the palace guards while his wife was at their home, tending to their daughters.

Yes, Panthro had two daughters. They were only four years old and twins, but they were his pride and joy.

Snarf’s ears flattened more at seeing the sad look on Panthro’s face. He didn’t even mind that the Technician had quickly masked it with the usual happy indifference expression. Not that Panthro doesn’t deserve to be sad and hurting once in a while, but it was somewhat odd to see this side of the strong willed Panthro. The one person who was always good natured and laughing with others while helping out those in need.

“Well,” The shy feline began, toying with his clawed fingers nervously, “it’s just that we all lost something back on Thundera. Me? I left my entire family and race back there. Siblings, nieces and nephews, everybody.” Snarf said nervously, “But what about you, Panthro? Don’t you have someone that you left behind?” His tone was a bit bolder and his curious red gaze flickered to his companion.

The melancholic emotions ebbed their way back into Panthro’s heart and he quickly suppressed it, tearing his red gaze away from the beady one of the nursemaid. Of all days to bring up the past. Why did Snarf choose to do it today?

Snarf’s flopped to the side of his face as he blinked and tilted his head to the side to stare at Panthro as Panthro closed his eyes. There was a mixture of emotions displaying themselves across the Thundercat’s face that Snarf could only guess as to what kind of inner battle was taking place inside.

A familiar pain flickered in his heart, making the memories that were dancing across his mind resurface from the dark recesses of his soul. Panthro finally opened his eyes after allowing himself a few minutes to gather his thoughts. His crimson gaze finally returned to Snarf and he started speaking. Panthro’s face was a bit grim as he did so. “Do you really want to know what I left behind, Snarf?” He asked almost too quietly.

Snarf nearly had to strain his ears to hear his companion’s question. Snarfs always had good hearing but Panthro’s voice can be as loud as it can be soft. His ears flattened themselves against his head again at hearing the strange tone of Panthro’s voice. “Well, sort of, Snarf snarf.” Snarf whispered, his tone squeaky and almost equally quiet.

A shadow slithered along Panthro’s face as he stared back at the feline. “I had left my life back on Thundera.” He said grimly. He watched Snarf become silent, the feline nursemaid’s ears drooping even more. “I had a family, Snarf. A wife and two children.”

“I didn’t know you had an actual family, Snarf snarf.” Snarf jumped onto the edge of the engine casing and curled up. His tail covered his hind feet as he curled up with his hind feet tucked under his body and tail and his chin resting on his crossed arms. His ears covered his eyes as if not wanting to hear any more of the story.

“Yes, I did. My daughters were only four, and they looked more like their mother and everything.” Panthro’s voice was the quietest any one had ever heard it. Snarf let out a squeaky whimper, lifting his hands now to bring them onto his ears. Panthro was forced to close his eyes to keep the tears at bay. He didn’t want to lose the good natured and free spirited person that the others had come to known him as. But it hurt to have bottled all of his sadness and pain. Memories started flowing back into Panthro’s heart, making the pain in his heart even greater than he had ever felt it.

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