Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ TOTALLY SPIES: Dueling Dramas Season 3 ❯ The LAMOS are Gone ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

WOOHP headquarters; 6:22 pm
Somewhere up the night-sky, something mysterious was about to happen. In a large air-carrier, that was hovering around was focusing it's targets on WOOHP headquarters
Inside, a young, dark figure sat in his big strong chair starring at the screens. “Is our target acquired?” he asked particularity no one.
“Affirmative.” said a female computer voice. “Target confirmed as worldwide headquarters of the World, Organization, Of, Human, Protection.”
The young figure sniggered sinisterly. “Hmm, mm, mm… excellent.” He reached down and grabbed a weird Golden-Key that was dangling from his neck. “With all this, my plan will be a big success.”
“Begin Phase-One!”
At once, the Air-ship fired a large beam of light straight at the building. Whatever was about to happen could not have been anything short of trouble.
The WOOHP jail-hands were going about serving dinner to all the prisoners. The man knocked on one prison cell after another, and served the meal. “Dinner service.” he called.
After a while, he got down to the Maximum-Security cells which held the most dangerous villains the Spies had ever caught, including the LAMOS. However, when the jail-hand reached their cells. “What the--”
He looked around, but he couldn't find Terrance, or his colleagues anywhere. “Oh, no!” the man cried and he quickly dashed for the nearest alarm.
While at the same time, Jerry was in his office, getting ready to sit down to his warm meal. Most of it being Fried-Chicken, “Ahh, supper-time.” he said as he fixed his napkin around his neck. “Truly a magnificent time of day.”
GLADIS couldn't believe this. “You know you would live for much longer if you ate less fats.” she mocked.
Jerry rolled his eyes. “Oh please, GLADIS. What would you know about good eating, you don't even have a stomach. Now need I say more?”
GLADIS remained silent. She really hated it when Jerry outsmarted her like that.
Jerry picked up a big piece of chicken, and was just raising it to his lips muttering, “Ahh, and now… you're all mine.” and then the alarm went off, causing him to drop his drumstick in surprise on the dirty floor.
“No! No!!” he cried. “Oh, the humanity.”
He had to pull himself together now, because there was even worse news to follow from when the jail-hand reported that some prisoners were missing from their cells; and not just any prisoners…
“Oh… oh no! Not again!”
The Next Day
The Groove, Beverly Hills; 11:19 am
Clover, Sam: now 20, and Alex… almost 20
My three apprentices, best friends in the whole world, and the three 2nd rated duelists in the world, just hanging out at the Groove, shopping, relaxing. Pretty much all the things they enjoyed.
It sure had been slow with hardly any WOOHP missions, and being college graduates, but they somehow managed to enjoy themselves.
Sam, and Alex were sitting in the food court enjoying smoothies. While Clover was sitting at the table across form them with a cute guy.
“Hey, Sam… Clover really seems to be hitting it on with that guy over there.” Alex said.
Sam looked up from her book to spy over the rim. “Ooh, their getting tight, all right.” she said. “Lets just hope she doesn't blow it like before.”
Clover just kept staring at the hunky guy, with hearts glowing in her eyes.
This guy was tall, not too ripped, and not to flabby. Short Golden-Blonde hair, and even had a scarf around his neck that always seemed to be fluttering gently, even when there was no wind.
“You sound really cool for a girl so incredibly beautiful.” he said in his poetic voice. “We should really get together again, sometime.”
Clover felt like she was going to faint. “Oh… anytime for you.” she said in a daze.
“Oh, by the way, I didn't happen to catch your name.” said the young-man.
She sighed heavenly. “Ahh… Clover.” she said in a warm daze.
The boy scratched his chin. “Hmm… Clover? Where have heard that name before?” then suddenly he realized that this was THE Clover, one of the three number-two duelists in the world.
Clover snapped out of her trance when she realized the guy was backing away from her. “Wait… where are you going?” she cried.
“Uh… actually… I just remember I have to… have to--” then suddenly he took off like Cowardly Cat, all frightened by Clover's greatness and her title.
“No, wait come back!” Clover cried as she began to run after him, but it was no use. He was already out of sight. Her face curled into a half sob, half scowl as she fell to her knees, “No! I scarred off another one!” she whined.
Sam and Alex sighed, for they knew it was coming, like it always did for every boy. Nevertheless, they walked over and helped Clover to her feet. “Cheer up Clover.” Sam said. “There will be others.”
“Yeah… there's got to be at least one cute boy out there who won't run away from you.” added Alex, but that only made Clover feel worse.
“Excuse me, I have to go home, and eat a bucket of ice-cream.” Clover cried softly.
When the girls got home to their beach house, Clover did just that. “Feel any better?” Alex asked. Clover shivered and spoke through her chattering teeth. “I am shivering a lot more…”
Just then Sam came in with the mail. “Bill… Bill… Ooh, party invite.” There was even a package from Clover that she had been waiting for weeks now. “Ooh, at last.” She cried as she opened it hastily.
It was a new brand of Duel-monster cards called Neo-Spacians. All of them had great powers, and would go great in Clover's Deck along side her Elemental-Heroes. Sam and Alex recently upgraded their decks too.
Sam's Ocean monsters would now be all the more harder to get at… and Alex had so many strategies, it would be hard to get at her.
“Hey, look at this.” Sam said as she opened another envelope. “It's a card from Mykan.”
The girls all opened the card, and picture fell out. It was taken in the hospital wing about a week ago. Sabrina was lying in a hospital bed, cradling out newborn baby in her arms. I sat beside her in a chair holing Erica.
Erica looked so cute. She was almost a year old, and she almost had enough hair to brush, but she was still teeny-tiny. “Ooh… look how cute, and cuddly they are.” Alex cooed.
Sam, and Clover smiled. Then they all read the writing in the card…
“Dear Clover, Sam, and Alex…”
“If you're reading this, then you already know… It's a girl, and we named her, Misty”
(Sabrina… Erica… Misty; Man, I'm getting good at this)
Clover could stop starring at the baby. “Ooh, I hope we get to see them all soon.” she cried.
Sam suddenly gasped when she saw more writing on the car which read. “Don't worry Clover, I'll be happy to bring the baby to see you girls.”
“O-kay… that's freaky.” Clover said.
“But when?” Alex asked. “When will get to see them?”
“Right now…” came my voice. The girls looked around, all startled and then saw me step out from behind the curtains near the backdoor. “Surprise.”
The girls eyes lit up as they ran over and we engaged in a big group hug. When they asked how I got here, and how I planned all this.
“I used my Millennium-Necklace to see into the future. This way it was more than easy to work everything out.”
The girls really envied me for having such a great power. Then I reached behind the other curtains. “Girls… somebody here wants to meet you all.” I said cheekily as I picked up a small baby-carrier bin, and there snoozing peacefully away was little Baby-Misty.
“Aww…” the girls cried softly, careful not to wake her up.
Misty woke up all on her own anyway, letting out a huge yawn, and cooing as she rubbed her cute little eyes. Then she looked up at the girls…“Hey, she's smiling at us.” said Sam.
“I'm sure she did.” I said. Then I gently lifted the baby's arm and waved it playfully “Say hi to Sam, Clover, and Alex; Misty.”
The girls took their turns patting her head. Clover didn't even get sneezed on this time.
The girls even asked me how things were going back at duel academy…
Things were just wonderful. Sabrina was almost eligible to receive her licence to practice medicine, and she already received a doctorate.
With King Monroe's card-company selling out more cards than ever before, the school was also doing fine. We had good students, fine duels, and less mean and nasty students who tried to act all macho and punk.
“That's also something else I wanted to talk to you about.” I said.
I explained to them that as the best students I ever had. Being top ranked duelists, and owing them for all they helped me through the past two years. “We want to hire you.”
The girls weren't sure they heard me right.
Sabrina's father, King-Monroe: The creator of duel-monsters and all its wonderful cards… he wanted to hire them. Bring them to the island to become teachers at the island like me, and entitle them to a very fare amount of pay, and high class living styles.
“Gosh… I don't know.” Sam said. This was all way so sudden and surprising.
The girls thought it over. They could use jobs to help them get through the day, and Duel-monsters was something they really liked.
They'd earn a lot of money. “And think of all those hot student-bodies to check out.” Clover said sounding all sneaky.
I rolled my eyes. “And Don't worry about WOOHP.” I told them, “I spoke with Jerry, and he thinks it's a marvelous idea. So you'll keep your spy-jobs too.”
The girls decided they'd go for it. “This is so cool.” Alex said. “We're going to have so much fun.”
Sam, and Clover nodded in agreement.
“Good! Then it's settled.” I said. Then I checked the calendar on the wall. It was the last two weeks of August. “Okay girls… term starts in two weeks.” I told them. “Pack up what little things you can, get your affairs in order, and we'll pick you up next week at the airport.”
The girls agreed, and with that. It was time for me to head off the airport. I had to get back to Duel-Island before it got really late there. “Time to say bye-bye, Misty.” I said as I put her back into her carrier-bin.
“See you in a week girls.”
We all exchanged goodbyes, and then I was gone.
Over the Next few days
The girls began to pack up what they would be needing for their trip. It took clover six different suitcases to pack her massive collection of fashion clothes and accessories, despite the fact I told her we would provide for her.
Alex lay on the sofa. “I can't believe, it's been two years since we've actually been to the island.” she said.
“I know.” Sam said. “We had a complete wild adventure the last time we were there.” She referred to the time they helped me duel my way past the gatekeepers to get Sabrina back.
“Totally!” Clover said. “At least nothing else will go wrong this time.” But she ate those words when suddenly the floor opened up beneath all three of them and they fell through the WOOHP tunnel.
“You we're saying… Clover!!” cried Alex.
They all landed with a large THUD in Jerry's office. “Terrible news, Super Spies. Very terrible news, indeed.” he said with concern.
“Uh… yeah.” Clover said while rubbing her bottom. “I don't think my butt will ever be the same again.”
Alex, and Sam sighed in embarrassment, and Jerry looked confused and dismayed. “So Jer… what's so bad?” asked Alex.
“As I have put it girls, it's really terrible.” replied Jerry. “The LAMOS have escaped.”
“WHAT?!” the girls all cried out at once.
Jerry showed them footage that was taken when it happened, from concealed cameras in the maximum jail-hold. One minute, all five of the LAMOS were in their own respective cells, and then suddenly… POOF… they were gone; Vanished into thin air like ghosts.
“No, way!” Clover cried. “And after all we went through to catch those five freakos.”
Jerry also told them that it was much worse. “We haven't been able to locate the LAMOS anywhere in the entire world.” he said. “Even our new suppository-trackers aren't registering.”
WOOHP had recently developed a special eatable transmitters, which they secretly fed to all their prisoners. If they ever broke out of jail, they're locations could be tracked down.
However… the signals were not showing up at all. It was if the LAMOS had dropped off the face of the Earth. “Well maybe they've found someway to neutralize the transmitters.” Sam suggested.
“No, Sam.” GALDIS answered. “Only WOOHP has the technology to short out the transmitters, and doubt that even my own brother, Terrance would know how to do that.”
GLADIS bleeped. “I just completed another scan. No sign of the LAMOS anywhere on Earth. WOOHP satellites also detect no spacecraft recently leaving Earth's atmosphere.”
That was just sick. This meant the LAMOS weren't on Earth, or in Space. “Who knows what schemes those guys are going to get up to.” Alex said. “We got to find them and stop them.”
Jerry agreed. “Until we can figure out where they are, you girls will have to be ready for anything at any time now. As soon as something turns up, I'll be sure to give you a call.”
He pressed a button at his desk and the girls gat sucked back up through the tunnel. “Oh, by the way!” he called up tot them. “Congratulations on your new jobs!”