Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ Yugioh: Dueling Drama Much Final Season ❯ Intro ( Prologue )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Long, long ago… to a time when the pyramids were very young, the shadow-games had erupted Egypt into a massive cape of war for power. Chaos, and madness spread everywhere, hurting and destroying whatever it touched.
All this was the duel of the brave Pharaoh, and his sworn rival, The Supreme King; a mighty evil sorcerer who sought all the power in all dimensions for himself, and the very creator of the very shadows themselves.
During the struggle, and young, newborn baby was lost amongst the chaotic waves of the war, and in a freak mishap, the young baby was transformed into solid stone by magic powers beyond comprehension, casting the infant into the shadows, and returned him to Earth… five-thousand years later!
For five-thousand years the young infant drifted through suspending realities, forever preserved in stone, until he would be reawakened to a new life, and a new purpose.
Professor Mykan Jaden: (Yugi's deck)
Far beyond the world I've known,
Far beyond my time
What am I, who am I, what will I be?
Where am I going, and what will I see?
Searching my mind for some truth to reveal
What parts are fantasy, what memories real?
Princess Sabrina: (Cyber Dragon deck)
Long before this life of mine,
Long before this time
What was there, who cared to make it begin?
Is it forever, or will it all end?
Searching my past for things that I've seen
Is it my life, or
just something I've dreamed?
Clover:(Jaden's deck)
Sam: (Ocean Deck)
Alex: (Joey's deck)
Mandy: (Kabia's Deck)
Far beyond this world I've known,
Far beyond my time
What kind of world am I going to find?
Will it be real, or just all in my mind?
What am I, who am I, what will I be?
Where am I going, and
what will I see?
Jerry: (Ancient-Gear deck)
King Monroe: (Pegasus Deck)
Author's notes:
Remember, I'm not Mykan, and he's not based on me at all. Don't you get any foolish idea in your heads.
Also, The duels will be partially written in SCRIPT FORMATING, it makes better sense that way and it's easier to understand.
Just try and work with me, okay?