Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ Yugioh: Dueling Drama Much Final Season ❯ Happy news ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

My name's Mykan Jaden. No I'm not related to any other guy you'd know or look like him or anything, but I, my wife, Princess Sabrina, and my three wonderful apprentices, Clover, Sam, and Alex, we sure had some adventures with our game of Duel-Monsters.
The first day I met the girls, they were merely my students at Maliu in Beverly-Hills. I was just a sub teacher who taught them Ancient Egypt throughout the art of the game. Then they helped me reunite with my lost love, the Princess, Sabrina, and defeated an evil spirit controlling her father, the king. I owed the girls almost everything that I was… And they had been my apprentices ever since, always staying by my side through all our adventures after then.
Sabrina and I had our first baby, Erica. She was kidnapped by Marik and Ishizu Ishtar, and all of us were blackmailed into a dueling tournament where the steaks of our losing was beyond comprehension. Sabrina and I would have to divorce, and the girls would become poor people as their father's would be out of business.
In the end, with the bravery of the girls, Marik and Ishizu were defeated, and peace was restored.
Sabrina's long lost brother, Estevan; Died in his youth, and was uploaded into a virtual reality world inside computers. Neglected by his father, who was under control of the evil spirit, Estevan felt neglected, and kidnapped the parents of the spies, and forced us all into his realm to duel against him and the LAMOS.
In the end, it was really the old evil spirit I had vanquished from the king, who had returned for revenge, but he was defeated, and the virtual realm was obliterated taking him with it, but Estevan was saved, and now served as our super-computer source at island.
The girls also became teachers at the academy, and have lived with us ever since.
An ancient, evil Egyptian sorceress, Yubel, had possessed the mind of the spies' friend, Britney, and sucked the entire island into the Shadow Realm where she located the three Sacred Beast cards and nearly succeeded in wiping everyone out of existence. It was a long and difficult battle but she was destroyed, and all was at peace once again.
Now we possessed six of the seven Millennium Items. The Rod, Key, Ring, Puzzle, The King still had the eye, and I still wore the Necklace. All that was missing was the Millennium Scale, but we didn't let it worry us…
It was beautiful Spring day on duel academy island, and my wife was in the sickbay. Sabrina hadn't been feeling well, and even though she herself was now a full-fledged doctor, and knew perfectly well what was wrong with herself, the staff doctors still wanted to look her over.
The spies were all having lunch at their villa by the cliffs that overlooked the water. Alex and Sam were plenty worried about what was happening with Sabrina, and hoped she was okay, but Clover was giggling with excitement. “Guess who scored a date with Hotshot Harry…?” she bragged.
“You mean that hotshot Obelisk-Blue student?” Alex asked. “Don't we all teach him?”
Sam nodded in agreement and wondered how and why Clover would score a date with a student, unless, “… You did it again, didn't you.”
Clover had been passing around slut-notes to students, roughly her age, as she did her class lectures. It was one of those notes that asked..
Do you Like me…?
A: Yes
B: No
C: Maybe
“Any questions…?” Clover would ask then shoot a wink at a student she passed the note too.
“Clover, you've gotta stop doing that. You know what Mykan said…”
Clover just snuffed, “What… ever! They're here to duel, not drool… blah, blah!”
Just then, I came up to the spies' villa, just as I promised. The girls were dying to hear what was wrong with Sabrina, but one look at the goofy smile on my face was enough to tell them. I had even used my Millennium Necklace to show the girls a quick glimpse into the future.
There was Sabrina and I with three-year old Erica. Almost two year-old Misty, and there in Sabrina's arms. “Ah! No way!” cried Clover.
“Ohh… look at that little bitty baby.” Alex cooed.
“Mykan, congratulations, he looks just like you.” Added Sam.
The images faded, and I still had that goofy look on my face, and I almost felt like shedding a tear. “My boy…” I peeped, “I'm… going to have a son.”
Suddenly the moment was ruined when the whole tabled flipped round and the girls and I were WOOHPED into Jerry's office, landing with a thud on the sofa, all the girls on top of me. “Good day, spies, and hello Mykan.” Jerry greeted us.
The girls and I just groaned, and I was finally starting to see how irritable the WOOHPINGS were, and to think, I was just an honorary member of WOOHP and not an official agent.
The girls and I straightened out, but they were not in the mood for a mission now, especially as we each had classes to teach in a hour, but to our surprise, Jerry wasn't sending the girls off on a mission. “I just brought you here to tell you, personally, that your new cards have been fully tested and are ready for pick-up.”
“About time too.” said Alex. “It's only been, like, forever.”
For months the girls and I had been designing and perfecting new cards to help beef up the state of the game, and once they were painted and pressed into card-forum we asked Jerry's computers to test them out at WOOHP. Now they were ready for us to take home. “Gladis…. if you would?” Jerry said.
Gladis was not impressed, “Why does he always leave the duties to me?” she grumbled, but she presented the girls and I with a large box. The girls and I gazed inside with a look of awe in our eyes. “There they are girls…” I said, “The Synchro Monsters.”
New types of monsters that went well with the new Tuner type cards the King had created back home. Now that the cards were ready it would only be matter of time before the game itself would be greater than ever before.
“This is awesome!” cried Sam, “If I had a card like this in my ocean deck, think of the might I'd have.”
Alex was so psyched to have found a card that looked just like her Red-Eyes Black Dragon too, and as for Clover, she was disappointed that she couldn't find any cards that were handsome and cute, worthy of her hero deck. Still, “If Mandy could see me now she'd totally be jealous.”
I told Clover to take it easy, we weren't quite ready to let these cards out to the public yet, but we would be extra cautious to put extra guards around them from having bad experience keeping them safe.
“Glad to have been of service.” Jerry said, and then he WOOHPED us all back to the island. “Do tell me how the cards turn out!” he called up through the tunnel.
We all got straight back to the island and gave the cards to the King, who was very pleased to have them back at last. “No one's gonna be stealin' these babies this time.” He assured us as he ordered his guards to lock the cards up until we could build constructive decks.
After that, we all walked down the hall, and cute, little Erica ran up to me, “Daddy! Daddy!” I picked up my little daughter, and pecked her cheek. “Ah… hiya doin' honey.” I cooed into her ear.
She was followed by Sabrina was holding little Misty, who still couldn't walk too well yet. She smiled at me and walked over and kissed my wife, and then playfully touched her stomach. Sabrina was just as excited as I was. We were going to have a son, and have a full-fledged and complete family of our own.
“We be big sistas!” cried Erica.
“Yeah… you will.” Sabrina cooed as she tickled our daughter's chin.
Alex, however, looked a little down. “Whoa! Someone needs perking up.” Clover said. When we asked what was wrong, Alex explained that she was worried that something else was going to go wrong; we'd be off to fight more evil, and the world would be at risk again.
We all felt the same way she did, even the King. Time and again it seemed we always ended up having to play Duel-Monsters in ways that would affect the outcome of the entire world, and our lives.
“It's not fair!” grumbled Alex, “We should just be playing the game for fun. Not fighting bad guys all the time.” She also hadn't forgotten about the time she wound up in the Shadow-Realm itself.
Sam calmed her down, “Even if that does happen, I know we can pull through.”
“Sam's right.” I added, “I don't like it any more than you, Alex, but we've all got to be strong. One day will find a way to stop all the evil, and then we'll have a chance for real peace.”
Alex began to smile, “You think so?”
I just smiled and nodded. Still, deep down, we all still felt that somewhere, somehow, a new evil was just around the corner and waiting to strike us when we least expected it.
Somewhere over the Pacific Ocean, a very strange boat was being rowed across the waves, and several strange men and women dressed in garments that looked, rather Egyptian were aboard. There was even one dressed in black armor, and a red cape, he was the boss.
They had a strict mission to do, and it had something to do with Me! “Find the one called Mykan, and bring him to me.” sneered the boss. The other folks all bowed and chanted. “Hail, Supreme King!
“Hail, Supreme King!