Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ Yugioh: Dueling Drama Much Final Season ❯ Mandy's Machine Mayhem: Part One ( Chapter 18 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

SCORE: (Guard: 8000 VS Mandy: 8000)
Mandy decided to go first, “Get ready, Big guy. Here I come…” she drew her first card.
Mandy: “I summon VORSE RAIDER!”
(Atk: 1900)
“And now I'll place two cards face down, and end my turn.”
Mandy's thoughts: “If this loser takes my bait, my face down cards will stop him. The SHRINK card, and my CRUSH CARD VIRUS. Once he attacks me I can destroy every monster he summoned with 1500 attack points or more, and finish him in a snap.”
Guard: “Is that all? Very well then…”
“Mmm…! The monster I call forth shall be, MORPHTRONIC CLEFON!”
(Atk: 100)
The Spies and Mandy gawked in awe. That was a machine monster, and not just any kind. “That's one of the cards that we made in the future.” cried Alex. “How did he get them?”
Suddenly it became clear that The Supreme King and his army had traveled to their time and stolen some more cards to try and trip them up. Now this guy was dueling with the machines that Sam called, Morphtronics, and they were very tricky monsters indeed.
Each one had two special abilities, and how they activated deepened on their battle position. “Watch out, Mandy!” Sam called out.
Mandy, though surprised by the monster type, just acted as snobbish as ever. “That monster's too weak, he can't hurt me!” she grouched. The Guard, however, simply sniggered…
Guard: “Perhaps I should demonstrate my creature's specialty while it is poised for attack.”
(Dice block rolls)
(Stops on 4)
(Draws 4)
Mandy: “What do you think you're doing?”
Guard: “Hmm, mm-- Since I have rolled a four on your… Dice block… you call it. I am now able to take four cards. Now I may call forth any Morphtronic from among these cards as long as its star sign is four, or lower.”
(Gazes at cards.)
“Ah…! I shall call forth, MORPHTRONIC SCOPEN!”
(Atk: 800)
Mandy: “What? Another wimpy monster, you gotta' be kidding me?”
Guard: “So.. you think my monsters are weak? Well lets us see how you think of this third one. I now call forth, MORPHTRONIC SLINGEN!”
(Atk: 1200)
Mandy: “WHAT---?!”
“Hey, that's cheating!” Clover sneered. “He can't just summon another monster like that.” but Sam shook her head, being the main creator of The Morphtronics, she remembered their abilities. “When Scopen is in attack-mode, you can special summon a Morphtronic with four stars or less from your hand.”
Clover and Alex gasped softly. This didn't look good at all, Mandy's opponent already had three monsters and on just one turn too. Now things were going to get far worse. “Now…!” growled The Guard, “I shall demonstrate to you the special power of Slingen.”
Mandy raised an eyebrow and then watched as her opponent sent Clefon to the graveyard, which mysteriously destroyed her Vorse Raider too. “Hey!” she snapped. “How did that happen?” she asked, but then she remembered, “Oh, no!” and it turned out that was indeed Slingen's attack-mode ability: By sending another Morphtronic from his field to the graveyard, The Guard could destroy one of Mandy's cards like that.
“And I am still not through…” he stated. “Now I shall… do as you call it… tune Scopen to my Slingen…!”
The mists began to rustle and wave, The girls all braced themselves. “Oh, no…!” cried Clover, “Tell me he's not doing what I think he is…!”
“He's Synchro summoning!” cried Sam.
The Guard roared furiously, and then his monster appeared, “I call forth…POWER TOOL DRAGON!”
(Atk: 2300)
Mandy had never seen a Dragon like this one before, and it wasn't actually a dragon at all, but rather a machine type.
Guard: “What do you say, my dear? Does it scare you?”
Mandy: “Dream on! Hit me with your best shot.”
As you wish, but first I shall give my dragon a special magic, GRAVITY AXE-GRARL! This will power up his attack-force by 500, as well as prevent your monsters from changing their position for battle.”
(Atk: 2300) Becomes (Atk: 2800)
“Now my monsters! Strike her directly!”
(Combo-Atk: 2800 + 100= 2900)
Mandy: “Uh-- AAH…!”
SCORE: (Guard: 8000 VS Mandy: 5200)
“Ooh!” groaned Alex, “That's…GOTTA hurt!”
Mandy was lucky she had The Millennium Key to protecting her, or she probably wouldn't have gotten back to her feet safely. What really upset her was the fact that her combo didn't work out.
“I'm not gonna let this dork make an idiot out of me!” she thought angrily and then shouted out. “Just finish your move!”
The Guard finished his turn by placing two cards face-down. “I really fail to see why I bother.” he snorted. “Already you are too helpless to stop me, but if you insist on being foolish… make your move.”
Mandy gritted her teeth, and drew her card, she couldn't use her combo now, at least not at this rate. But she did have an idea that could help her take down the Dragon and get her back in the game.
Mandy: “Now-- I summon DARK BLADE!”
(Atk: 1800)
“While it's true I can't attack that oversized tin-lizards of yours. You left that other weak machine completely unprotected! Go, Blade Knight!”
Guard: “Hmm, mm-- Stop right there!”
Mandy: “What…? A Trap?”
Guard: “Yes, behold the trap; MORPHTRONIC BIND!”
(Atk Negated)
Mandy: “No way! My Attack didn't work?”
Guard: “That is correct. So as this trap is cast, and that I control one Morphtronic monster guarding me, any monster that you control; should they posses four stars or more, they are unable to attack, and cannot move in position as well!”
Mandy: “Ah…!”
The Spies knew this couldn't be good for Mandy. What made them even more concerned was the fact that they were being trounced by the very cards they had created themselves. “Why did I have to make such a powerful trap!” Sam muttered.
Clover and Alex asked if there was any chance for Mandy, “Though I can't believe I'm saying that.” Clover said. Sam shook her head, unless Mandy could find a way to either destroy the trap, or any of the Morphtronic monsters, neither of Mandy's strong cards could attack or change their battle positions.
“Man! Can't we ever get a break?!” groaned Alex.
Mandy was upset for that deceit, but she wasn't giving up yet. “I place one card face down and end my turn.” she said, “But on my next turn… you're goin' down!”
It was The Guard's turn again. He drew his card. Then he activate his Clefon's attack ability again, which allowed him to roll a die. He got a 3, so he got three more cards…
Guard: “From among what I have drawn, I shall call forth, MORPHTRONIC CLOCKEN to defend me.”
(Def: 1000)
“And as per his special power while it is defending me, I shall place a mark on him known as a Morph-Counter.”
Counter: (-1)
Mandy: “A Morph-Counter? What's that supposed to do?”
Guard: “Oh I could tell you, but what fun would that make of it. I will however attack your knight! Go, Power Tool Dragon!”
Mandy: “No so fast! I activate my two face down cards, SHRINK and the CRUSH CARD VIRUS!”
Guard: “Huh…?”
Mandy: “First, my Shrink card cuts my monster's attack power in half...”
(Atk: 1800) Becomes (Atk: 900)
“And now with my Crush Card, I can send my monster to the graveyard, and then you can say goodbye to any monster you have that has 1500 attack-points or more-- Huh…?”
(Unable to tribute!)
“What's wrong? Why can't my monster go to the graveyard?”
Guard: (Grins) “Simple… Your trap has failed to operate. Thanks to the power of my TRAP STUN!”
Mandy: “Oh, no! Not Trap Stun? That negates the power of all traps this turn.”
Guard: “Which means, you are unable to sacrifice your monster, and my attack shall proceed… and since you had just weakened your creature…”
(Atk: 2800) VS (Atk: 900)
Mandy: “No!”
SCORE: (Guard: 8000 VS Mandy: 3300)
Guard: “”And permit me to remind you of Morphtronic-Clefon. Attack!”
(Atk: 100)
SCORE: (Guard: 8000 VS Mandy: 3200)
The Spies were hardly able to keep their eyes on the duel. Mandy's life points were way down. She had no monsters, and even if she summoned any, they weren't able to attack. She was running low on options. It was, however, her turn. She drew her card…
Then suddenly she grinned, and laughed. “So, you think you got me beaten pal…? Well you got another thing coming!” she hissed.
Mandy:“I summon MAGNA DRAGO!”
(Atk: 1400)
Guard: “Ugh! Oh, no!”
Mandy: “Hmm! Oh Yes, this monster only has two stars, so your puny little barrier won't save you this time, or in this case, your puny little machines. Go Magna Dragon, Attack Clefon!”
(Atk: 1400) VS (Atk: 100)
SCORE: (Guard: 6700 VS Mandy: 3200)
Guard: “Grr…!”
Mandy: “Oh, and in case you didn't know, my monster gains 200 extra attack points whenever you take damage from him.”
(Atk: 1400) Becomes (Atk: 1600)
Guard: “You may have succeeded in getting around my defenses… but you seem to forget that I still hold the upper hand.”
“And I shall demonstrate by placing another Morph-Counter on my Clocken.”
(Morph-Counter: 2)
“And now I shall change him ready attack!”
(Atk: 600) Becomes (Atk: 1600)
Mandy: “But wait...! How your monster suddenly get stronger?”
Guard: “Heh-heh-heh! It is the magic of the special counters, and the power of my Clocken and his attack-specialty which will power his force by 500 for each!”
“But it will not end there, for now I shall grant my beasts even more power… take this… hah! LIMITER REMOVAL!”
Mandy: “Oh no! Now the attack of all your machines gets doubled!”
(Atk: 2800) Becomes (Atk: 5600)
(Atk: 1600) Becomes (Atk: 3200)
The Spies gulped hard, and the horses felt spooked by how big those machines were growing! They didn't run away though, but this was looking extremely bad for Mandy. “Those monsters…!” cried Alex. “they can wipe out Mandy's monster, and all her life points this one turn.”
Sam was nervously biting her nails, “If Mandy can't figure out someway to defend herself then she's…”
As much as Clover hated to say it about Mandy, “She'll… lose everything!”
To Be Continued…!