Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ Yugioh: Dueling Drama Much Final Season ❯ Mandy's Machine Mayhem: Part Two ( Chapter 19 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

With the Limier-Removal still active, both The Guard's machines were too powerful for Mandy to handle. Alex covered her eyes, “For once… I actually DON'T wanna see Mandy in trouble.” she cried.
Clover and Sam were quivering nervously, and hoped Mandy had a plan or it was all over for her.
SCORE: (Guard:6700 VS Mandy: 3200)
Guard: “Say farewell, my dear! You are mine! Now Power Tool Dragon, destroy her Manga Drago!”
(Atk: 5600)VS (Atk: 1600)
Mandy: “Oh yeah? Think again, Bub. Activate Trap; ATTACK GUIDANCE ARMOR!”(Anime card only)
Guard: “What?!”
Mandy: “Afraid so. Now I can redirect your monster's attack to any other monster on the field, and I take it you know who that is…”
Guard: “AWE! My Morphtronic Clocken!”
(Atk: 5200) VS (Atk: 3200)
“No! Stop! AA-AAH…!
SCORE: (Guard: 4700 VS Mandy: 3200)
Alex peeked through her finger, “Hey… she did it.”
Clover and Sam breathed a sigh of sheer relief. Mandy was safe for now. “And you forget something.” Mandy said. “Since you used Limiter Removal this turn, that means all your machine monsters get destroyed now.”
The Guard grunted in shock as he gazed up at his dragon, but he wasn't about to let it be destroyed that easily, and much to Mandy's surprise, “Hey! What's going on? That Dragon should be blown to bits.”
Not only was the dragon not destroyed, but its attack-power lowered too; back to it's original stats.
(Atk: 2800) Becomes (Atk: 2300)
“Had I forgotten to mention…” said The Guard, “By taking the magic off of my Power Tool Dragon, I can spare him from the grips of defeat.” In other words, he could destroy an equip card, equipped to the monster, preventing it from being destroyed.
The Spies smacked each of their foreheads. Just when they thought Mandy was gaining a lead, she gets pulled into another trick. The only good thing was at least now it was her turn. She drew her card.
Mandy's monster still wasn't strong enough to attack the Power Tool Dragon, and nothing she had in hand would help much either. At least with the Morphtronic-Bind no longer affecting her, for now, she could play it easy.
Mandy: “First I'll summon this monster in defense-mode, and I'll turn Magna Drago to defense as well. Then end my turn.”
(Def: 600)
Mandy's thoughts: “If he summons another one of those lunatic Morphtronics, My monsters won't be able to move as easy, but if I can hold him down for another turn or two, I'll get everything that I need.”
Guard: “Heh-heh-heh! It is my move…”
“Ahh… just what I needed. I cast the Magic of JUNK BOX!It permits me to revive one Morphtronic with 4 stars or less back from the dead for this turn… and I select my MORPHTRONIC SCOPEN!”
(Atk: 800)
“You recall its power while it is poised for attack-- I am able to call forth a Morphtronic from my hand. So, I call forth, MORHTRONIC BOARDEN to defend me further.”
(Def: 1800)
“And now I can also call forth a second Boarden to defend me all the more.”
(Def: 1800)
Mandy: “Grr! Enough with the losers on parade! Just hurry up already!”
Guard: “As you wish, but I still have one other special power to unleash.”
The Guard took three cards from his sack and held them up. As it was part of Power Tool Dragon's powers: He could take three Equip spell-cards, an let Mandy choose one at random. That card would go into The Guard's hand, and the other two went back into the sack.
“Oh, no!” cried Sam. “I think I get it—This way he'll be able to reequip his Dragon and make it virtually invincible again.”
Alex and Clover already figured that, but what they didn't figure was why did The Guard summon most of his monster in defense-mode. He could've busted Mandy down to size if he attacked her. He was up to something!
Nevertheless, Mandy chose one of the cards. “Hmm, mm… why thank you.” The Guard teased.
Guard: “Now I shall equip my Dragon with SYNCHRO BOOST! To enhance his attack-force by 500.”
(Atk: 2300) Becomes (Atk: 2800)
“And now… my Dragon shall destroy your hidden monster. Attack!”
(Atk: 2800) VS (Def: 1100)
Mandy: “Hah! You just destroyed TRAP MASTER! His special ability allows me to destroy one trap one the field, and I think you know what that means next.
Guard: “Ah! My Morphtronic Bind!”
“Grr! I will make you suffer for that. For now, I shall hide one card face-down, and now that my turn has ended, Scopen returns to the dead.”
Mandy: “It's about time!”
“Now I'll place one card face-down, and now, and now I think it's time I showed you a strong monster of my own. “I summon, KAIBAMAN!”
(Atk: 200)
Guard: “You continue to waste your time calling forth weak monsters?”
Mandy: (Trademark Snigger) “Weak?! I don't think so, Pal, and you're going to regret saying those words as I demonstrate my monster's special-ability.”
Guard: “Huh…?”
Mandy: “I sacrifice my monster, and I summon forth my all mighty… BLUE EYES WHITE DRAGON!”
(Atk: 3000)
Mandy's dragon roared like thunder. Now The Guard's dragon was the one in trouble. “But wait…!” cried Clover, “Doesn't that dragon like, defend itself when its equipped with a card?”
This was true, but Sam was smiling sinisterly, “Yeah, it does.” She said aloud, “But my guess is Mandy's already discovered a weakness to the Power Tool Dragon.” she thought to herself.
Now the stage was set for Mandy. “Go Blue Eyes White Dragon, and attack his Power Tool Dragon! WHITE LIGHTNING!”
(Atk: 3000) VS (Atk: 2800)
As was expected, The Guard destroyed Synchro Boost, dropping his dragon's point sot their original 2300 and saving it from destruction, but that still didn't help one thing…!
SCORE: (Guard: 4500 VS Mandy: 3200)
Mandy had discovered that even though Power Tool Dragon wasn't destroyed—If she attacked it, and her monster had more attack points than Power Tool did, the difference was still taken out of her opponents life points.
The Guard was outraged, but not afraid in the slightest. Especially when he drew his next card. “Ahh… this will do exceedingly well for me.” he thought. Firstly though he activated his dragon's ability forcing Mandy to choose yet another one of three Equip-cards at random.
She chose a 7-COMPLETED! Which her opponent set into play immediately, boosting Power Tool's attack up by 700 points.
(Atk: 2300) Becomes (Atk: 3000)
Even though the two dragons now had equal attack strength, The Guard had a better idea. “Now I shall ready my Morphtronic Boarden's for attack.”
(Atk: 500) x2
Mandy cockily assumed he was giving up. “Neither one of those overstuff sardine-cans can stand up to my Blue Eyes.” she pointed out. “I am quite aware of this…” her opponent sneered, “But you see… it is not your dragon I am attacking. For the special a power Boarden while poised for attack allows my Morphtronics to attack you directly.”
“What? Oh no!” cried Mandy, and before she knew it she got attacked twice.
(Combo Atk:500 x 2=1000)
SCORE: (Guard: 4500 VS Mandy: 2200)
Mandy shook herself awake. “Hey! Watch the hair!” she groaned. “The nearest salon is like… five-thousand years away!”
The Spies couldn't believe Mandy. “This is no time to worry about your stinking perks!” Alex growled at her. Mandy simply scoffed. “Well, excuse me!” Then things got way worse when The Guard ordered Power Tool Dragon to attack the Blue Eyes.
Much to The Girls' shock, the Blue Eyes was destroyed, and Power Tool Dragon was still safe. “Wait a minute!” snapped Mandy, “You mean that overgrown machine can defend itself even after a suicide attack.”
The Guard didn't even answer, and didn't have to. That sinister look in his eyes told Mandy everything. “And if you believe my dragon is now powerless, think again!” he snapped at her. “I cast the power of my trap… JAR OF GREED! So now I may take an extra card.”
The Guard chuckled and sniggered madly. “Excellent… First I shall hide this card face-down, now I shall cast more magic on Power Tool with yet another 7 COMPLETED!”
(Atk: 2300) Becomes (Atk: 3000)
He ended his turn, but Mandy was more furious than ever. It was bad enough her Blue Eyes was destroyed, and after she worked so hard to summon it. She was getting really tired of that Power Tool Dragon. Still, she drew her card…
“Ugh! This one help me.” she thought angrily. Still, she played it face down, and at least there was one other thing she could do. “Your dragon may seem unstoppable, but I know plenty of it's weaknesses.” She spoke from the top her head, “And the first major weakness is YOU… relying on the power of a single monster. Ever duelist knows that's the first step towards failure!”
The Guard was growing tired of her ranting, and demanded that she make her move. “I will!” replied Mandy, “First I'll switch Magna Drago in attack-mode!”
The Power Tool Dragon was more powerful than Magna Drago was, but Mandy pointed out that the two Morphtronics were still in attack-mode. “Magna Dragon, Attack a Morphtronic Boarden!”
It looked as if Mandy's plan would work, but The Guard was more clever than he looked too. “I shall throw this card to the dead, GADGET DRIVER!”
“Huh? What's a Gadget driver?” Mandy asked, and she soon found out as the two Morphtronics changed into defense mode.
(Def: 1800) x2
(Atk: 1600) VS (Def: 1800)
SCORE: (Guard: 4500 VS Mandy: 2000)
Mandy's attack didn't work, and even if it had, it wouldn't have mattered because while in defense mode, Morphtronic Boarden protected other Morphtronics from being destroyed in battle.
Since the Guard had two on the field at the same time, that meant Mandy wouldn't be able to destroy either one of them. Now she was really in trouble. Her hand was empty, her monsters were defenseless, even The Spies were starting to lose faith.
“How pitiful.” The Guard mocked, “Being beaten by the very card that were created by you in your own era. Now they shall be used to conquer all in the name of The Supreme King!”
“Just go!” Mandy sneered.
“With pleasure…” added The Guard. He drew his card, and his evil grin grew wider. “Now I call forth another MOPRHTRONICSCOPEN!”
(Atk: 800)
After that, he changed his Morphtronics back into attack-mode, and ordered all three to attack her directly! “AA-AAH…!”
(Combo Atk: 1800)
(SCORE: Guard: 4500 VS Mandy: 200)
Mandy was really feeling woozy. She barely even got up when she was knocked off her feet again by The Guard using Power Tool Dragon to destroy her Dark clown.
(Atk: 3000) VS (Def: 1200)
Mandy summoned another one to the field in defense mode, but The Guard simple didn't care much about that. “Now I shall reveal my hidden card… another MORPHTRONIC BIND!”
The Spies couldn't believe it was that trap again. Now even if Mandy managed to summon anything powerful, she wouldn't be able to attack. Attacking with the monster she had would do no good either, for while the could attack, they wouldn't do much damage, and Mandy would lose the duel on her next turn either by her monsters getting attacked, or she being attacked directly.
“This is the final move for you, My Dear.” The Guard sneered at her, “But I really fail to see what the meaning would be for you to even make your move anyway.”
Standing up bravely and drawing one single card into her hand-- Mandy gasped softly and then she was the one laughing. “I'll tell you why-- so I can kick your can!”
The Guard, and The Spies… everyone raised their eyebrows in confusion. That's when Mandy played the one card she had, “I play CARD OF DEMISE!” (Anime Card Only) Now Mandy was able to draw five cards into her hand, but in five turns she would be forced to discard her entire hand, but the five cards that Mandy drew were all the perfect things she needed.
“Impossible!” snarled The Guard. “You could never hope to defeat me even with ten cards.”
Mandy decided to just prove it. “I'll start by activating this face-down trap, RING OF DESTRUCTION!”
The giant flaming ring had appeared and attached itself to Power Tool Dragon. Now usually that trap would destroy one monster, and then both duelists would take damage equal to the monster's attack power, but The Guard simply destroyed the 7 Completed instead, and thus since the dragon was not destroyed, nobody took any damage.
This was exactly what Mandy had planned. “Now I activate the a spell card, EARTHQUAKE!” shouted Mandy. The entire duel-area began to rumble and shake, and all the monsters on the field were changed into defense-mode, including all of The Guard's monsters.
(Def: 2500)
(Def: 1800) x2
(Def: 1400)
The Spies were confused. “How can changing the monsters into defense-mode do any good?” Alex wondered. Clover wondered that too, but then she suddenly remember about a Synchro monster she had created, and assumed Mandy was going to call on it right now.
Her assumption was correct when Mandy summoned forth “HUNTER DRAGON!”
(Atk: 1700)
Now the stage was set for her to unleash a really super-powerful beast. “Now watch closely, as I tune all three of these monsters together… so I can Synchro Summon the monster of your defeat-- RED DRAGON ARCHFIEND!”
(Atk: 3000)
The Guard, with his robes blowing in the wind, couldn't stop starring up at the almighty beast roaring in the darkness. “Never have I seen such a creature!” he cried. Mandy sniggered, “Well it only gets worse, because I still have this to play, ANCIENT RULES! Now I can special summon an five star or higher monster that I have, and I choose this one… you may recognize it.”
The Guard watched and shouted in fear, “It… it is… another Blue Eyes!” Mandy's dragon roared at him viciously.
(Atk: 3000)
And before The Guard could remind Mandy of the fact that her two monsters couldn't attack, Mandy's last card was, “The Spell, STAMPING DESTRUCTTION!” Since Mandy had a dragon on the field, or rather two, she could destroy one spell or trap card, so not only was the Moprphtonic Bind destroyed, but the Guard took 500 points of damage as well.
(SCORE: Guard: 4000 VS Mandy: 200)
And now, Mandy was going to clean him out. True she still couldn't attack the Morphtronics due to the two Boardens still in play, but she had something better in mind. “Red Dragon Archfiend… Destroy Power Tool Dragon!”
(Atk: 3000) VS (Def: 2500)
“No! My Power Tool Dragon!” cried The Guard. “It is gone!”
Mandy also gestured that Power wasn't the only thing that was gone. The Guard watched din horror as all his monsters suddenly exploded and left him wide open. That was the special ability of Mandy's Dragon, “When it destroys a monster in defense-mode, all monsters that are in defense mode on your field are automatically destroyed too!”
Now the Guard had no monsters, or other cards to protect himself, and Mandy was ready for the final kill. She ordered her Blue Eyes to attack, and she activated her last face down card, “BATTLE TUNED!” which raised the attack of her dragon by the power of Magna Drago's.
(Atk: 3000) Becomes (Atk: 4400)
“GO… WHITE LIGHTING!” shouted Mandy!
(Atk: 4400)
(FINAL SCORE: Guard: “0000” VS Mandy: 200)
The Guard's body began to vanish within the light of Mandy's attack, “NOOO---!” Then he was gone, and the dark mists lifted. The Spies leapt for joy and cheered that Mandy won, even though part of them didn't like the fact.
Mandy of course bragged on and on how SHE WON BY HERSELF, but at least with the mist gone, nothing could stop them now. The Supreme King's camp was just ahead with no guard's. Soon the big showdown would commence.