Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ Yugioh: Dueling Drama Much Final Season ❯ An old enemy returns ( Chapter 20 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Still in the care of the kind Akhenaten, Sabrina was fit as a fiddle, and the two of them were also planning an attack on The Supreme King's camp, though Akhenaten seemed rather concerned as Sabrina was pregnant, and such an adventure could, and most defiantly would be harmful to her and the baby.
“Perhaps it would be wiser if I were to take on the task myself.” Akhenaten suggested, but Sabrina made it perfectly clear that she was going. “Besides… you yourself were barley able to escape from the camp yourself. The best way for us to save your loved ones is if we work together.”
Akhenaten was inclined to agreed, “Well said, my friend. There are always possibilities in numbers.”
Sabrina still couldn't help but notice little things about Akhenaten. One of which was his face strongly resembled an older version of my own face, and that he also seemed to act like me as well; Brave, motivational, thinking from the heart…
She wondered if it were possible-- but quickly dismissed the thought. She and Akhenaten had preparations to take care of before they could set out on their journey to The Supreme King's camp.
Meanwhile, King Monroe and his two guides were well on their way again, picking up Sabrina's trail. By now, they had found the place where Sabrina had collapsed, and the footprints in the sand indicated that someone had picked her up and dragged her along. The trail headed in the opposite direction, away from the shadowy-skies. So at least, and to their thanks, it wasn't The Supreme King who got her.
“All right, boys… looks like we're headed west.” The King said. “Let's move out! YEE-HAW!” While the other two men couldn't understand the King's behaviour, as they weren't familiar with southern-folk of the future, they still followed along.
…But up ahead there was trouble!
Another desert-rider, popped up from behind a sand-dune, and shot his rifle at the air spooking the other men's horses. The men all fell off and the horses ran off with all their supplies and stuff.
“Blast!” snapped the stranger. Then suddenly he caught a glimpse of the King's Millennium Eye and realized, “Perhaps this is not such a disaster after all.”
The King and his men got to their feet, and suddenly the two men looked frightened at the sight of the stranger. “Who are you?” The King demanded to know.
The stranger introduced himself as “Master Thief. I am the most notorious desert bandit even known to walk the sands. I make a living off of robbing by-passers of their supplies, and riches in my conquest for ultimate power.”
The King's followers admitted it was the truth. “This black-hearted man has robbed many innocent people of their goods to no ends.”
“Anyone who has ever stood up to him, had paired the ultimate price.”
The King felt outraged, but he couldn't help but notice something familiar about Master Thief's voice, and that's when Master Thief warned The King, “I give you this one chance. Hand over your Millennium Item to me, and I may just let you pass without trouble.”
The King just had to ask, “Tell me… you wouldn't by any chance be wanting to collect all seven of the Millennium Items so you can rule the world with immense power?”
Master Thief was amazed, and somewhat surprised that he knew all this, but admitted, “Yes, I shall ask you again to hand over your Millennium Eye to me before I lose my patience.”
The King's anger started to boil. “I know that voice, and that nasty attitude anywhere.” he snapped. “You're that evil spirit, aren't ya? You brainwashed me and forced me to make my daughter's life miserable just so you could gain power!”
Master-Thief was most confused. He was a flesh mortal, and never brainwashed anyone, though he did always highly consider those. “Poor sick man…” he taunted. “Though I admire your stance and enjoy seeing your fury, I shall have pity on you.”
The deal was to face each other in a duel, a Shadow-Duel of course. Even though Master-Thief was not empowered by The Supreme King, the stakes were still that high no matter what.
King Monroe was more than obliged to agree to the duel. Not only was it the only way to ward this lunatic off, it was finally time… time for him to get the revenge he had long sought after since the first day he inherited his Millennium Eye, and all the horrible things he did under Master Thief's evil influence.
-Turning mean and nasty, and giving other people a hard time.
-Disapproving of Sabrina's longing to be with me, and casting me out to sea. Keeping us separated for four long years.
-And worst was dueling me and attempting to send me to the Shadow-Realm.
He wasn't like that. He never was. He was a good man, and now he was going to confront the very essence that one day threatened to take him over, and make the future a bad place.
Of course, he knew that by doing this he would probably alter the future, but it would defiantly be for the better for a lot of people. So the duel was ready to proceed. The two cold figures stood at opposite ends as they readied their six cards. “DUEL…!!