Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ Yugioh: Dueling Drama Much Final Season ❯ Sworn and Sworns: Part One ( Chapter 21 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

The duel was on, too bad for The King, he wasn't able to use his Millennium-Eye the way he used to in the future-- the way he would read people's minds and see their every card and determine every move.
With the Shadow-skies interfering, and the fact that in this era the item wasn't powerful enough to do that. He would just have to duel the old fashioned way; Playing as he went along.
SCORE: (Monroe: 8000 VS Master-Thief: 8000)
Master-Thief: “Let the destruction commence!”
“I see the cards are already showing you little mercy, but I shall let you have the first move.”
Monroe: “I'll make you wish you hadn't said that.”
“Now… I summon NIMBLE MOMONGA!”
(Auk: 1000)
“Now I'll place one card face down-down, and end my turn.”
Master-Thief: “Hmm, mm-- very well then. It is now my turn. Fist I shall place this card face down, and I call forth AURKUS, LIGHTSWORNDRUID!”
(Atk: 1200)
“Druid, attack now!”
(Atk: 1200) VS (Atk: 1000)
“You monster is vanquished.
SCORE: (Monroe: 7800 VS Master-Thief: 8000)
Monroe: “Perhaps, but when you destroyed Nimble Momonga, you activate its ability which boosts my life-pints by 1000.”
SCORE: (Monroe: 8800 VS Master-Thief: 8000)
“And that's not all, I also get to summoned up to two more of them in face-down defense position straight from my deck.”
Master-Thief: “I see-- For now I shall end my turn, and due to my Lightsworn's secret power, I am forced to send two cards from their hold to their doom. Oh, and I should also mention, that with my Aurkus in play, all my Lightsworn monsters cannot be affected by any powers of any card.”
King Monroe had never seen these kinds of cards before, and wasn't sure what they were like at all. His guides of course knew more about them than anything, but, “I would hold my tongue if I were either of you.” Master Thief threatened. “If either you mention so much as a whisper of my great power as I duel, I will make things so incredibly horrid you will wish you were both deceased!”
The King remained focused to take on this evil bandit. He drew his next card…
“Ahh! All right you. Time to introduce you to a new form of monsters you've never seen before.” He said cheekily. “I pay 1000 life points, so I can activate the continuous spell, TOON WORLD!”
SCORE: (Monroe: 7800 VS Master-Thief: 8000)
A giant book appeared on the field, of course since Master Thief had no concept of the future, nor any memory of The King's dueling style, “What is this magic?” he just had to ask.
“You're about to find out.” answered The King, “But for now, I summon forth a monster known as TOON GEMINI ELF!”
(Atk: 1900)
The strange creature, or rather creatures, emerged and playfully waved “Hi there…” To Master-Thief, much to his distasteful meaner. “Ugh!” he groaned. However, since Toon monsters weren't allowed to attack on the same turn they were summoned, The King placed one card face down and simply ended his turn.
Master-Thief, drew his card and had something very sneak in mind. “Now I called forth JENIS, LIGHTSWORN MENDERto defend me.”
(Def: 2100)
“And I shall hide this face-down as well.”
He was very convinced that his own strategy was foolproof. With his Jenis in defense mode, he knew the Toon Gemini Elf couldn't attack it, and if the King tried to attack his Arukus, he's be ready.
For now, he ended his turn, and sent two more cards to his graveyard. Now it was Monroe's turn again. He drew his card…
Monroe: “I hope you're not thinking that those little defenses of yours will save you.”
Master Thief: “I do not think--I know!”
Monore: “Well here's something that you don't know about my monsters. First, I have to pay 500 life points, then I can send Toon Gemini Elf to attack you.”
SCORE: (Monroe: 7300 VS Master-Thief: 8000)
Master Thief: “Fool… It will take more than that to destroy my monsters.”
Monore: “You weren't listening. I'm attacking YOU… not your monsters.”
Master Thief: “What?!”
The two ladies stopped by Master-Thief's side, and flirted playful with him again. “Now, this won't hurt a bit.” said one. “It'll hurt a lot!” said the other, and then POW!! They booted him. “OOF…!”
(Atk: 1900)
SCORE: (Monroe: 7300 VS Master Thief: 6100)
“Aww… we're sorry.” The elves mocked with sarcasm as they returned to The King's side of the field. Master Thief was really mad. “You will pay for this trickery!” he promised The King.
The King of course didn't seem interested. “I don't need to use my Millennium Eye to tell that you're the one who's going to pay.” he growled, “And to prove it so, I'll sacrifice one of my face down Mononga's to summon an even greater Toon, TOON SUMMONED SKULL!”
(Atk: 2500)
He ended his turn, and now Master Thief needed a whole new strategy, because if he didn't think of something new and fast, the both those Toons would attack him again, but when he drew his card, his sinister grin grew. “I reiterate… you shall now pay for that last attack on me.”
Master Thief: “I shall offer up Jenis, to call forth CELESTIA LIGHTSWORN ANGEL!”
(Atk: 2300)
Monroe: “Not more?”
Master Thief: “Oh, far more than you realize. While it is true that my new monster hasn't the power to overcome your Summoned Skull, she does possess a special power to help me, and all I am required to do is send the top four cards from their hold to their doom.”
“And now I can instantly incinerate two creatures which you control!”
Monroe: “Ah!”
The King watched in horror as his Summoned Skull, and his other remaining Mononga monster were destroyed. “My Summoned Skull!” he groaned. “He was just an innocent Toon.”
Master Thief, though he still didn't understand the concept of cartoons, couldn't help but chuckle with evil glee. He had something much more devious in mind yet. “Now I call for the creature, WULF, LIGHTSWORN BEAST!”
(Atk: 2100)
The King was confused, “You already summoned this turn. You can't play another monster like that-- Uh… unless!”
Master Thief nodded and explained that Wulf's special ability allowed him to special-summon him if he was sent from the deck-sack to the graveyard, which it was just then when he used Celestia's effect.
“And now the stage is perfectly set. First I shall send my Celestia to destroy your Toon Gemini Elf!”
(Atk: 2300) VS (Atk: 1900)
“I don't think so…!” snapped The King, “I activate a trap,REINFORCMENTS!All I This will increase my monster's attack by 500 attack, which will make it stronger than yours.”
Master Thief didn't seem concerned at all, “Oh, is that your best?” he mocked. “I shall counter your trap with a trap of my own, SEVENTOOLS OF THE BANDIT!”
The King was in trouble now. Master Thief only had to pay 1000 life-points to stop his Curse of Pain, and destroy it.
SCORE: (Monroe: 7300 VS Master Thief: 5100)
So the power-up failed, and the attack succeeded.
(Atk: 2300) VS (Atk: 1900)
SCORE: (Monroe: 6900 VS Master Thief: 5100)
Now he had no monsters to protect him at all, so Master Thief ordered his remaining monsters to attack The King directly, and he wasn't able to defend himself this time.
(Combo Atk:1200 + 2100= 3300)
“UGH…! Careful! I'm a middle aged man!”
SCORE: (Monroe: 3600 VS Master Thief: 5100)
Master Thief showed no concern at all for his actions. “You really ought to be blaming yourself.” he sneered, “No one has ever defeated me in a duel, and no one ever shall. So I give you yet this other last chance to surrender, and hand over your Millennium-Eye to me.”
The King got to his feet and flapped his robes angrily, “Never!” he thundered, “I'll never let you cause anyone anymore trouble again!”
Master Thief hated it when people always insisted on doing things the hard way. So he match continued. He ended his turn and was forced to get rid of yet another two cards.
Now it was the King's turn, and he was going to see to it that his Toons were avenged. So he drew his next card.
“Ahh… perfect!” he chuckled.”
“Now I think it's time I showed to you that even I can be sneaky too.”
Master Thief raised an eyebrow, and wondered what he meant by that. The King pointed out that he found a way around those Lightsworn monsters, “Even with your Aurkus on the field all your monsters still have one weakness.”
That's when he discarded one card from his hand and activated his face-down spell, “LIGHTNING VORTEX!”
“What…?! It can't be!” cried Master Thief. The King was right, after all, Aurkus' defensive ability didn't work on cards that targeted ALL MONSTERS at once. So all three of Master Thief's monsters were wiped out. “And I'm not through yet…” Replied The King, “Next I play this little spell, MIMICAT!”(Anime Card only)
“What does that magic do?” asked Master Thief. The King explained that Mimicat was exactly as it sounded, it allowed him to copy any card that was in either player's graveyards and use it as if it WERE that card. “And I think I know just the one I want to use, the one I just discarded… BLUE EYES TOON DRAGON!”
(Atk: 3000)
“Now I'll place one card face-down, and end my turn.”
Master Thief was almost gross out by the way that dragon kept glaring at him and making ugly faces, but he knew he had to do something to take it out, and quickly. Otherwise, he would lose a lot of life points on the next turn.
Now it was his turn, he drew his card, and sniggered wickedly. Finally he had a way to rid the field of those Toons once and for all. “First I shall call forth a monster to defend me, and now I shall cast a magic spell known as, SPIRITUALISM!”
The King gritted his teeth in frustration. That card send one spell or trap card he control back to his hand. Since his Toon world was the only card he had out, it went back to his hand. His Toon Blue Eyes could stay on the field, but without the card in play he could no longer summon forth anymore Toon monsters.
“Go on, my friend…” Master Thief though wickedly, “Play that Toon card again, and I swear you shall regret it.”
Now it Was The King's turn. He drew his card, and the first thing he did was pay 500 life points so his Toon Blue Eyes could attack. “Go my precious Toon, attack his life points directly!”
(Atk: 3000)
Master Thief got shoved hard by that Toon's power!
SCORE: (Monroe: 3600 VS Master Thief: 2100)
“And now I'll pay 1000 more life points to reactivate Toon World!”
That's what he wanted to do, but, “Fool! You fell into my trap!” shouted Master Thief, “CURSED SEAL OF THE FORBIDDEN SPELL!”
The King thought he was going to have a heart attack. Not only was Toon World not activated and destroyed, which destroyed his Toon Dragon too, but for the remainder of the entire match he was forbidden from ever playing Toon World again!
“My Toons… all my beloved Toons!” cried the King.
Master Thief had robbed the King of his glory, just like the Thief he was, “I warned you to give in while you had the chance, but now I it seems I shall get what I want either way. It is over for you my friend. YOUR TIME IS LIMITED!”
To Be Continued