Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ Yugioh: Dueling Drama Much Final Season ❯ FINAL FINAL FINAL! ( Chapter 35 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

The scores were starting to catch up, yet the girls were still in some trouble. Not only could my Castle Gate not be destroyed in battle, but Clover's Aqua Neos wouldn't be able to stay on the field after her turn ended, as she didn't have NEO SPACE in play.
She only had one option now, “Okay… I'll throw down a face-down, and end my turn. So Aqua Neos goes back to my Extra-Deck.”
Clover was completely wide open now, and she had the least amount of life-points remaining out of any of us.
Mykan: 5050
Clover: 1900, Sam: 3700, Alex: 3250.
Sam and Alex didn't know what to do for her, their hands were running low, and even though their monsters were strong, even they couldn't break down my Castle Gate. Right now, it was Sam's turn. She drew her card. “Mmm! My Green Spy-girl!” she thought quietly.
Summoning it right now wasn't possible, since she didn't have two monsters. That and its ability wouldn't get rid of Castle walls, just my spells and traps, and even still, that wouldn't help much either.
Still, she had to do something, “Okay. I'll place two cards face down, and now I'll summon forth, OYSTER MEISTER!”
(Atk: 1600) Becomes (Atk: 2100)
“Even with your power bonus, Sam. You still are no match fro my Castle.” I teased her. Sam was aware of that and just ended her turn. Alex drew her next card hoping for something good, but much to her dismay…
“Nuts! This card can't help me. At this rate, I'll never get to summon my Yellow Spy girl.”
To make matters worse, not only could she not destroy my Castle, but she had no plant monsters left to removed from play. So her Black Rose Dragon's ability wouldn't work.
She had an idea that would hopefully lure me away from attacking Clover, was still seemed pretty defenseless, but it was no good. She still couldn't summon her Yellow spy, and the other spell card she had didn't help.
So she ended her turn. Clover gasped hard, now it was my turn. I drew my next card. “Ahh… excellent.” I snickered. “I should really thank you, Clover. You've allowed me to play exactly what I needed.”
Clover didn't understand a thing. “What are you talking about?” she asked.
I decided to show her instead of what I meant…
Mykan: “Now I activate MONSTER REBORN! So that I may revive on monster that you sent to my graveyard, and I choose my all powerful, DARK MAGICIAN!”
(Atk: 2500)
Alex: “The… D-D-Dark… Magician?!”
Sam: “But how did that card get sent to Mykan's graveyard?”
Clover: “Ah! It must have happened when my Aqua Neos used his ability.”
Mykan: (Nods) “Very good…! Now the question is… which one of you do I attack?”
I thought my strategy over carefully. Clover was wide open, so if my dark Magician attacked her, she'd be out of the duel.
Then there was Sam, she had two monsters in play, but also two face-down cards. Then there was Alex, with her Rose Dragon, and three sheep tokens.
Mykan: “Now Dark Magician… I command you to attack The Black Rose Dragon!”
Alex: “What?! No!”
(Atk: 2500) VS (Atk: 2400)
Mykan: 5050
Clover: 1900, Sam: 3700, Alex: 3150.
Mykan: “Now I shall summon one monster in defensive-mode and end my turn.”
That was it. Now I had five cards on the field, I could have no more, still, Clover felt relived that I didn't attack her, almost. If only there was a way to pull off her next move, but her next draw looked as if it would help… she could only hope.
“I'll throw down a face-down, and I'll end my turn.” she said.
Now it was Sam's turn, and she wasn't wasting any more chances this time. “My draw…!” she said as she took her card. She couldn't play anymore cards as she already had five on the field, and still didn't think it was right to summon her Spy girl card yet, so she decided to see what I was hiding. “Legendary Fisherman, attack the face-down monster!”
That was exactly what I wanted Sam to do, “I should Thank you Sam, for destroying My MAGICIAN OF FAITH!”
The girls gasped hard. Now I was able to return one spell card in the graveyard to my hand, and I chose my Pot of Greed. Clover secretly hoped I would choose that one.
Now Alex moved, and she wasn't please with her draw, either. “I'll just place one card face-down, and that's all.” she said with a hint of dismay.
Now it was my turn again, and I drew my next card. “Hmm…” I muttered with a cheeky grin.
Mykan: “First I activate POT OF GREED!”
Clover: “Just a minute, Mykan! Activate trap-card, APPROPRIATE!”
Mykan: “Grr! So I see…”
Clover: “You bet… as long as this card stays in play, any time you draw cards with a card effect, I can draw two cards myself. So right now we both get to draw two cards.”
(Both draw 2 each)
Mykan's thoughts: “I have to admit… that was pretty clever. I still need a couple more cards to help me with my next move, but if I play my next card, clover may get the upper hand. I guess I have no choice.”
Mykan: “I'll also activate POT OF ADVIRCE!So I can add five monsters from my graveyard to my deck, shuffle, and then draw two new cards.”
Clover: “Fine by me. Then I'll just draw two more cards too.”
Now Clover and I each had five cards in our hands. Not to mention, we each couldn't believe we both drew the same card we knew we could use. “All right…” I replied.
Mykan: “I play, POLYMERIZATION!Fusing My Dark Magician with my BUSTER BLADER!So now I can summon forth… DARK PALADIN!”
(Atk: 2900)Becomes (Atk: 3900)
Sam: “Hey! How did his monster's attack power go up?”
Mykan: “Hmm! That's because m Dark Paladin receives 500 additional attack points for every Dragon card on the field, or in the graveyard. That includes my Dragon Dwelling in the Cave, and Alex's Black Rose Dragon.”
“Now watch as I activate another spell card… DIFFUSION WAVE-MOTION! All I'm required to do is give up 1000 life points, and now… for this one turn, my Paladin can attack every monster on your fields at once!”
Clover: “Ah!”
Sam: “What?!”
Alex: “No!”
Mykan: 4050
Clover: 1900, Sam: 3700, Alex: 3150.
The Light was positively blinding as my Attack went through. Clover was safe since she didn't have any monsters, and the attack didn't work directly, but Alex and Sam weren't so Lucky.
All of Alex's Sheep tokens were wiped out in one shot. At least they were in defense-mode, so Alex didn't get hurt, but Sam wasn't so lucky…!
Mykan: 4050
Clover: 1900, Sam: 350, Alex: 3150.
She had almost been completely wiped out! That was only the least of their problems. Now, none of the girls had any monsters on the field at all. Lucky for them, though I couldn't attack anymore this turn, So I ended.
Now it was down to Clover. She drew her sixth card which completely fill her hand, yet she only had enough room to play just three cards.
“I have to make this move count.” She thought, “I just hope the others are thinking what I'm thinking.”
She gazed at her friends, and they all smiled and nodded at her. “Okay… here goes something.”
Clover: “I'll throw down, two face-downs, and summon ELEMENTAL HERO AVIAN! In defense-mode.”
(Def: 1000)
Mykan's thoughts: “Now I know she's up to something. Why else would clover summon such a weak monster.”
Sam: “It's my turn now, and I think I'm going to even things up…”
“I'm going to get you now Mykan. I activate the spell TRIBUTE TO THE DOOMED!”
Mykan: “Ah!”
Sam: “Now all I have to do is discard one card from my hand, and I can destroy any monster on your field, and while I could destroy your Paladin, I think it would be better if I went and destroyed your indestructible Castle Gate.”
Mykan: “What?! No! Not my castle?!”
(Castle Gate, Explodes)
Clover: “Way to pay, Sammy. That thing was getting on my nerves.”
Sam: “Oh yeah, and I'm not done yet. Next I activate my face-down card, MONSTER REBORN! Now I can revive the card I just discarded, my GREEN SPY-GIRL!”(Mykan Card Only)
(Atk: 2300)
I couldn't help but feel slightly humble that Sam would play that card, the very one I gave her. “I suppose next you'll be waning to use her special ability?” I couldn't help but ask.
Sam smirked at me, and nodded. “Now I pay half my life points, so I can destroy every spell and trap you have on the field.”
Mykan: 4050
Clover: 1900, Sam: 175, Alex: 3150.
In a blinding flash, my two traps were destroyed. Now I could longer defend myself against direct attacks, and we could all play more than five cards again. Unfortunately, Sam used her card's effect, so she couldn't attack. Not that it mattered. “I end my turn.”
“My move now…” Alex said as she drew her card, and finally she had a big grin on her face. “Wow, finally something that'll turn this match around.” She gloated.
Alex: “Stand back, because I'm going to activate DOUBLE SPELL!”
Mykan: “Oh, no! Not Double Spell?!”
Alex: “Hmm… Afraid so! Now I just got to ditch one spell card form my hand, and I can use any spell card you played, and I think I'll help myself to your STAR BLAST card.”
Mykan: “My Star Blast? But that can only mean…”
Alex: “On the nosey, I'm going to use it. So now I pay 1500 points, reducing this monster from seven stars to four.”
Mykan: 4050
Clover: 1900, Sam: 175, Alex: 1650.
“Now I don't need to sacrifice anything so I can summon… YELLOW SPY-GIRL!”(Mykan Card only)
(Atk: 2300)
Mykan: “Mm…!”
Alex: “And now… I think I'll use her special ability, and pay one half of my life-points so I can deal you 200 life points of damage for every card in play!”
Mykan: “Oh no!”
I had one card in play, while Alec had two, Sam had two, and Clover had four. That s nine cards in total, and since my life points were higher than 3000, I lost 1800 life points just like that.
Mykan: 2250
Clover: 1900, Sam: 175, Alex: 825.
Now I was getting angry. I wasn't going to let them get to me anymore. I took my turn and drew my card. “All right…” I sated, “I place one card face down, and now get read, I'm going knock one of you out of this duel.”
Since Alex and Sam had their Spies in Attack-mode, attacking either of them from my Dark Paladin would wipe them out of the duel for good. It was my only option. “Dark Paladin, Attack Yellow Spy-Girl!”
“Hold on, Mykan!” snapped Alex, “Activate SHIFT!”
I gasped, now Alex was able to redirect my attack to any other monster, and since this was a tag duel, Alex was able to redirect the attack to Clover's Avian. “And that's just what I needed.” Clover snickered. “Now I activate, A HERO EMERGES!”
Clover had four cards in her hand, I had to choose one of them. If it was a monster, she got to special summon it. “I choose the card on the far left.” I said.
Clover's Eye twinkled. “Too bad, you just let me summon my RED-SPY-GIRL!”(Mykan Card only)
(Atk: 2300)
I cold barely believe it. The Girls had managed to summon all three of the cards I gave them, and I had a pretty sneaky feeling I knew what was going to happen now that my Turn was over… that is, after I placed one other card face down.
Now it was Clover's turn, and she drew her card. “HAH!” she shouted,
Clover: “Now I discard one card, so I can activate SUPER POLYMERIZATION!”
Mykan: “Super Polymerization?! It's can't be?!”
Clover: “Heh-heh! Now I have the power to fuse monsters on any side of the field. So… Ill combine all three of our Spy-girls together, so now I can summon… the one… the only… SPY-WOMAN!”(Mykan Card only)
(Atk: 4000)
“And while I can't activate her special ability, I can still attack your Paladin. You go girl… Attack!”
Mykan: “Not so fast, Clover! I activate the trap WABAKOU!”
Clover: “Ah!”
Mykan: “Now your attack won't destroy my monster, or cause me any damage!”
(Attack fails)
Clover: (Steaming ears) “Fine… I'll just end my turn.”
Sam: “It's my move…”
“Oh, but there's nothing I can do… I'll have to pass.”
(Alex Draws)
Alex: “Yeah, me too.”
This was it… Sam and Alex weren't able to play anything, and now it was my turn, and while it pained me to do this as I drew my card, I knew it had to be done. “Hey, Girls… listen no matter what happens…”
I was cut off by The Girls already agreeing with me, and giving me the sign that it was cool. So I continued my move.
Mykan: “And now I Summon GRAY WING!”
(Atk: 1300)
“Since I just played another Dragon, my Dark Paladin gain another 500 attack points.”
(Atk: 3900) Becomes (Atk: 4400)
“And that's not all… All I'm required to do is discard one card from my hand to the graveyard before I attack, and now… the special ability of my Gray Wing allows him to attack twice.”
(Sam and Alex's heads drop down)
“Now my Dragon, attack Alex and Sam… and wipe them out!”
(Atk: 1300) x2
Sam: “ARGH!”
Alex: “OHH…!”
Mykan: 2250
Clover: 1900, Sam: “0000”, Alex: “0000”
The crowd gazed in awe. Sabrina and her father were breathing stressfully. I just knocked both Sam and Alex out of the duel. Now all I had to do was knock out Clover, and I would win, but still… this was very frightening and somewhat stressful.
Clover and I now stood gazing at each other with fire in our eyes. It was time to give it all we had.
“All right Clover… get ready!” I called at her. “HERE I COME…!”
“Bring it on!” Clover sneered.
I nodded, and it was time. “Dark Paladin… attack and destroy Spy Woman!”
(Atk: 3900)
“What's this…?” I asked in shock, “Why is my Paladin suddenly weaker?”
Sam got to her feet, and explained that just before I knocked her out, she gave Clover a fighting chance by activating her last trap-card, DISAPPEAR! “It let me remove one monster in your graveyard from play, and I chose you Dragon Dwelling in the Cave!”
By removing my dragon from play, my Paladin lost 500 attack points. “Go Spy Woman, Count attack!” called Clover, but as her monster began to charge towards mine… It's attack also dropped by 500.
(Atk: 3500)
“Hey, what gives…?!” she demanded to know.
I smirked at her and explained that to activate my Gray Wing's ability I had to discard one card from my hand, and it was ARCHFIEND OF GILFER! Sending it to the graveyard let me attach it to Clover' monster and weaken its attack by 500 points.
“Dark Paladin, continue your attack!”
Clover clenched her fists tight, “No! I activate BATTLE FUSION!” (Anime Card only)
That card allowed Clover to add the attack of my Paladin to the attack of Spy Woman…!”
(Atk: 3500) Becomes (Atk:7400)
“Go Spy-Woman!”
But I wasn't licked yet, “Think again Clover, I have a BATTLE FUSION also! So that I can take your monster's attack now.”
(Atk: 3900) Becomes (Atk: 11,300)
Clover gasped, and dropped her cards, as the two monster collided. It really was over, but… not quite the way we hoped. “Sorry, Mykan…” Clover sighed softly, but I can't let you win, so at least I won't walk out of here a loser.”
I didn't understand what Clover meant, that's when she revealed her last trap card, “FINAL FUSION!”(Anime Card only)
I gasped, but then smiled softly “I see…” was all I could say. I knew what was going to happen. First both our fusion monsters got destroyed…
KAPOW! Such a powerful explosion it shook the stadiums and worried the crowds. Some of theme even ducked in cover…
Then Clover and I each took damage to our monsters' attack-points. Knocking us both out.
Mykan: “0000”
Clover: “0000”, Sam: “0000”, Alex: “0000”
It was over! A total draw.
The crowds got back upright, and could see all four of us, just me, and The Girls, laying flat on our backs, panting softly.
Then suddenly everyone jumped up high cheering and applauding madly. Estevan could hardly believe it was over. “I don't think my circuits will ever be the same.” He cried.
The King was very impressed, and yet so relieved it was over. “They did it, they really gave it they're all.” he chirped.
Sabrina wiped away a tear, she was very proud of me and The girls.
The Girls and I felt exhausted, but still our duel was a draw, “So… does that mean we have to duel again?” asked Alex.
“Yeah…” I panted “Guess so.”
Sam put a hand to her chest, her heart was pounding madly, but her body felt heavy as a stone. “I don't know about you guys… but I really could use a rest.”
Clover giggled, and agreed, “I don't think I'll ever get up again.”
We all lay flat on the platforms, laughing softly with one another.
So there you have it. It all started with me, Mykan Jaden, and now… Well… I guess I don't have much more to say.
Things sure have changed a lot for me, and I know things will get better. With my family, friends, and the Heart of the Cards by my side… I knew… life would always be full of wondrous things.
Author's notes:
Well people this is it…
No more Dueling Drama Much seasons. Oh but don't worry it's not the total end I still plan to do more Totally Spies and Yugioh fics… just no more season like this is all.
But thank you all for the support you gave me these last 5 years, and hope my future TS-YGO fics will please you just as well.