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I made many changes as I wrote this story, originally titled 'Toons Against Terror' as a link to the world of 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit?' Anna's changes-- from a duelist like Miyamoto Musashi, using samurai swords because they're cool, to a berserker like Vlad Dracula, using swords because her medical condition prevented her from using guns-- reflected changes in my own worldview.

I originally planned to have Vader duel a 'Dragon Ball Z' character-- the Dark Disco gives Vader the power to defeat Cell and Majin Buu-- before I changed my mind and had Demon Eyes Kyo, one of my favorite manga (comics) characters, challenge the Sith Lord. Because of this, Vader now dated Minako instead of Anna. Originally, Minako spent a night with the Sith Lord, leading to this scene:


Monday, Oct 4, 2004. Morning.

Beep, beep!

The interruption didn't bother Vader as much as it usually would; Minako's presence kept him in a good mood. "Yes?"

The computer activated the intercom in Vader's meditation chamber. "Lord Vader, the President would like to speak with you," the XO stated.

Vader sat upright. "Put him through."

"Morning, Deevee!" Bush greeted. "Hey, why is this videophone on 'AUDIO ONLY'?"

"I'm in bed," Vader answered.

"Oh, sorry. Say, will you be busy at 1800 Central Time, Tuesday, October 5?"

"What is thy bidding, Mr. President?"

"Well, the organizers of the Vice Presidential Debate would like to hose a 60 minute debate between the candidates' chief antiterrorism advisers, just before Dick and Edwards," Vice President (VP) Richard Cheney and Democratic vice presidential nominee Sen. John Edwards, "begin theirs. Can you...?"

"Only another terror attack can stop me from attending."

"Yeah, you might need the time to terminate those little bastards, eh? Anyways, I appreciate your help with my campaign. Have a nice day."

"I will, Mr. President." Vader waited for Bush to end his call, before he deactivated the intercom.

"Hum?" Minako slowly opened her eyes. "Good morning, Vader-kun. What was that?"

"It was the President."

Minako sat upright. "Really, you mean 'president' as in 'President of the United States of America'?"

"Yes." The Sith Lord caressed the Sailor Senshi's cheek. "I'm going to be busy,"-- he adjusted for the different time zones-- "Wednesday morning. The President has asked me to attend the Vice Presidential Debate. Is that okay with you?" He watched Minako nod. "Thank you." They kissed, expressing the passion they usually hid from others.


I planned to have a debate between Vader and Sheila Broflovski-- Kyle's mom from 'South Park', now Sen. Kerry's chief CT advisor, who ruins his chances of winning the election after Vader tricks her into saying, "Death to the Jews!" After Mr. Mui proofread the scene between Vader and Minako-- he stated, "Um... how many shades of wrong am I seeing in that?"-- I followed his advice, revised the scene, and added the attack on NAS Animegamigu.

I also rewrote the following scene to keep Kyo in character:


The liver followed the small intestines towards the floor; Kyo kicked the liver before it hit the ground, catching it in his left hand. Crunch! The man's mouth opened, but he didn't have the breath to scream. "Hum." The Toon swallowed and pointed at the dying man. "You don't observe the Muslim prohibition against alcohol consumption, eh?"


People have noted that the Sailor Senshi in this story are sociopaths. In fact, this was Chapter 09's original ending:


Hatred filled Momotaro's right eye as he slowly rose to his feet. "How dare you claim to be a samurai? You have no loyalty. You serve the Americans like a whore, like the sailor suited sluts..."

"Yaaaa!" Usagi jumped out of the VF-1 cockpit and landed on Momotaro's head, breaking his neck. The magical girl gripped Momotaro's throat, lifted him off the floor, and slammed her scepter against his head. "I..." Wham! "... am..." Wham! "... not..." Wham! "... a whore!" Wham! Red paint covered the unconscious Toon's head and shoulders; Usagi shook the blood off her scepter, breathing deeply. Her friends led her towards the women's restroom, away from a source of stress, so Usagi could calm down.

"Idiot." Saitou handcuffed Momotaro.


In my defense, I ask this: what will happen to you if hentai keep portraying you the way they portray the Sailor Senshi? Will you also become a sociopath?

The human Saitou Hajime (born January 1, 1844, died September 28, 1915) married Takagi Tokio, a daimyo's (great name's) daughter-- a noblewoman. The fact that Tokio never appeared in 'Rurouni Kenshin' made the Toon Saitou single, so I paired him with Sumire-- a good match, yes?

I found the revolver cannon's specs in 'Minipato', where Goto says, "But the truth is, even 37 mm doesn't seem big enough. Considering its ratio against the labor or a human, its caliber would be around the 75 mm category."

Me-263 Starscream and the WW2 Combaticons come from a story I wrote, based on Dreamwave Productions' 'Transformers' comics. Yes, I'm promoting my own work. If you have any questions about this decision, my Springfield Operator 1911-A1 .45 ACP (11.43 x 23 mm) pistol will happily answer them.

The transforming FB-22 is based on a design featured in the June 2002 issue of 'Popular Science'.