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Fan Fiction Marriage Prospects for "Rage", by Sidewinder.


Alias: Silverbolt, the name he was first activated with. Jetstorm, the new identity he adopted after he fled to Lithone. (Unicron gave Silverbolt a new name after he rebuilt the last Autobot to serve as his enforcer.)

Looks: His robot mode resembles the supernatural being that humans call "The Devil". His vehicle mode is a forward-swept wing bomber, resembling the Sukhoi Su-47 fighter. In both modes, Galvabolt is a giant whose size and strength rivals Omega Supreme's.

Smarts: Bad. It was Silverbolt's mistake-- accidentally shooting Orion Pax and Ariel, severely damaging Orion and killing Ariel-- that changed history, making Optimus a Decepticon soldier instead of an Autobot leader. The Quintessons and, later, Unicron used Silverbolt's guilt and desire to "correct" history to manipulate the Aerialbot, making him a servant of evil.

Personality: Depressed and obsessive, because of his role in changing Orion, Autobot worker, into Optimus, Decepticon soldier. Once afraid of heights-- Optimus Prime, Autobot Commander, made a big mistake when he made Silverbolt the Aerialbot Commander-- he now has other things to fear, e.g., Unicron's displeasure and Optimus' rage.

Combat Skills: Surprisingly poor. He has strong armor and heavy firepower, but he doesn't have the "brains" to use them properly. The Autobots didn't train him to use it, because they were pacifists who couldn't adapt their ideals to the real world. Unicron didn't train Galvabolt because he thought this would be a waste of time-- if Galvabolt cannot learn on his own, he's useless, and Unicron might as well find a replacement as an enforcer.

Special Abilities: Able to enter people's minds, read their thoughts, and manipulate these thoughts in Unicron's favor.

Competition: His obsession to "change things back" and make Optimus an Autobot again.

In-Laws: Unicron, his master, will destroy you just because you exist, and the Dark God hates all existence. Every other potential "in-law"-- the Autobots and the Aerialbot subgroup-- are either dead or, as Decepticons, want him dead.

Finances: Although his role as "Unicron's Enforcer" gives him access to many resources-- the combined wealth of hundreds of planets-- Galvabolt will ultimately lose these resources when Unicron reclaims them, making them one with the void. Not that it matters, as Unicron will also make Galvabolt one with the void, dead and gone.

Home Economics: For cleaning, he can order the Super Galvabomber drones under his command to do so. For cooking, he can drain energon from other Transformers, like a vampire, or ask Unicron to empower him. What, he's not sharing? You're not his master-- you're nothing to him. Go beg Unicron for energon if you need it.

Sex: As an Autobot, he was able to interface with a female Transformer's mainframe for the purpose of procreation, merging a copy of his spark with a copy of the female's, creating a new spark that could be downloaded into a new robot's mainframe. However, Unicron hates creation, and this ability was probably lost when Silverbolt was rebuilt into Galvabolt.

Overall: A good choice for the suicidal, but a bad choice for everyone else.


Looks: His robot mode is a berserker with a fiery sword. His beast mode is a cross between a Tyrannosaurus and the AH-64A attack helicopter, with machine guns on his forearms and stub wings over his shoulders-- weapons, e.g., antitank missile launchers, are mounted under the wings.

Smarts: He's a good tactician, and will be a brilliant strategist as he becomes the avatar of Decepticon Supreme Commander Sunzicon, the legendary warrior who led the Cybertron Revolution against Quintesson rule 20,000,000 years ago. Optimus rebuilt Grimlock's communications module, eliminating a recurring glitch that made the Dinobot talk like a 3-year-old human-- soon he'll talk like a Shakespearean actor.

Personality: A proud warrior who tolerates no insult, Grimlock demands the respect a warrior deserves, and will crush anyone who shows disrespect. He respects strength, and seeks battles to prove his strength-- don't be surprised if he fights a duel every day.

Combat Skills: Excellent. He has great strength and endurance, strong armor and heavy firepower, and as he becomes Sunzicon's avatar, he'll get the "brains" to use them brilliantly.

Special Abilities: As Sunzicon's avatar, he can alchemically create electrum, a golden alloy that made Sunzicon was invulnerable to energy weapons, and invincible in battle-- modern weapons, like grasers, can neutralize electrum, but as long as Grimlock has energon to sustain the alloy's effects, he has the strength to challenge Shockwave and even Optimus. The electrum forms wings, which can spread to carry Grimlock to battle, or fold over his body to protect him.

Competition: His duties as Honor Guard Commander, and his own lust for battle. If you love Grimlock, you must accept the fact that you'll always be third place in his spark core, after his warriors and their duty.

In-Laws: He commands the Honor Guards of the Decepticon Supreme Commander, an elite unit whose members will avenge all insults against Grimlock, and fight to the death for their commanders-- stay on their good side if you want to live. Optimus Prime, Grimlock's commander, is Decepticon Supreme Commander-- stay on his good side, or the Decepticons will blast your entire planet into space dust.

Finances: Excellent. As Honor Guards Commander, he can commandeer the resources of a dozen star systems to complete his missions. He'll use these resources to build naval fleets and armies, or to improve the combat ability of himself and the Dinobots-- he won't use them to buy furniture and decorations that will make his quarters worthy of "Better Homes and Gardens", so if this is your goal, you must find a job.

Home Economics: He can "eat" prey robots and vehicles-- he has integral mechanisms for separating the fuel from most contaminants, e.g., the body of an unfortunate enemy. If you have integral mechanisms for decontaminating fuel, he can share his kill with you. If not, his function as Honor Guards Commander will get you two free drinks at every bar, and "dinner" will be on the house at every restaurant-- the bartenders, "cooks", and managers will want to stay on Grimlock's good side.

Sex: Straightforward and to the point. This description applies to 99.9% of all Transformers, none of whom sexually reproduce.

Overall: Perfect for warriors seeking glory in battle and honor in victory. Okay if you want a strong warrior to protect you and provide for your needs-- remember, Optimus and his needs come first. Bad-- very bad-- if you're a pacifist or vegetarian.


Aliases: Orion Pax, the name he was first activated with. (He changed his name to "the Best", a title he was given as the five-time champion of the Iacon Amateur Boxing Championships.) Red Storm, the nickname given for his ferocity in battle.

Looks: In robot mode, he looks like Skyfire-- both robots are Skywarriors-- with a mask to cover the electrical burns from Silverbolt's attack. His vehicle mode is a red Super Tomcat 21 fighter-bomber, a modified F-14D fighter with a one-piece windscreen, navigation and attack forward looking infrared (FLIR) sensors, redesigned wing gloves-- Optimus' contains force field generators, while a Super Tomcat's contains extra fuel tanks-- and wings. His superlink booster resembles the Pegasus rocket, and, transformed into armor, makes him look like Devastator.

Smarts: Very Good. The Matrix increased his above average intelligence to a level rivaling Shockwave and Soundwave's-- the highest.

Personality: Vengeful and obsessive, but loyal to his friends and the cause they're fighting for. Shockwave's training helped Optimus control his rage, so the former Autobot wouldn't abandon his mission to seek revenge. Optimus is surprisingly compassionate towards biological beings, e.g., humans-- he believes propaganda that Decepticon rule will bring order to their planets, promising them a better life. This doesn't mean he'll hesitate to make sacrifices-- commit mass murder-- for the Decepticon Empire.

Combat Skills: Invincible to all except Unicron, and with the Matrix, even the Dark God can be defeated.

Special Abilities: Able to use the Matrix to repair himself and other Transformers. The Matrix can strengthen Optimus, giving him the power to destroy Unicron. He can also access the knowledge of past Primes, knowledge stored in the Matrix, to become an engineering genius.

Competition: He's no longer obsessed with avenging Ariel, his late girlfriend-- her memory no longer haunts him. His new obsession is to bring the entire galaxy under Decepticon rule-- if you want his attention, you must help him achieve this goal.

In-Laws: His "in-laws"-- Shockwave, his mentor; Grimlock and the Dinobots, his Honor Guard; current and former members of the Red Guards, the Decepticon Central Police (DCP) elite unit he once lead-- will all be evaluating your value to the Decepticon Empire. If they think you're an asset, they'll move heaven and earth to help you, so Optimus can focus on bringing the galaxy under Decepticon rule. If they think you're a threat, they'll move heaven and earth to destroy you-- Optimus won't miss you, because Shockwave will show him evidence to justify your destruction.

Finances: A mixed bag. As Decepticon Supreme Commander, the combined resources of 242 star systems are his to command. Currently, these resources are used to sustain the Decepticon military, the foundation of their empire. Optimus himself, like all competent Decepticon commanders, uses most of his "salary"-- the energon he earns-- to improve the combat ability of himself and the soldiers under his command, so he can conquer more planets. He won't spend money to decorate his quarters unless you convince him that having one worthy of "Better Homes and Gardens" has great propaganda value.

Home Economics: He can take care of himself, but he'll expect you to take care of yourself as well. If you cannot cook and clean, his maintenance drones will make you live a Spartan life-- quarters too clean to suggest anyone lives there, and "meals" that are "nutritious" but too bland to be palatable.

Sex: Straightforward and to the point. When interfacing with your mainframe for the purpose of procreation, most of his attention will be on the files he needs to create a new spark, but he'd also search your memory to know your true loyalties and weaknesses, which will be used to destroy you if you betray him and/or the Decepticon cause.

Overall: An excellent choice if you wish to conquer the galaxy and, with Optimus, rule as "king" and "queen". A good choice if you have skills that can help the Decepticons conquer and rule the galaxy, and who'll do so in exchange for Optimus' protection. If neither description applies to you, just give up.


Alias: One, the name she was first activated with. (She changed her name to distance herself from Zero, her sister, who died what Zan considered a dishonorable death.)

Looks: Her robot mode is a female ninja with a fiery sword. Her vehicle mode is a stub-winged fighter, resembling the X-15 rocket plane.

Smarts: Good. Soundwave entrusted Zan with vital missions, e.g., assassinating enemy leaders. Zan's brutal efficiency proved her worthy of Soundwave's trust, which was why he recommended her when Shockwave needed to replace the Blue Guards Commander.

Personality: Zan's attitude is cold and calculating-- traits vital to survival on the battlefield. Shogun, her creator and master, taught her to worship the Gobot Sky Gods-- "bloodthirsty" deities who are appeased by fighting and killing. Zan is arrogant and only respects strength, preferring an honorable death to a dishonorable life, but she has a reason to be proud-- as the deadliest silencer (assassin) under Soundwave's command, Zan killed Leader-1 so the Decepticons could conquer Gobotron, and earned her weight in awards and medals.

Combat Skills: Very good, even though she transits, "Tenchu!" on all frequencies, calling the Sky Gods to bear witness as she delivers their vengeance-- she doesn't care if this warns her targets to be on guard. Zan is an expert shot in vehicle mode, and a master swordswoman in robot mode-- Unicron is the first target she's ever failed to destroy.

Special Abilities: Her instincts, honed by millions of battles, give her the ability to sense an enemy's weaknesses. One strike, one kill.

Competition: Her function as Commander of the Blue Guards, a DCP elite unit-- you cannot compete with this unless you can offer her a more prestigious function, e.g., Decepticon Subcommander. Nightracer, a Blue Guard who served both Zero and Zan, will destroy you if you threaten the ones she serves-- the Decepticons, Shockwave, and Zan, in that order-- so don't try to make Zan abandon the DCP.

In-Laws: Shogun and Zero both died in combat, and won't be a problem as long as you don't insult their memories. The Blue Guards will give their lives to protect you-- or destroy you-- if she demands it, so watch your behavior in her presence.

Finances: Very good. As commander of an elite unit, she has access to many resources, and she can commandeer many more-- the wealth of an entire planet-- if necessary to complete a mission.

Home Economics: Her pride makes her keep her quarters clean and in order, with her awards prominently displayed on a shrine to the Sky Gods, thanking them for granting her victory. Her survival training lets her use any and all means to gather energy-- even if she must "eat" a deactivated robot's fuel tanks and/or batteries like a cannibal.

Sex: Straightforward and to the point. Don't expect pleasure from interfacing with her mainframe for the purpose of procreation-- she fights duels for this feeling.

Overall: Perfect for crusaders and other holy warriors, as long as they honor the Sky Gods. Very good for soldiers whose skills match their ambitions, and think serving under Soundwave or Shockwave's command-- or, for Optimus Prime, commanding Soundwave or Shockwave-- will let them reach new heights. Bad for pacifists, and very bad for Decepticon enemies.