Tsubasa Chronicle Fan Fiction ❯ You're my best friend ❯ Chapter 1

[ A - All Readers ]
This is a poem I wrote dedicated for my best friend and I thought that I can put this poem in chronicles of the wings, because Syaoran and Sakura was childhood friend before they fell in love to each other and fall to a tragic moment of their life. It’s really short but I hope you like it.


You came into my life
And brighten me up
You’re like an angel in the sky
That came down to lessen my cry.

Your advices that I follow
Minify my sorrows
Every time you’re around
Happiness I always find.

I always wish we stayed this way
Then you will never stray
You will always be My Best Friend.
From today and always…

Hi guys I'm psyche the other half of BL_psyche and I hope you like this enough to review. I thank BL for posting this poem of mine