Ultimate Muscle Fan Fiction ❯ I Want You Bad ❯ Beach Party! ( Chapter 9 )

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Recap: Kiki suspects Kevin Mask of hiding something about Eskara, and after finding something unusual in Dik Dik's changing room, she wants to know if Dik Dik was the cause for Terry's loss at the hands of Eskara in their first round match-up.
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Chapter Nine - Beach Party!
As Kiki made her way across the beach towards the boardwalk, she began to hear Trixie and Roxanne as they argued is hushed tones by the commentator's table.
“She's changed!” Trixie hissed, turning her back on Roxanne.
“She hasn't changed!” Roxanne argued back. “You're the one who changed! All I'm asking is for you to just talk to her sensibly-”
“Yeah, well, lucky for you I'm in a good mood today,” Trixie replied, turning back to Roxanne. “Just so long as she doesn't turn up in that awful dress again, then maybe I can consider talking to her again.”
Kiki sighed softly, as her suspicions were confirmed: they were arguing about her. Kiki had predicted Trixie would feel the way she did, and had been reluctant to accept Roxanne's invitation to join them at Kid's match.
But, she reminded herself, she was not here because of Trixie, or even because of Kid; she was here because Roxanne had asked her to come.
Kiki drew in a deep breath, and then exhaled slowly, walking onwards to where Trixie and Roxanne were standing. Trixie, being the nearest to her approach, saw her first, her face changing the moment they met eyes.
“Hi, Kiki!” she drawled, her tone dripping with condescension.
“Hi Trixie,” Kiki lightly replied, forcing a smile. “Hi Roxanne.”
“Kiki!” Roxanne called to her, waving a hand over her head. “I'm so glad you came!”
“I'm not,” Trixie muttered.
Roxanne shoved her way past Trixie, glowering at her as she went. She walked over to meet Kiki, grinning widely at her.
“Hey, Kiki, you missed the IWF conference with the semi-finalists yesterday!” Roxanne said as they met.
“I was there, actually,” Kiki quietly replied, glancing at Trixie.
“You were?” Roxanne echoed, starting back towards Trixie.
“Yeah,” Kiki confirmed, walking along at Roxanne's side.
“Oh. Oh well, I guess you saw what happened with Dik Dik.”
“Dik Dik?”
Kiki frowned up at Roxanne as they stopped by Trixie, her mind instantly replaying the look on Dik Dik's face in the hospital the day before, and what she had found in his dressing room at the conference.
“The guy that actually likes you bitch-slapped the guy you're obsessed with,” Trixie plainly said.
“Oh!” Kiki recovered, nodding her head. “Yeah, I did see that.”
“Terry's better, thanks for asking,” Trixie said, running her eyes over Kiki.
“Yeah, I saw him last night,” Kiki replied.
“You went to see Terry?” Roxanne asked. “Oh. Well, that's good.”
“Yeah… Guys, there's something I think you all should know…”
Trixie's face slowly changed as Kiki's words peaked her interest.
“It's about Dik Dik,” Kiki continued, lowering her voice. “I think he might have-”
“Ladies, do you mind if ve join you?”
The girls turned to find Jaeger and Broken Junior standing a short distance behind them. They turned back to each other, shrugging their shoulders as each of them failed to think of a way of refusing the young Chojin.
“Of course not!” Roxanne said brightly, smiling at Jaeger.
Jaeger and Broken Junior sat down in the deckchairs by the railing the girls stood at, and began a conversation between themselves. Trixie and Roxanne watched them for a moment, before rounding on Kiki.
“Tell us,” Trixie whispered.
“I-I can't,” Kiki whispered back, glancing at Jaeger. “If anyone heard…”
“Don't worry about Jaeger and Broken, they can't hear us,” Roxanne assured her.
“Well, if you're sure…”
“We're sure,” Trixie and Roxanne said in unison.
“Okay,” Kiki began. “Well, not last night but the night before, at the buffet, I saw Dik Dik outside in the parking lot. He was talking to-”
“Oh, look, Dorothy, it's those nice young girls Wally made friends with!”
The girls turned around, trying to hide their impatience at the interruptions, finding the task particularly difficult when they found themselves confronted by Wally Tusket's mother and sister.
“Hi, Mrs Tusket!” Roxanne greeted her. “How's Wally?”
“Oh, you're such a sweet girl!” Wally's mother answered her. “Isn't she a sweet girl, Dorothy?”
Dorothy nodded her head, smiling up at her mother.
“Now why can't my Wally find himself a nice, sweet girl like you?”
Roxanne gulped audibly, her mouth trembling as she tried to cover her awkwardness with a false smile.
“Mum, Roxanne is dating Kid Muscle!” Dorothy pointed out, tugging at her mother's dress as she spoke.
“Of course!” her mother said, shaking her head. “And we all know the little freckled girl is dating Dik Dik Van Dik. I guess that just leaves the tall, pretty blonde girl!”
Kiki's jaw dropped, Roxanne began to smile, and Trixie merely shook her head.
“Sorry, Mrs Tusket,” Trixie calmly replied. “I'm sorta seeing someone too. But I hear things aren't going too well between Dik Dik and Kiki, so there's hope for old Wally yet!”
“Oh, you're such a lovely girl!” Mrs Tusket gushed. “Come along, Dorothy, let's find our seats.”
The girls watched Wally's mother and sister walk to their seats, waiting for them to sit down before rounding on Kiki again.
“Well?” they asked in unison.
“Why does everybody think I'm dating Dik Dik?” Kiki wailed.
“Who cares?” Trixie dismissed. “Just tell us who your boyfriend was talking to!”
“Who was it?” Trixie and Roxanne asked in unison.
“Checkmate,” Kiki meekly replied.
“What!” Roxanne and Trixie yelped.
“He was talking to Checkmate,” Kiki said again. “I think he was paying him for something. Checkmate said he wanted a place in the Muscle League, but Dik Dik insisted he take the money instead.”
“But Checkmate's DMP!” Roxanne pointed out.
“I know,” Kiki sighed. “But Dik Dik had to use someone outside of the Muscle League - outside of the IWF - for what he needed.”
“What do you mean?” Trixie asked suspiciously.
“Well, after the conference, I went looking for… Well anyway, I stumbled into Dik Dik's dressing room, and I found something.”
“Like what?” Roxanne asked.
“A bottle of-”
“Hey, has da kid been disqualified yet?”
Trixie and Roxanne rolled their eyes in despair, turning to find Eskara walking towards them.
“Good afternoon, ladies!” he greeted them.
“Hi, Eskara,” Roxanne and Trixie said in unison.
They watched him sit down next to Jaeger, slouching back into his seat to watch the ring.
“Okay, a bottle of what?” Trixie snapped, as she turned back to Kiki.
“Acid,” Kiki hurriedly replied. “It was acid.”
“What, like drugs?” Roxanne asked curiously.
“No, like real acid!” Kiki replied. “Like Sulphuric acid!”
“Sulphuric acid?” Trixie echoed. “That's really weird, cause at the hospital, they said they found that stuff in Terry's boots. They say that's what caused his legs to break out.”
“Exactly,” Kiki whispered.
“Oh my God, you think Dik Dik put the acid in Terry's boots?” Roxanne gasped.
Kiki nodded silently, but Trixie shook her head.
“No!” she denied. “Why would he do something like that? To his own team-mate! To his own friend!”
“Yeah!” Roxanne agreed. “I mean, all he succeeded in doing was costing Terry the match! Which now means he has to face Eskara himself!”
“Oh,” Trixie said, her eyes narrowing as the realisation of the situation occurred to her.
“Oh my God, he did it because he wanted to make sure he would get to fight Eskara!” Roxanne said, speaking Trixie's thoughts for her.
“You guys, this is all my fault!” Kiki added.
“You think he's doing this because he likes you?” Roxanne asked.
“Why else would he-”
Roxanne spun around, her eyes twitching as her anger began to boil.
“What?” she snapped.
“Roxanne, I can't find the kid anywhere!” Meat wailed, running towards her.
“Who cares about Kid Muscle?” Trixie laughed. “This is far more interesting! Tell us more, Kiki!”
Kiki sighed, hanging her head. She saw absolutely nothing funny about the entire situation, and she was quite annoyed at Trixie for thinking it could be made into a joke.
“I'm sure Kid will show up soon, Meat,” Roxanne assured Meat. “Just be patient.”
Roxanne walked back over to the girls, motioning for them to huddle closer together.
“If everything you're saying is true, Kiki, this is a major problem,” she whispered.
“I know!” Kiki whispered. “What should I do?”
“I say we confront Dik Dik,” Trixie said decisively. “And I vote Kiki to do it. Here's your chance now, Kiki!”
Kiki spun around, her eyes widening as she saw Dik Dik walking towards them. He smiled as she looked into his eyes, his whole attention focussed on her alone.
“Hello, ladies,” he said; although he was only looking at Kiki as he said it.
“Hi, Dik Dik,” Trixie drawled. “Decided to show up for this one, huh?”
“What?” Dik Dik muttered, moving his eyes from Kiki for the first time since his arrival.
“Well, you didn't show face for Terry's match,” Trixie pointed out. “And I would have thought that would have been the most important match so far, as far as you're concerned! I mean, you have to fight the winner! Shouldn't you have been there to take notes?”
“I don't need to “take notes”,” Dik Dik calmly replied. “And I thought Terry would have been victorious!”
Behind them, Eskara snorted, shaking his head as he began to chuckle to himself. Dik Dik narrowed his eyes, glaring at Eskara with barely restrained hatred.
“No, Terry lost,” Trixie said sternly. “And he's in hospital. Didn't anyone tell you?”
“Right,” Dik Dik agreed, still scowling at Eskara as he spoke. “Terry, right.”
Trixie sighed, rolling her eyes and shaking her head. She spun around to face the ring, squinting out to sea as something caught her eye in the water.
“Oh my God!” she said loudly enough for all the others to hear. “Guys, check it out!”
The girls, Dik Dik, Jaeger, Meat and Wally's family all moved to the wooden railing by the water's edge, looking out to sea at the shape moving rapidly towards them.
“It's the kid!” Meat rejoiced, jumping into the air and thrusting a fist up above his head. “I knew he wouldn't let me down!”
“Sure,” Roxanne muttered, arching an eyebrow at Meat, who was teary-eyed with joy.
“C'mon Kid, get outta the water, quick!” Meat yelled.
Meat frowned to himself, then turned to look over at Vance McMadd.
“Hey McMadd, what's with locating the match here?” he called to the IWF chairman. “You've given Hydrozoa a huge advantage!”
“I have?” Vance called back, trying to sound innocent. “I just wanted to show off my new beach home!”
““Show off my beach home”, my ass…” Meat grumbled.
“What was that?” Vance echoed.
“Nothing!” Meat sang, smiling sarcastically.
Kid got out of the water and made it into the ring, jumping up at one corner and pushing both fists into the air, grinning to himself as he awaited a rowdy cheer from the crowd. When little more than silence followed, Trixie began to slowly, and loudly, clap her hands.
“Woo!” she shouted, smirking to herself. “You go with your bad self, Kid Muscle!”
“Trixie, you're not helping!” Roxanne snapped at her.
“You're right,” Trixie sighed, dropping her arms to her sides. “If I keep that up, people might actually start to think Kid has fans… Or should a say, a fan?”
Trixie laughed at her own joke, but was only joined by Eskara, who admittedly disliked Kid Muscle as much as anyone.
The bell rang for the start of the bout, and everyone took their seats, settling to watch the first semi-final match of the important tournament. The front row, which - from left to right - consisted of Eskara, Jaeger, Broken Junior, Meat, Dik Dik Van Dik, Kiki, Roxanne, Trixie, Mrs Tusket and Dorothy, watched the match in silence at first, each and every one of them engrossed in the fight.
“Mum?” Dorothy whispered, a short way into the match.
“What is it, Dorothy?” Mrs Tusket asked.
Dorthy beckoned her mother to come closer, and Mrs Tusket obligingly leaned over to move her ear closer to her daughter.
“Mum, can you ask the big red man why he has scars on his face?” Dorothy whispered to her mother.
“Now, Dorothy that would be rude!” Mrs Tusket whispered back.
“But mum, he's the man who put Terry in hospital!” Dorothy pointed out.
“Oh, alright then!” Mrs Tusket agreed.
Mrs Tusket nudged her elbow against Trixie, who recoiled away from her, screwing up her nose as she turned to face her.
“What are you doing?” Trixie hissed.
“I'm sorry to bother you, dear,” Mrs Tusket apologised. “But Dorothy and I were just wondering about that man at the end of the row there, the man in red with the scars on his face.”
Trixie turned her head, leaning forwards to look along the row at the last seat.
“Oh, you mean Eskara?” she said as she turned back to Wally's family.
Mrs Tusket turned to Dorothy, who nodded her agreement.
“Yes,” Mrs Tusket confirmed, turning back to Trixie. “We wondered how he got those awful scars on his face?”
Trixie glanced at Eskara again, then turned back to Mrs Tusket, pouting and shrugging her shoulders.
“No idea,” she admitted. “I don't think any of us know. Do you want me to ask him for you?”
“Oh no, I wouldn't want him to think we were being rude,” Mrs Tusket quickly replied.
“I'll tell you what, I'll ask Roxanne if she knows!”
“Okay then.”
And so Trixie asked Roxanne. Since Roxanne could not answer her, Roxanne told Trixie she would ask Kiki, since Kiki knew Eskara better. When Kiki told Roxanne she did not know, Roxanne suggested Kiki should ask Dik Dik.
So Kiki asked Dik Dik, who seemed confused. Kiki asked him to ask Meat, since Meat seemed to know the answers to everything wrestling related, and so Dik Dik passed the question on to Meat. Meat admitted he knew no more than Dik Dik did, and added that he was more concerned with Kid's welfare than such a matter. Dik Dik suggested Broken might know, since he had been at the Hercules Factory when Eskara had done his training. Meat agreed, and turned to Broken.
Meat and Broken exchanged words, and then both shrugged their shoulders. Broken turned to Jaeger, and again they exchanged hushed comments, each drawing a blank. Jaeger then turned to Eskara, his head tilted one side in confusion as he whispered his question to the giant bird.
“Eskara, may I ask you an unusual qvestion?” Jaeger began.
Eskara shifted his eyes to watch Jaeger side-on, his face darkening as he frowned down at his team-mate.
“I don't like da sound of dat…” Eskara darkly replied.
“Well, it is not for me, Eskara, I am asking for somevun else,” Jaeger explained.
Eskara moved his eyes further up the row, spotting Kiki watching him in anticipation. He smiled to himself, moving his attention back to Jaeger, turning to face him fully.
“Sure, kid,” he offered. “Ask away.”
“Okay, here it is,” Jaeger said, smiling amiably. “How does Mars have ze nerve to show his face?”
“What?” Eskara echoed, his face dropping.
“I vas told to ask you “how does Mars have ze nerve to show his face?”” Jaeger repeated.
“Who wants to know?” Eskara growled, grabbing a handful of Jaeger's shirt.
“I don't know!” Jaeger wailed. “Ze person at ze end of ze row!”
Jaeger pointed back along the row, and Eskara slowly lifted his eyes from Jaeger's face, scanning his way along the row. He passed Broken Junior, Meat, Dik Dik, Kiki, Roxanne, Trixie, Mrs Tusket, Dorothy…
“You…” Eskara growled, roughly releasing Jaeger as he fixed his eyes onto the person sat at the very end of the row.
Jaeger turned around, his action copied by each of the others in turn along the front row. But, even with all of the rest of the row watching him, the newly arrived Kevin Mask kept his eyes forward, and his attention glued to the fight between Kid Muscle and Hydrozoa.
Each of the others began to turn back to Eskara again, but they were soon distracted by the sound of Kid Muscle screaming at the top of his lungs.
“Kid, stay outta the water!” Meat yelled, leaping up and running over to the railing as Kid hung from the ring ropes, his face mere inches from the surface of the water.
As Kid saved himself from imminent danger, Roxanne got to her feet, turning to face her two friends.
“Come on, girls, let's show our support for Kid Muscle!” she hollered.
Trixie and Kiki stood up, and all three girls began to remove their outer garments, stripping down to their swimsuits.
Inside the ring, Kid thanked Wally for a sign to win the fight, clasping his hands by one cheek as he stared at the girls. Hydrozoa took advantage of his distraction, and knocked Kid clean out of the ring, where he fell right into the ocean.
“Help!” Kid wailed. “I can't swim!”
“Aw man,” Roxanne groaned.
Hydrozoa pulled Kid back into the ring, revealing that he was covered in various aquatic plant life and sea creatures. Much to Kid's chagrin, Hydrozoa proceeded to lick the saltwater and collection of sea debris from Kid's body.
“Geddof me!” Kid yelped, swinging a fist at Hydrozoa in desperation.
Kid's fist became lodged in Hydrozoa's torso, and he was unable to pull it back out.
“Careful, Kid!” Meat warned. “Now that you've been in the water, he could absorb you, just like he did to Wally!”
Kid began to panic, and planted a foot onto Hydrozoa to give himself better leverage to free his hand; but his foot sank into Hydrozoa too. As much as Kid tugged and struggled, he was unable to free himself, and he was rapidly sinking into Hydrozoa.
“Kid Muscle!” Roxanne cried.
“Kid, no!” Meat called out.
“I zink perhaps now ze match is over, ja?” Jaeger said to Broken Junior.
“Nein, mein boy,” Broken replied with a shake of his head. “You must never underestimate ze resourcefulness and ze power of ze Kinniku family. I am certain ze kinder vill find a vay out of zhis.”
Jaeger nodded solemnly, turning his attention back to the match at hand. Kid was curled up into a ball inside Hydrozoa's body, and seemed to be about ready to pass out from fright; but instead, he began to urinate inside Hydrozoa.
“What are you doing?” Hydrozoa roared, looking down at himself as the yellow liquid began to fill up his insides.
“Everybody knows being under water makes you gotta go!” Kid innocently replied.
“Get away from me!” Hydrozoa shouted, ejecting Kid from his body.
Kid was hurled up into the air, falling back down to the mat below as Hydrozoa tried to shake himself off.
“Dat's cheating, Kid Muscle should be disqualified!” Eskara said quietly.
“Oh, and like you've never cheated before, Eskara…” Trixie sneered.
“Ah, shut your yap, ya loose lipped bimbo,” Eskara shot back at her.
“Loose lipped?” Trixie echoed. “Well excuse me! You're the one who talks too much, birdface!”
“Hey, dat's cute an' all, but I wasn't talkin' about da lips on your face, bitch,” Eskara calmly replied.
Trixie rounded on Eskara, starting towards him. Dik Dik quickly leapt up to block her path, shaking his head vigorously at her as she looked up into his eyes.
“Somebody needs to put that guy in his place!” she explained.
“Then let me be one to do it at my match tomorrow,” Dik Dik plainly answered her.
“Pff!” Trixie scoffed, forcing out laughter. “You? Win a match? Yeah, sure! Look, Dikky, just get out of my way and let me kick him in the-”
“Trixie no, do not lower yourself to his foul level of depravity, I beg of you.”
Trixie slowly ran her eyes over Dik Dik, her lips peeled back from her teeth in disgust at what she saw.
“You are such a loser!” she added, before turning back to the ring, and rejoining her friends. “Hey Kiki.”
Kiki leaned over the railing, looking past Roxanne at Trixie.
“Yeah?” she asked.
“You know what, I think you should stay away from both Dik Dik and Eskara,” Trixie suggested. “They're both total losers!”
“Right…” Kiki said slowly, her face turning slightly pink as she realised both men must have heard Trixie's rather loud remark. “Thanks, I'll keep that in mind.”
“Yeah, do!” Trixie said, nodding her head firmly.
Kiki nodded her head back, then stood up straight again, trying to focus her attention on the ring; but another distraction caught the corner of her eye, and the three girls turned to see two nurses pushing a wheelchair each towards the front row seats.
Wally Tusket was in the first wheelchair and Terry Kenyon was in the second one.
“Terry!” Trixie called, running over to greet him.
Roxanne waited until Trixie had leapt onto Terry's wheelchair, landing across his lap, oblivious to the pain she was causing him, before turning to face Kiki.
“Trixie and Terry did it last night,” Roxanne whispered.
“What?” Kiki echoed, searching Roxanne's eyes for an explanation.
“Trixie and Terry did it last night!” Roxanne repeated. “Y'know! They… They had sex.”
“What? But… How? Terry was in hospital!”
“Yeah, they did it in the hospital bed.”
“What? But Terry's in traction!”
“She was on top!”
Kiki clapped a hand over her gaping mouth to hide her shock, and to help hide her mounting embarrassment. Roxanne simply nodded her head, before turning back to watch the approaching Muscle Leaguers.
Dik Dik walked over to greet them, helping Terry out of his wheelchair, where he was able to walk to his seat with the aid of a set of crutches one of the nurses had taken for him. Wally was too badly hurt to stand up, and so his wheelchair was positioned at the end of the seats. Dik Dik sat down between Kevin Mask and Terry, and the three began to discuss something quietly.
Trixie marched over to them, positioning herself directly in front of Terry, her hands planted on her hips, and a lost-little-girl pout on her face.
Roxanne turned back to the match, where she continued to scream for her man; but Kiki's attention was now fully engrossed in watching the audience. Almost every person in front of her intrigued her in one way or another, and she found it hard to move her eyes from any of them.
Eskara: who was he really?
Kevin Mask: what did he know about Eskara that was such a big secret?
Dik Dik Van Dik: had he really betrayed Terry? And why?
Trixie: did she actually have sex with Terry in a hospital, whilst he was so badly injured and so much of his body was hidden beneath mounds of bandages?
Kiki began to fall deeply into a daydream, her mind creating theory after theory about what was really going on in each of their lives; but she was soon brought sharply back to reality as Jaeger leapt up from his seat and began to cheer for Hydrozoa with sudden zest.
“Ah, shut-up!” Eskara scolded him.
But Jaeger carried on, cheering on his team-mate. Kiki turned back to the ring in time to see the two wrestlers crash to the mat, and Kid to stand up victorious.
“Yay, Kid!” Roxanne screamed in delight.
“Gee, I'm seeing less and less of these matches every time I go to one…” Kiki muttered to herself. “I really have to concentrate, and stop letting myself become so distracted all the time…”
Kiki's eyes wandered back to Eskara, who was still sitting in the same slouched position, his arms still folded across his broad chest; only now he was shaking his head and looking more than a little perturbed.
“Definitely less distractions…” Kiki muttered to herself, as she found she was unable to move her eyes from Eskara.
Eskara then stood up, shoving Jaeger to the ground as he passed him, ignoring Broken's curses which followed the uncalled-for assault. Eskara walked on down the row, heading straight for Kevin Mask, who stood facing him.
“Squealer,” Eskara muttered, bashing his shoulder into Kevin's shoulder as he passed him.
Kevin staggered back from the unexpected impact, glaring after Eskara as he continued away from the ring.
“And what's up with Eskara and Kevin Mask?” Kiki muttered to herself. “I so have to find out…”
Next Chapter: The Muscle League are at loggerheads with each other over Dik Dik's misdemeanour, and Eskara begins to think he has made a mistake… Chapter 10 - Fall Out.