Underworld Fan Fiction ❯ Vendetta ❯ Part 2: ( Chapter 2 )

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Part 2:

"Tell the fleet to withdraw, Alexander. It is time for the Salvation to make its play," the Time Guardian stated.

"The Salvation? Just one ship, Damora, against an entire fleet of Minbari Sharlins?" the centuries old Hungarian warlord asked.

"You know me better than that Alexander," the Time Guardian smiled.

Though doubtful of the outcome, the old Hungarian Immortal knew better than to question the Time Guardian's judgement.

"This had better be good, Damora. Relay the orders to the entire fleet to withdraw," Alexander Corvinus ordered his liutenant.

Several jump points opened and before long the entire fleet of Exile ships had disappeared.

"Sir ... Look!" one of his aides answered.

A showering cascade of green-coloured energy flashed out of existence, illuminating the entire fleet of Minbari Sharlins, from out of nowhere for a few minutes. After a few moments, the green glow disappeared having bathed the entire fleet in its wake.

"No visible damage at all to the Minbari hostiles, Sir. They remain intact," his communications officer reported.

"So what was that suppose to do, Damora?" the old Immortal asked.

"Wait and see," the Time Guardian answered.

"Sir ... the entire Minbari fleet has gone silent. All communication signals between their ships have stopped transmitting," the same officer reported.

"Perhaps they are maintaining communication silence. We shall wait a few more minutes," Alexander Corvinus answered.

"You should send a scout ship to investigate, Alexander. In fact, send several transports over to board the ships," the Time Guardian spoke in her usual mysterious way.

The old Hungarian immortal studied Setsuna's grinning face for a few moments before saying, "Do as she says but approach with caution. At the slightest sign of weapons powering up, withdraw to a safe distance."

One hour later, Alexander Corvinus received the reports of the same thing from all the boarding parties that he sent. There were no signs of any living Minbari onboard the ships except for some dust and life-like statues of them, their faces contorted in agony. He turned to Setsuna for an explanation but she merely inclined her head with before dismissing herself in her usual manner.

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With that part of the job out of the way, Setsuna was more than ready to move to the second part of her plan to rebuild Crystal Tokyo using the Decahedron Compact as a springboard. Granted, humanity was not united under the Sailor Senshi and there were still a lot of hostile foes out there but that was the best she could come up with at the moment. On the plus side, she had the Hungarian warlord, Alexander Corvinus and his resources to draw on in addition to her own as well as any possible alliances that could be forged between the lycans and vampires with help from the two hybrids Michael and Selene.

Not to mention, all the Senshi's families had to be sent to Pluto as a result of Pharoah 90's latest attempts to wipe them out. The importance of the Time Gates, however, was something she would rather not have anyone else find out but ever since some of the Senshi's enemies had uncovered their true identities, they were not safe anywhere on Earth or in EA space. So Pluto Palace it was to be at the moment for everyone concerned.

“I have been waiting for you for a long time,” a voice interrupted her thoughts.

As one … Everyone turned in the direction of the voice to see a long-haired broad-shouldered man stepping out of the shadows.

“Marcus??” The Senshi of Time gaped in shock at the figure of the man as he came to a stop before them.

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My name is Setsuna Meiou and I am the oldest immortal of all (barring the First Ones of course). With my link to the ever-changing streams of Time and access to the long-forgotten magic of the Silver Millenium, I am also arguably the most powerful immortal that ever lived apart from THEM, once again. Not to mention, there are few things that could surprise me in this time and age such as the figure of my supposedly dead husband looking me in the face … very much alive and well.

As the saying goes, with age comes wisdom. The thing was … had I grown any wiser over the millenia? Many people assume that with old age, comes wisdom but I have seen many instances in which this belief does not hold true. The old generation is slow to change, in many cases, clinging stubbornly against all odds to their precious ideals. Memories of the lycan-vampire war filter through my mind … Amelia, Sonja, Lucian, Selene and then …Viktor.

Am I one of them? A strong wind that howls eerily begins to blow

God … I hope not.

Well, like the saying goes … time will tell (mind the pun. I am the Mistress of Time, after all-) as I continue to peer relentlessly through the Time Gates, looking for threats to Crystal Tokyo and the Sailor Senshi. And being the Time Mistress, I have all the time in the universe. Unfortunately ... even as I go about my task, I know that this Second Wonder of the Silver Millenium may not be enough to ensure a lasting victory. It is just not possible to eliminate every single possibility of failure or defeat for the Sailor Senshi. There will always be an element of uncertainty or chance involved in every fight (whether with words or in the battlefield) with the enemies of the Senshi even with advanced intelligence and knowledge obtained through the Time Gates. Why?

To answer this question, let me explain something about this wondrous artifact of the Silver Millenium that all refer to as the Time Gates. When people imagine a time machine such as the Time Gates, like in most of those sci-fi flicks I’ve seen, they think of a device with all the utility functions complete with time display, view screen and all those nifty little buttons at the user’s fingertips. All the user had to do would be to punch in the number or the date required (the machine would power up) and … Poof … the observer would suddenly find themselves viewing or in the desired time.

Hah! That description of a temporal device is pathetic! A total joke! I might add.

The reason being time itself is an illusion … a creation given form by an observer to better remember a particular event or a chain of events. Consequently the very nature of time itself is subject to the interpretation of the observer.

Meaning to say that dates and numbers for use on a temporal device like the Time Gates is meaningless. They are mere creations of the mind to be used as labels or reference points to certain events in time when using the device. This is why the observer has to be really awake when using the Time Gates or the events viewed can be very deceiving. And in some cases, disastrous.

For example, if I were to travel from the present to the past. Two thousand years to be precise … am I traveling two thousand years as in Earth years or two thousand years as in Pluto years. Take note, one Pluto year is not the same as one Earth year. The problem is more apparent when the observer is in the past. One Earth year then is not quite the same as one Earth year now. Let’s not talk about what happens when the planetary body didn’t exist then. Or time traveling into another dimension, for that matter. This is bad enough.

For this and many other reasons, the Time Gates were created using the mind of the observer as the reference point. Thus, memory plays an important part in it. In the early days of the creation of time travel technology, many test subjects of varying ages, gender and race were selected taken from different worlds to see their suitability as a recipient for the Timestream Procedure (I was chosen for my loyalty, eidetic memory and resilience to insanity). The Lunarian Union was aware of the dangers an enemy who possessed powers over time would have and was looking for an ironclad security measure against them. Out of a total of four thousand two hundred and eighty-seven test subjects, they found only one that made it through the Timestream Procedure intact … me.

As for the rest who did not make it … shudders … many are the whispered rumors about those who failed, each tale more terrible than the last. Three quarters of them died or disappeared without a trace, baffling even the best minds in the Union … I pray for their souls. As for the others, some became comatose while others were driven completely insane by the experience and had to be put down. A direct link (both physically and mentally) to the Timestream takes a toll on the mind (some say the very soul) of the recipient.

I was the first and the last successful recipient of the highly-classified Time Shield Project in the golden era of the Silver Millenium. A last ditch measure against all outside enemies (especially the Ba’al) who had or sought the ability to manipulate time itself as a weapon against the Lunarian Union.

Many people assume that my control over time itself and my link to the Time Gates ensures victory in any conflict for me and my allies. They couldn’t be more wrong. If that were the case, Crystal Tokyo would be a hundred percent guarantee and the old Lunarian Union would encompass the galaxy.

The use of the Time Gates definitely provides a distinct advantage in every conflict but it does not completely eliminate the possibility of failure or defeat. The risk of dying in any conflict, no matter how remote, is still there. I can try to manipulate the outcome of the fight to increase the chances of the Senshi winning and so on but I cannot completely guarantee a victory or a desired outcome.

Werner Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle has seen to that. My past string of glories include keeping the Vorlons from dominating the galaxy by allowing a counter-balance known as the Shadows to survive the war with the First Ones (that was a tricky thing to pull off), the three failed invasions of the Lunarian Union by the forces of the Netherworld, maintaining the Minbari-Drakh Standoff (ensuring that the Drakh never attacked the Moon Kingdom), the imprisonment of the Ba’al in the Nightlands and the Second Coming of the Senshi.

My string of failures include the appearance of the Nightspawn (they were not supposed to have existed in the first place frowns), the appearance of the Merovengian (what is it going to take to get rid of him? scowls), the return of the Ba’al to Earth (yes Dark Day is inevitable, dear readers sighs), … that’s all. Strange … I’ve a feeling there should be more. Did I forget or miss something important, somewhere? The loud crash of thunder echoes through the background

But still, how could I have not foreseen this event coming to pass? A myriad wave of emotions assail me as I gaze upon the supposedly dead figure of my husband …all smiles as he welcomes me back with his open arms …love, anger, fear, doubt, confusion, shock, joy … they threaten to overload my senses but I reel them back in … with my iron-clad discipline that came from centuries of practice and life experience …

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“Greetings, Damora … but much as I would like to … I cannot claim that distinction. He … however … can …” the man pointed behind the group.

As one, they turned to see another man, identical in every respect to the first man standing in black and purple robes looking at them.

“It’s been a long time, Damora …”

“Marcus?? How did you get here?? And that is … Wi-?”

“William, my twin brother.” The man smiled.

“How?” The Time Senshi asked in shock.

“When you spilled your blood over me the night my brother and I were slain by the vampire bitch and her paramour, I not only regenerated from death … I gained access to the memories hidden in your blood. The memories of a lifetime … or should I say lifetimes? You never knew the true value of the knowledge or experience that lay hidden within your blood. The memories of the Silver Millenium, the lost kingdom of Atlantis and … the Dark Wielders of Kastuul. I know all this now and more … just as I know everything that you would become. And the quest that you’ve been fighting through the ages … your goal of Crystal Tokyo … a noble gesture albeit a futile one nonetheless …”

“What is he talking about Setsuna?” the Moon Princess asked.

“It can’t be … the amount of blood that I spilled did not even come up to an ounce,” the Time Senshi cried out.

“That is where you were wrong … and right … in some regards. You carry the legacy of my father’s blood in you. The blood of one who came before me … the only one stronger than I am … coupled with that of the properties of your Plutonian blood … it was more than enough to restore me to full health. And this place of yours … on Pluto is quite a marvel, isn’t it?” the man answered.

The Time Senshi shook her head …

“No it can’t be … This can’t be right …”

“The man who offered you his blood …” the man pointed out.

“Alexander Corvinus …” the Time Senshi gasped as comprehension dawned onto her.

“How else would you have been able to survive the sun, Damora?”

“All this time …”

“And you thought that it was your Plutonian heritage.”

“Still it doesn’t explain how you got here?”

“You are the key. When you gave your blood to me … you not only gave me the lost knowledge of the Silver Millenium … you gave me access to the Gates of Time itself … Thanks to you … I can now go anywhere and any when!”

The Senshi of Time narrowed her eyes in suspicion at the figure of her husband …

“Worry not, Damora. I would never harm you or those close to you. I love you then … when we first met … and I love you now … even as you stand. But these foes of yours … what makes you think you have a prayer of a chance of defeating them? You are on a fool’s errand.” The man answered as he shook his head ruefully.

“Setsuna … who is this man?”

“And why does he keep on calling you Damora?”

“Is he your husband?”

The Time Senshi shrugged her shoulders before saying, “Yes.”

“How did this …?”

“Start? It all began the day that I died.”


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