Ushio & Tora Fan Fiction ❯ Born Again ❯ Chapter 1 ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
It was late in the night when the lone azafuse known as Nagatobimaru went outside for some fresh air. He's been locked up in his castle for the past two weeks and the lack of movement was making him uncomfortable. The castle is large and is very decent instead of a dark fortress that looks like ancient ruins. His home was also very boring and Nagatobimaru often found himself traveling; whether it be on business or just a desperate excuse to leave the tedious castle. The tiger like yokai is a strong and fearsome demon king. Though looking back several hundred centuries ago, he was just a human, then a single predator, who then became a warrior, only to later team up with a human companion, and then coming back to being a solo predator again.

Except this time, he's a king with power and authority over many living creatures.

Humans have changed over the many years of his never-ending life and Nagatobimaru can truthfully say that he's seen it all. The weak species of light rise into power and dominated the world for a while. With that power the humans soon forgot about the beings of darkness that they were sharing the world with. The clans of yokai tried very hard not to get involved with the humans and did everything they could to hide their existence. But soon the demons grew irritated and started to question their decisions. They did not have to hide from humans. They're stronger and can do remarkable things that mankind could only dream of doing. So, the band of yokai came together for war and took the position of power from the beings of light and reclaimed the land for themselves. Of course, the yokai could not forget the humans and pretend that they don't exist. They couldn't wipe mankind off the face of the earth either. Darkness could not exist or survive without light and vice versa. It was a balance, and they needed each other to keep their worlds from crumbling. Eventually the demons gathered up the remaining humans and placed them in several reserves. Many areas being small villages which were open for yokai to terrorize as a means of population control and some areas were cities that are illegal for demons to destroy since the cities were more like preserves. This period pushed mankind back to early living standards. They've taken several steps back on the evolution train since the war forced humans to start all over again.

The orange demon crept through the forest floor searching for his next prey. He stopped when the faint smell of human blood and ash reached his nose. There was a village up ahead and Nagatobimaru was eager to check it out. Hopefully it would still be intact by the time he reaches it. But the bloody aroma was too strong and too fresh for the orange yokai to assume that it wasn’t. The scent of ash coated the village in a thick layer as well. But the demon king was desperate to quench his thirst for excitement and action. Nagatobimaru smirked and headed towards the village. He stopped a few meters away and climbed up one of the tall trees.

“Damn it.” The orange beast growled. His white eyes taking in the sight of the human village. It looks like some stupid demon already wrecked the place. The village was mostly in rubble and had small flames engulfing the destroyed human houses. Nagatobimaru flew over the crumbled buildings and landed somewhere in the middle of the village. By the look of things, it seemed like everyone was dead. The broken homes were abandoned and human remains and blood covered several parts of the area.

The orange beast levitates around the burning village looking for any signs of the demons that took away his opportunity to have a little fun. But there was nothing to be found. It seems like the weak yokai fled half an hour ago, Nagatobimaru was about to fly off from the destroyed village but paused when he heard faint crying in the distance.

There was a survivor? It sounds like a child too.

“Hn, I guess I can have a small snack before heading back.” The great demon said to himself. He followed the noise till he came across a small human child sobbing his eyes out. The kid looked tasty and the large yokai was ready to devour this tiny brat. That was until an all too familiar scent reached his nose. He stopped and crouched down on all fours to get a whiff of the crying human. “Aotsuki…Ushio.”

The little boy stopped sobbing and snaps his head up. He flinched when his eyes landed on the tiger like yokai. The scared child starts trembling as more tears build up in his green eyes. Nagatobimaru sits up and looks at the brat with interest. The kid did give him a look that showed he acknowledge the name almost as if it was his own. Not to mention that this tiny human all but resembles Ushio in a younger appearance.

“Your name…” The demon spoke, startling the child. “Is Aotsuki Ushio, right?”

The brat is hesitant but nods.

“Hn.” The orange beast stands up straight and tall giving the kid a crooked smile, showing off his sharp teeth. Nagatobimaru wasn’t the type to believe in reincarnation but he’s been through enough shit to prove him wrong. This small human is without a doubt the brat from several centuries ago. The same one that wielded the beast spear. The one he never got to devour, to eat! “Tch, get over here brat!”

The little boy got up and scrambled away from the terrifying demon. This yokai was going to kill him, like the others did to his parents. Ushio felt a large clawed hand on the back of his shirt and was lifted off the ground with ease. His little legs tried to kick the demon but Nagatobimaru held him at a decently far distance.

“Stop struggling runt.” The orange demon growls as he held the reluctant boy to his chest and took flight into the dark midnight sky. As time passed the child’s attempts to break free died down. Ushio looks at the ground that was several feet below them. Ushio wasn’t afraid of heights but the little boy couldn’t recognize the area and knew that he was far away from the land he knew as home. Nagatobimaru glances down at the tearful kid in his grasp.

Why is the brat so afraid? The Ushio he knew never got scared this easily. But then again, this human is just a child. Not to mention he probably witnessed his parents and all the other villagers being brutally slaughtered by monsters. The demon clicks his tongue and soars higher into the night.

Nagatobimaru’s Castle~~~~~~~~~~~~

The orange yokai enters his headquarters through the balcony doors. He drops the kid on the floor before turning around to lock the white French doors. The demon looks over his shoulder to see the little human running over to the door and standing on his tippy toes, trying desperately to reach the door handle.

“Tch, what am I even doing?” The yokai grumbles to himself. He approached the dark-haired boy that was jumping for the door handle eagerly, his small fingers barely touching it. “Oi, brat.” Ushio flinches and stops his attempts to escape. The orange demon grabbed the back of the little human’s shirt and lifts him up to eye level. “Look I’m not going to eat you.”

Well, not yet that is.’ Nagatobimaru thought to himself. Clearly, he’s not stupid enough to tell this child that. If he did, then Ushio would probably be even more afraid of him than he is now. The human is too young to understand what now and later actually means. And of course, know the demon’s personality like the beast spear’s wielder from long ago.

“You’re going to be living with me from now on, got it? That means don’t try to run away! Cause if you do, I will hunt you down and find you.” He stated firmly and lifted his free hand to flex his claws. The kid trembles as more salt water builds up in his frightened green eyes and gives a shaky nod. The orange beast noticed the tears and is quick to make sure Ushio doesn’t cry again. “And no crying either! You’re a man, be strong and don’t let others see your weakness!”

The brat rubs his moist eyes and nods again. Nagatobimaru then glides over to the large mat and drops the small human on the cushioned bedding.

“Now sleep.” The dark-haired boy moves across the mat and got under the covers, holding the sheets close to his face. The two share a moment of silence as they stare at each other. The orange yokai tilted his head to the side and sneered menacingly. “What part of sleep are you not understanding?” Ushio flinches and immediately rolls over turning his back to the irritated demon. The scared boy closes his eyes and prays that sleep would come to him soon. Nagatobimaru left his quarters, leaving the orphan alone in the dark.

Ushio curls up into a ball and tries not to cry. The poor boy didn’t know what was going on or why that monster brought him here and didn’t eat him. The terrified child bit his lip to prevent the sob the desperately tried to escape his mouth. Ushio wishes that he had a home to go back too. He wanted to go back to his peaceful village and play at the pond with his friends. Ushio wanted his mother and father back.