Ushio & Tora Fan Fiction ❯ Never Make a Bet with a Weasel ❯ The Consequences of Losing ( Chapter 1 )

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Disclaimer : I do not own Ushio and Tora. This is a yaoi story, Tora x Ushio in the end. Don't like, don't read. An attempt at humor here from the angst romance writer. Ps: Izuna is the tiny green ferret monster from the manga.

Never Make a Bet with a Weasel

Chapter 1: The Consequences of Losing

'Ready to give up yet?'


'I never thought Kagari and Ushio would ever get so involved in a game,' Raishin commented to the smaller ferret demon sitting next to him. 'The loser does have to do one thing for the winner. And neither of them have lost yet, to any of us,' Izuna answered, watching the pair and glancing at his cards.

'Hmph!' Tora grunted, giving up another card at Kagari's smirk. 'You're down to two cards now. Poor tiger wiger, he's going to lose again,' Ushio commented, dodging Tora's fist and laughing.

'Ushio, do you have any… Aces,' Kagari asked suddenly, leering at him. 'Damn,' the 17 year old swore, giving up another card. Raishin was pleased to note that Ushio was down to two cards now too. Funny, his sister seemed very interested in getting Ushio to be the first one out… why is that?

Ten minutes later, Kagari leapt from her seat and danced around with gleeful laughter as Ushio made a pained face. 'I can't believe she haggled me down to no cards. Why didn't she pick on Tora?' Ushio mumbled to himself. 'Hey?! Be glad she won, brat. If it were me…' Tora chuckled more to himself, making the boy thankful that the monster lord hadn't won his favour.

'Ok, Ushio. On your feet. Let's go!' the woman form weasel commanded, pulling the boy up and after her into one of the back secluded rooms. 'What is she doing?' Tora growled, uncertain whether to be worried or not. After all, the brat was His.

'Do you know what she's going to do?' Izuna asked, looking up at the other human formed weasel demon. 'Hmmm… Well, knowing my sister when she's got a cute boy in a dark room all to herself…' Raishin trailed off to Tora's angry growl.

The man and green furred ferret turned to see the tiger monster's fur on end, even the tips of his hair floating from some unseen negative force. Large white eyes were narrowed on the closed door, muscles tensed as if to leap.


The three monsters jumped at the young man's voice that echoed the small temple the Kamaitachi lived in. There was a heavy thunk, like the spear had hit something hard.

'Ushio wouldn't…' Izuna gasped, all three leaping to their feet in panic.

'USHIO AOTSKI! You get that spear out of my floor this instant!'

Kagari's voice shrieked, making the three stop in their tracks. 'That's a relief,' Raishin mumbled to himself, glad his sister was unhurt. Sounds of struggling and scraping came from the room, followed by the voices of Ushio and Kagari.

'I don't wanna!'

'Don't be such a baby. You're a big bad demon hunter. Now, do it!'

'But Kagari!'

'Don't make me strip you myself!'


The three monsters stared at each other in shocked silence. 'She'd do it too,' Raishin whispered, nodding at the other two. 'Scary,' both Izuna and Tora shivered. Female monsters could be more terrifying than any male.

More arguing came from the room, along with several choice words that made the demons' hair and fur stand on end. 'You've got to watch what he picks up at those monster gatherings,' Raishin commented, giving Tora a rye look. 'Not my fault. The brat refuses to be left at home. Not to mention he's charmed Toono-sama into letting him come,' Tora growled under his breath.

High pitched giggles interrupted them as Kagari stepped back into the room. The dark haired woman was still in her teeny tiny skin-tight red dress that left nothing to the imagination.

'Oh ho ho! You can come out now, Ushio-chan!' the woman called, still laughing to herself.


'Ushio, come out here right now!' Kagari now had her hands on her hips in annoyance.

'NO! It's bad enough that you made me dress up like this. If they see me… I'll never live it down,' the last part was more of a whisper, but all the demons caught it and glanced between themselves, wondering.

'Ushio,' Kagari's voice was now a dark snarl, her eyes flashing as she walked back into the room. A few low arguing voices later, and Kagari came back out.

'Ok. All settled. May I present… Mrs. Nagatomibaru!'


Author's Note: Yes, you heard correctly. I decided to split this short fic into chapters for a more dramatic entrance. Please review! Oh, it is suppose to be funny, and a bit yaoi romantic too by the end, and I might add a lemon chapter up at my website. (for my writing, Twilight Garden) (Ushio and Tora shrine, Lair of the Beasts)