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Arisugawa's Locket: Later that Night

Rei Ayamani was totally plastered, swaying back and forth up on the karaoke stage singing rather off key but with a lot of enthusiasm. Misato, Maya Ibuki, Asuka Langley and Ritsuko were all sitting at their table and looking on with a great deal of amusement.

"I'm surprised only two beers would do that to her," Ritsuko said to Misato quietly, so that the girls couldn't hear them.

"Maybe she's never drank before?" Misato answered her with a shrug, before taking another long drink of her can of beer.

Asuka squirmed a bit uncomfortably in her seat as Rei looked at her intensely. She'd been doing it all through the song, but now she seemed to put it up a notch.

"You are all I long for, all I worship, and adore," Rei sang, smiling warmly at Asuka, who only sweatdropped a bit.

Juri smiled a bit, noticing the light on over the karaoke room door. It had been occupied pretty much constantly all night. 'To each their own, I guess," Juri thought to herself ruefully, 'but it looks like Nabiki was right about it.'

She smiled, making her way through the crowd, greeting the newcomers and welcoming some of her old friends. Utena and Anthy looked like a fairytale couple, dancing together to the slow tunes. The pink hair was a bit shorter, and the darker girl seemed more confident, somehow, but they still fit together beautifully.

"Miss Juri?" a pleasant voice inquired behind her. She turned to see a smiling Ayeka standing right behind her. "I hope things are going well for your opening night," the purple haired girl said with real sincerity.

"Pretty good, Princess," Juri said with a nod. She looked towards the bar with a small smile as Ryouko poured drinks with her typical style, "Your girlfriend's being kept pretty busy, but I bet she'd like a visit."

Ayeka blushed brightly at that, following Juri's gaze with her own violet eyes. "You might be right," she conceded, and began to make her way through the teeming crowds to the bar. Ryouko saw her coming and stopped pouring the drinks to sweep the startled girl into a fierce kiss as the crowd cheered it's approval.

Juri looked around the bar hopefully, but she didn't see the purple haired girl she was looking for. Not that she was really expecting the married Shiori to come, but still.

While she was looking around, she noticed something odd at the dining tables and made her way over to the table full of young women there. She put her hand on a red head's arm as she said to her coldly, "Technically, I shouldn't let you in here, Ranma."

Ranma tried to look as innocent as possible even as Akane, Shampoo and Ukyo looked on with wide smiles. "She is a girl who loves other girls," Akane pointed out to Juri reasonably, fighting to hold back her laughter.

"Half the time," Juri said dryly, "the other half she's a boy who loves girls." Everybody gave her puppydog eyes, and she relented, "OK, you can stay." They all cheered up until she added, "No trouble tonight, though. If you do, out you go."

"Hey, I never start trouble," Ranma protested. Juri rolled her eyes at that, even as Shampoo and Ukyo snickered softly.

Hyatt took the nearby table's order, then she turned a odd shade of blue and promptly fell right over. She stayed on the floor and then snake crawled her way over to the kitchen even as Juri watched, sweatdropping. Looking a bit worried she quickly flagged down May to ask her, "Does she always do that?"

Cyberdoll May nodded, adding "Strangely, she gets her orders in faster and the meals all come back perfectly well." She shrugged eloquently.

Juri nodded a bit dubiously in return. "Could you keep an eye on her for me?" Juri asked her quietly, watching Hyatt weave through the dancing figures without disturbing a single one. It was almost eerie to watch.

"Yes, Ms. Arisugawa!" May said, standing at attention.

Juri winced a little at that. "Just calling me Juri would be perfectly fine," she said with a sigh. She looked at the expression of hurt incomprehension on May's pretty face and just decided to leave to alone.

"Hey, Juri!" she heard from near the main entrance. She looked up to see Haruka, Michiru and a third girl she didn't recognize come in. She went over to meet them and Haruka pulled her into a sudden hug, pounding her back.

"Hey, I'd like to use that back later," Juri grumbled under her breath, even as Haruka let her go with a soft laugh.

"We haven't seen you in months," Michiru scolded her gently. She looked around the bar admiringly, "I guess this has been what's kept you so busy."

"Rebuilding this old club into what I wanted it to be," Juri nodded her agreement. She looked at the blue hared girl standing beside them and felt her stomach suddenly drop. The girl almost looked like a female Miki!

"Down, girl," Haruka whispered to Juri, "I think she's taken." More loudly she continued, "Asisugawa Juri, I'd like to introduce our friend, Mizuno Ami."

"Nice to meet you Ami," Juri said charmingly as she shook Ami's hand gently. "Is this your first time in a club like this?"

Ami blushed, "Very nice to meet you." She looked up at Juri to ask, "Is it that obvious that I'm new at this?"

Juri smiled, "No, it's just that you're so good looking that I'm certain that I would have remembered you if I saw you before." Ami blushed at the compliment, even as Haruka not so discreetly elbowed her in the side. "Ooof!"

"Michiru, could you and Ami go get us some drinks, please?" Haruka asked even as she communicated with her girlfriend non-verbally with her eyes. Once she and Ami were safely gone, Haruka glared at Juri.

"I was a bad girl, huh?" Juri said with a little smile.

Haruka looked serious as she said quietly, "Ami has the whole unrequited love thing going on with a friend right now." With some irritation she added, "She does not need a much more experienced girl loving and then leaving her!"

"Point taken," Juri said, sounding a little hurt. "Do you really think I'd be that cruel to her?" she asked with a frown.

Haruka smiled suddenly as she drawled, "Either that or you'd end up falling in love with her. Personally, I'm not sure which would be worse!" Juri punched her in the shoulder, making Haruka loudly exclaim "Ouch!"

Our Cast This Episode: Rei Ayamani, Misato, Maya Ibuki, Asuka Langley and Ritsuko are all from Neon Genesis Evangelion. Utena, Anthy and Shiori are from Revolutionary Girl Utena. Princess Ayeka is from Tenchi Muyo. Ranma, Akane, Ukyo and Shampoo are from Ranma 1/2. And finally, Haruka, Michiru and Ami are from Sailor Moon.