Utena, Revolutionary Girl Fan Fiction ❯ Arisugawa's Locket ❯ Halloween ( Chapter 3 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]


There were low groans of dismay last night as Juri made the announcement at closing time. "I'll be expecting to see everyone in their costumes on Halloween night," she said calmly.

"Will you be dressing up too?" Nabiki asked her dryly.

Juri chuckled softly, "Actually, I already have my costume picked out."

"Who are you going to be?" Excel asked her cheerfully.

A soft laugh. "Wait and see," was her enigmatic reply.

Excel was the first to walk out of the bathroom in her costume. The blue tights, baggy white shirt and rapier sword at her side easily defined her as a fairy tale prince. She pushed a cart with a figure laying on top in a glass case, dressed up in a very old fashioned looking gown.

Nabiki stepped out in a top hat and tails, walking cane in hand. At Excel's questioning look, she explained simply, "I'm a millionaire." She grinned at Excel's expression, before asking her "What are you and Hyatt going as?"

"I'm a prince," Excel said with a shrug, "and Hyatt's my Sleeping Beauty." Hyatt sat up a bit to wave, her face got a odd color, and she flopped back over.

May stepped rather hesitantly out dressed in a naughty french maid outfit. "Does this look all right?" May asked them hesitantly. When she bent over the teeny mini-skirt hiked up, revealing a flash of panty. She pulled it back down, blushing.

Nabiki hesitated before finally saying, "But May, it's not very much different from your regular maid's outfit."

May blushed brighter as she softly explained, "Well, I just don't feel comfortable out of my maid uniform."

"Leave her alone," Keiko said with a little frown, "it's not her fault." She was dressed in a boy's school uniform, long pants and all. Surprisingly, the brown haired girl looked kind of cute, something May, at least, seemed to notice.

"Be of good heart, friends!" A voice then declared, "Your hero is here!" Sasami stepped out of the shadows. Her costume was mostly pink and really, really cute, with lots of big bows and ruffles. "I'm Pretty Sammi!" she declared.

Everybody sweatdropped at that costume. Ryouko and Minagi didn't step out, they teleported, and everybody began to chuckle softly. Ryouko blushed, adjusting her sailor senshi uniform self consciously, while Minagi in her matching outfit just grinned.

"I hope none of the Senshi come in tonight," Minagi chuckled.

"I hope nobody I know photographs me tonight," Ryouko loudly grumbled, "because I'll never live this down."

"Back to work," a voice cried, and a whip cracked down loudly. Everybody turned to look, and beheld a incredible sight. Juri grinned at them between spiked shoulder pads, a long red cape swirling around her. A red leather corset barely held back her charms. Red leather boots and stockings led up to skimpy red leather panties and a sensuously exposed middle. "The Red Queen is here," she said with an evil smile.

"Wow," Keiko whispered softly. There was complete agreement from the other young women standing around there.

Juri smiled slightly, looking around at her costumed staff. "It'll be a busy night tonight," she said calmly, "we'd better get to work."

Later that night, it was a very odd crowd indeed that filled the locket near to bursting. Not just the costumed ladies, though they were abundant. School girl and boy uniforms, togas, cowgirls, and wicked witches scrabled through the teeming crowds. But there was also a few of the more... unusual customers.

Miyu smiled slightly, drinking something that was red and thick from her delicate tea cup. A brown hared woman sat beside her, a fierce blush on her cheeks in her skimpy vampiress outfit. The cape concealed a lot, but the leotard barely covered her body, and the leather boots and gloves were uncomfortably snug.

"I can't believe you talked me into this," Himiko said with a sigh, looking over at the childlike vampire fondly. It had taken her awhile to see that her desires for her were fully adult, but once she had! Himiko shivered a bit in pleasure.

Mara shifted her white angel wings a bit uncomfortably, before pushing a share of the angelfood cake across the table to her companion. Urd chuckled, her skin-tight red devil costume hugging every gorgeous curve.

"You're an angel," she said thankfully, then broke into a fit of giggles.

Mara just sighed softly in reply. "Don't push your luck," Mara cautioned her. "The truce only lasts for tonight," she continued.

Urd smiled slightly, "Then shall we go upstairs and make the most of it?"

Mara looked a bit surprised, then she grinned. "Let's go," she said, grabbing Urd's hand. The crowd cheered as the Angel and Devil clad women ran upstairs.

Saya looked thoughtfully over at Miyu for a moment, before finally deciding that she was none of her business for tonight, at least. She felt the waitress coming to her before she arrived, and said softly "Thank you, May."

May handed her a large glass of o-positive with an odd expression on her pretty face. Absentmindedly she slapped a hand away from her bottom. 'I know I was being quiet,' she thought. "Will there be anything else?" she asked calmly.

Saya looked at the standing May thoughtfully for a moment. 'She's not afraid of me at all,' she thought with a bit of relief. 'It feels kind of nice,' she admitted to herself, looking up at the french maid with a bit of amusement. "Nothing else, but thank you," she said with slightly more warmth in her voice.

Keiko watched a bit nervously until Saya let May go. A woman in a long cloak waved at her, and she rushed over. "What'll it be?" she asked.

The cloaked figure looked up, NACHO'S PLEASE. I'M EXPECTING COMPANY. The voice seemed to echo in Keiko's bones, not something she heard with her ears at all. She felt a chill run down her spine.

"You really don't need to do the voice," came from behind Keiko. She whirled around, a young woman had just appeared right behind her. Her hair was dark black, but her skin was pure white except for a bit of black paint around her eyes, matching her dark clothes. Around her neck hung a simple ankh pendant.

I SUPPOSE your right," Keiko heard the other figure's voice change. She turned to see the hood flipped back to reveal a severely dressed young woman, her black hair offset by a single white streak. "It's good to see you, love," she continued to the pale skinned figure.

"You too, Susan," she said with a smile. She sat on Susan's lap and quickly snuck a quick kiss before adding "Do you want to stay, or take off?"

Susan reached up to stroke the girl's hair back from her face, "Let's stay. I think even Death herself could have a good time here," she said with a wink. Death laughed a bit in reply, snuggling closer to her. Keiko decided things were getting too weird even for her and left.

Hitomi quite happily sat in the young lady's lap, smiling widly. She was wearing her school girl uniform again, though it seemed a little tight across the top. The other girl almost looked like a pirate in her leathers and silk blouse.

"Thanks for inviting me," Milerna said with a wicked smile, before leaning forward to nibble on Hitomi's ear.

Hitoimi gasped, wiggling a bit in her lap. "You're welcome," she managed to get out.

Major Motoko Kusanagi looked like she was having a good time, having a drinking contest against all comers. Her skin zombie green and dressed only in a leotard she took ruthless advantage of her cyborg nature to drink anybody under the table.

"Bring on the next victim!" she cried, waving the stump of one arm dramatically. Her cyborg hand was actually laying on the table, twitching occasionally. Soft footsteps echoes behind her, and she smiled admiringly as Juri slinked towards her.

'I think you've beaten all comers," the red leather clad lady said with a smirk. Juri laughed, "What did I tell you about doing that, by the way?"

Motoko made a face, "Oh come on! I'm just using a natural... well, built in advantage! It's not like I'm cheating!"

Juri sighed softly in resignation, "Come on, Ryouko makes a mean rum and motor oil. My treat." She led the eager looking Motoko away from the several dining tables covered with her unconscious victims.

Our Cast This Episode: Miyu and Himiko are from Vampire Princess Miyu OVA. Mara and Urd are from Oh My Goddess. Saya is from Blood the Last Vampire. Susan is from Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels. Death is from Neil Gaiman's Sandman. Major Motoko Kusanagi is from Ghost in the Shell. Finally, Milerna is from Escaflowne the movie.