Utena, Revolutionary Girl Fan Fiction ❯ Arisugawa's Locket ❯ Valentine's Day ( Chapter 26 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Valentine's Day

Keiko climbed up on a ladder, the last set of heart decorations held firmly in her hands. She taped them up carefully, then she nodded in satisfaction. Hearts and girl-cupids adorned the walls, nearly overwhelming with the cuteness.

Juri shook her head, asking Nabiki, "Do we have to go this far?"

"Trust me, Arisugawa," Nabiki smiled back, "the crowds will love it."

"Keiko," she heard someone call her name, and a smile stretched her face. She looked down to see May steadying the ladder with a gentle smile on her face. She climbed down quickly, catching May's hand in hers.

"Happy Valentine's Day," Keiko grinned, and kissed her gently. She drew back, and May slipped a box of chocolate into Keiko's breast pocket.

"Happy Valentine's Day," May echoed, and kissed her again.

Ryouko shook her head with a smile, "They're so cute, aren't they?"

"Yeah," Hitomi smiled. She looked over at Ryouko curiously, "So what are you and Ayeka doing tonight?"

With a bit of a blush, and Ryouko said, "We're taking Ryo-Ohki up to Earth orbit for a romantic dinner. How about you and Milerna?"

"Also out to dinner," Hitomi nodded, "though I'm asking her to please leave her knives at home this time."

"She threatened a waiter again?" Ryouko asked, and Hitomi nodded mournfully.

Sakura swayed gently with Tomoyo, dancing closely together in the midst of the crowd. Sakura sighed softly, "The Light and Dark are at it again."

Tomoyo looked over at the two Clow cards dancing nearby and had to laugh. They just couldn't keep their hands off each other. "They're so cute, though," Tomoyo smiled. They danced quietly for a moment, "I have your Valentine's Day present back at home."

"What did you get me?" Sakura asked eagerly.

"A very special kind of chocolate," Tomoyo smiled impishly.

Sakura looked a bit nervous. Since becoming Tomoyo's lover she had discovered that along with a wicked sense of humor, Tomoyo was also quite... imaginative, in bed. "How special?" she asked her suspiciously.

Tomoyo smiled sweetly, whispering in Sakura's ear, "Edible panties."

Sakura went beet red.

Keiko noticed the young woman sitting all alone, nursing her non- alcoholic drink. Her brown, shoulder length hair reached her shoulders, and cutely had a few bits sticking up near the top of her head. Her glasses were an older type, but seemed to suit her somehow, going with the old fashioned dress she wore.

Taking a menu in hand she went over to serve her when she saw the girl's face light up happily. Hanging back, she saw the girl leap out of her chair and into the arms of a taller, dark haired woman in black leather.

"Sorry I'm late, Yomiko," the leather clad woman said softly, cradling Yomiko in her arms. The two seemed to fit together, complete only when they were together.

"I'm just glad you made it, Nancy-san," Yomiko said softly. "Happy Valentine's Day," and a small box of chocolates were handed across to Nancy and they both sat down, "Is your detective office ready yet?"

"Just about," Nancy smiled, "with my talents, it seems the idea sort of job." She looked at the box with a little smile, "Thank you."

Keiko approached them with a cheerful smile on her face, "Welcome to Arisugawa's Locket. What can I get you?"

They ordered their food and drinks, and Keiko hurried away.

Rika swayed in Renamon's arms, enjoying the pleasure of dancing with her love. "I still can't get used to how calmly people take us here," she sighed softly.

Renamon gave a soft sound of agreement, "I guess they see stranger things." A pause, "Thank you, for the chocolates. We'll share them, later."

Rika laughed, "I never quite saw the point of handing out chocolate when I was younger." She smiled up at Renamon, "But now I finally understand."

"After meeting you," Renamon smiled, "I understood a great many things."

A figure bumped into them, and they turned just in time to see the little catgirl bow and say, "I'm really sorry!"

"No problem," Rika started to say, then gaped at the catgirl's companion.

The silver haired woman had eight fox tails, and a impish slant to her expression. She, on the other hand, was gazing at Renamon thoughtfully. "Sakura," she introduced herself and bowed, "kyubi fox."

Renamon bowed her head respectfully, "Renamon, digimon." She drew Rika forward gently and in gentlemanly fashion introduced her, "My lover, Rika."

"I'd like you to meet my sempai," Sakura blushed a bit, "Natsuki."

"Hi!" Natsuki waved cutely, keeping a firm grip on Sakura's arm.

"So how many secret admirers left you boxes of chocolate this year?" Juri asked Haruka curiously. They were standing by the bar watching the crowd, while patiently waiting for Michiru and Setsuna to show up.

"Ten or so," Haruka shrugged. She looked over at Juri with a smile, "I noticed someone left a box for Setsuna, too."

Juri blushed faintly, "Was that a bit too much?"

Haruka smiled, "Setsuna was pleasantly surprised. She's gotten them from students occasionally, but that's it."

Juri frowned, "People must be blind."

"And how many did you get?" Haruka asked pointedly. She paused, "So how was your date with Setsuna?"

"A few boxes," Juri blushed again. "She kissed me," she admitted.

"And?" Haruka asked eagerly.

"And... none of your business," Juri said, but she blushed a bit brighter. Before Haruka could ask anymore pointed questions, they noticed that a young woman was climbing up on to the karaoke stage.

"This is dedicated," the brown haired girl smiled sadly, "to the one I loved." She pressed the keys to bring up her selection, and a few seconds later, the music came on. Her voice was sad, and it's sorrow reached all corners of the Locket, reminding them that love, sometimes, wasn't forever.

"There's a Victorian tin, I keep my memories in, I found it up in the attic, after looking inside I find the things that I'm hiding, The leaves saved from a mistletoe kiss, Only nostalgia has me feeling like this, Like I miss you, It must be the time of year,

Remember, December, It's like a winter dream beside a diamond stream, Remember, December, The fall of snow and the afterglow. It could be taking our breath away, But the years stand in the way. Remember, December, How does it make you feel inside?"

She finished, wiping gently at a tear at the corner of her eye. "Tara, I miss you," Willow Rosenberg said softly, so softly the mic. barely picked it up. She left the stage silently, then the music system started up again.

Aoi and Yoriko sat down at the bar, and Minagi quickly appeared to receive their orders. "What can I get you folks?" she asked with a grin.

"Wine," Aoi smiled, and Yoriko seconded that.

"Thank you for the chocolate," Yoriko said softly. She smiled, "But I thought I was supposed to give the chocolate to you." She produced a little box from her coat pocket.

Aoi smiled as she said gently, "I'm not sure the rules really apply to us." She took it from Yoriko and opened it, only to freeze.

"It might be a bit too soon," Yoriko said softly, "but..."

Aoi gently shushed her, tears glimmering in her eyes. "It's perfect," she sighed, drawing the golden ring out of the box of chocolates. She slipped it on, then threw her arms around Yoriko's neck, kissing her firmly.

"Congratulations," Minagi chuckled, setting the two glasses of wine down quietly. 'I wonder if I should slip back to see Sasami,' she thought with a smile.

Nabiki smiled slightly, watching the teeming crowds. She rather enjoyed working at the Locket, even when everyone was pairing off the way they were. She and Bones were the sole hold outs from the rush to coupledom going on.

She'd rather like to find a partner, but Nabiki really didn't think that it was terribly likely. She raised her drink and smiled to herself sadly, then a frown flickered on her face. The red haired girl over there didn't look particularly happy, standing there all alone.

Nabiki sighed softly, pushing off from the wall and making her way over. As she neared, she noticed that the red haired girl was quite attractive, and generously proportioned. 'Wonder if she's shy?" Nabiki thought.

"Would you care to dance?" Nabiki asked her with a smile.

The red head looked at her in surprise, pushing her hair back to look at her thoughtfully for a moment, then she smiled, "Sure, why not."

Nabiki led her gently, directing their movements across the floor, "I'm Nabiki Tendo."

A smile, "Ayeka Kisaragi."

The redhead looked worriedly between the dark haired, well endowed woman on one side of her and the blonde, elegant figure standing at the other. "You two aren't going to start fighting again, are you?" Lina asked faintly.

Naga glared at Filla, then she sighed, "All right, for your sake, Lina."

Filla scowled, but finally nodded, too. "Just for this special day," she said.

From behind her back, Naga produced a generously sized box of chocolates. Filla, at the same time, produced a box that was identical to the first one. Both women looked at the boxes, then they shot glares at each other.

"Oh, no," Lina whimpered.

"Is there anything I can get you?" Excel asked cheerfully.

"Some body bags, maybe," Lina sighed softly, watching lightning dancing in the air between her two suitors.

"I bought those chocolates first," Filla hissed.

"No, I did," Naga answered, her voice growing remarkably chilly.

"Let's go, sempai," Hyatt grabbed Excel's arm and tugged her away before the fireworks fully started. Fire and ice flew by, and they ducked behind a table for safety. The noise went on a few moments, then once the fighting stopped they popped up for a peek.

All three young women were looking distinctly singed. Both Naga and Filla turned and walked away, leaving Lina standing there with the charred boxes of candy.

Lina sniffled softly, "And I wanted to eat the chocolates, too."

"Thank you," Juri heard from behind her. She turned to see Setsuna standing there, a little smile on her face. "I loved the chocolates," she murmured, kissing Juri gently on the lips.

"For that," Juri murmured, "I'd give you all the chocolate in the world."

Setsuna blushed, "Charmer." She slid her arm into Juri's even as she produced a box of chocolates for Juri, too.

"Thanks," Juri smiled. She paused, "Would you like to go out with me, tonight?"

"Please," Setsuna smiled sweetly. She paused before asking, "Is this going to be another interesting date?"

Juri chuckled, "Any date with you would be interesting."

The Staff: The bar's owner is Arisugawa Juri, from Revolutionary Girl Utena. Excel and Hyatt are from Excel Saga. Keiko is also from Utena. Cyberdoll May is from Hand Maid May. Minagi, Sasami and Ryouko are from the series Tenchi Muyo. Hitomi is from Escaflowne the Movie. Bones is from www.coolcatstudio.com. And finally Tendo Nabiki is from Ranma 1/2

Out (Big) Cast This Episode: Ayeka is from Tenchi Muyo. Milerna is from Escaflowne the Movie. Sakura, Tomoyo, Light and Dark are from Cardcaptor Sakura. Nancy and Yomiko are from Read or Die. Rika and Renamon are from Digimon Tamers (Season 3), Sakura the Kyubi Fox and Natsuki are from Hyper Police. Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna are from Sailor Moon. Willow Rosenberg and Tara are from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Aoi and Yoriko are from You're Under Arrest. Ayeka Kisaragi is from Phantom Quest Corporation. Lina, Naga and Filla are from Slayers and Slayers Try.

Nancy and Yomiko from Read Or Die appeared in my fic Aftermath.

"December" is by a Celtic rock band called All About Eve, from 'Scarlet and Other Tales.'