Utena, Revolutionary Girl Fan Fiction ❯ Arisugawa's Locket ❯ Shoujoai Forum Special! One ( Chapter 41 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Introduction: I should warn all of my readers that this isn't going to be your typical Arisugawa's Locket episode. I invited the participants on the shoujoai.com forums if they would like to appear in one of the episodes, and what they'd like to do in the Locket. The next two chapters are a mix if that material and my own general madness. As well, this is a tie-in with the collaborative fanfiction called Tennokiken, which is based of the shoujo-ai forums.

Arisugawa's Locket: The shoujoai.com forums special! Part One!

Shane leaned up against the building, the tall brown haired man smiling slightly as he watched and listened to the rather odd argument that was going on just in front of him.

Ranma Saotome reached out to put her hand on the tall, slender young man's chest, "Hey! There's no guys allowed!"

The stocky young woman stepped up to introduce herself as Siobhan before adding quite casually, "Dan's not a guy."

Dan blinked, "Hey!"

Under her breath Siobhan shot back, "Shut up."

Ranma looked over at Dan warily as the redhead said, "Sure looks like a guy..."

Siobhan gave an airy wave, "Oh, come off it! Danny here's my roommate. Do you really think Residential would assign a girl and a guy to the same room?!"

Ranma frowned as she murmured, "you've got a point."

Siobhan smiled, "Of course, I do!"

They were just beginning to go by her when Ranma did a doubletake, "Wait a minute!" She pulled Dan back, "Sorry, buddy."

"Good try," Rio acknowledged as they all headed inside.

Kelly Miles nodded her agreement before turning back and waving to him, "We'll catch up with you later, Dan!"

Dan noticed the young man who was standing there outside who gave him a nod. "You might as well wait for your friends out here," Shane said cheerfully , "cause you do not want to piss Ranma off by trying to sneak in."

Dan sighed, "Guess you're right." He sat down in his tan shorts, before nearly jumping up again as a wolf padded towards him. "What in the..."

"Don't worry, he's cool," Shane quickly reassured him as Chaos-sama curled up into a furry little ball for a nap.

Dan looked at the wolf for a moment before shaking his head slightly. "Dan Wisner," he introduced himself.

"Shannon," the brown haired man pushed his glasses up a bit nervously, "though my friends just call me Shane."

Near the dance floor itself the music was loud and the dancing females pounded on the floor wildly. Kozue reached out, gently steadying the young woman in front of her, keeping her from being knocked over in the crush of people.

"Are you all right?" Kozue asked her, unaware of how charming she looked with her dark blue hair falling into her eyes.

"I'm fine," Kristen blushed furiously.

Kristen was a bit taller than Kozue, but somehow it didn't seem to make very much of a difference. Kozue kept her grip on the girl's shoulders, stepping just a bit closer. She smiled slightly as she watched her tug at her "Nobody Knows I'm a Lesbian" shirt nervously.

"Thank you," Kristen managed to say softly.

Kozue smiled, reaching out to tidy the bleached streak in Kristen's otherwise brown hair. "It was my pleasure," she said.

Kristen hesitated, "Would you like to dance?"

With an easy smile Kozue said, "I'd love to."

The white tiger catgirl bounded through the crowd happily, startling passerby as she went. A hand collared her, pulling the six foot tall woman to a stop. May kept a firm grip on her as she asked, "Have you seen the Puma sisters or Merle, I can't find them anywhere?"

Snowwy shook her head, her long white and black hair flowing around her, "Nope. The last I saw of them was when Hitomi gave me some of that catnip."

"Catnip?" May squeaked. She had sudden mental visions of the sort of mayhem that some of the catgirl's here could do if they had some catnip and shuddered. "Stay out of trouble," May said quickly, and took off to find Hitomi.

Snowwy just shrugged cheerfully, then headed to the bar to go bug Ryouko and Minagi some more. She loved spinning on barstools till the seat or she fell off, whichever came first! She moved forward and nearly stepped on Hyatt, snake crawling across the floor. As she was heading to the bar anyway, Snowwy decided to follow her.

Sitting at one of the dining tables, Miyuri Kanemaki took a drink of her Mountain Dew and smiled to herself impishly as she noticed an unprotected, distracted person sitting nearby. She took aim, drew her arm back, and threw the little mint, dinging the dark haired woman in the back of the head as she cried, "I MINT THEE!"

There was a soft, smoky laugh and Yaten Kou turned back to her and smiled, "That's cute." Yaten's eyes widened slightly as she took in the blonde hair, thinking of another blonde she had been attracted to. 'Best not to go there,' she reminded herself as she excused herself and slid into the chair beside the young woman.

"Ah.. I.. ," Miyuri said weakly. She suddenly wished that she had dressed up, not worn her jeans and a T-shirt. "You're Yaten Kou, aren't you?"

Yaten smiled gently, "Yes, I am." Softly she added, "Thank you for not shouting it across the bar, however. Being famous does have it's disadvantages. And you are?"

"I hadn't really thought about it too much," Miyuri quietly admitted as she pushed her hair back nervously. "I'm Miyuri Kanemaki," she introduced herself even as she thought admiringly, 'she's so handsome.'

Yaten rose from her seat, then hesitated. 'This is not a good idea,' she thought even as she asked, "Would you care to dance?"

"Oh, no," Miyuri blurted, "I can't dance. I mean, I'm awful at it."

"Maybe you just haven't found the right teacher yet," Yaten said as she gently pulled Miyuri from her seat and over to the dancers.

Up at the bar itself Misato stopped, a can of beer halfway to her mouth as she gave Mia an odd look. "You don't like beer?" she asked her in surprise.

With a nod Mia turned her blue eyes away, a bit of a blush appearing on her cheeks as she reached up to adjust her glasses. Jaw length, slightly curly brown hair framed her face, the very top dyed blonde. She looked just a bit scruffy, in her indigo denim flares, green converse allstars with the bright pink laces, pink patterned half-sleeve low cut shirt, with lots of gummi and beaded bracelets, but somehow very cute, too.

"I guess nobody's perfect," Misato shrugged. The black haired major saw someone coming and waved, "Hey, Ritsuko! Over here!"

"You know her?" Mia asked faintly.

The blonde scientist made her way to their side and asked her, "Is this a friend of yours, Misato?" She looked elegantly cool, even though she was still just wearing her lab coat over a form fitting uniform.

"Something like that," Misato shrugged. "Mia, meet Ritsuko."

"Hi," Mia squeaked out softly, large hearts throbbing in her eyes.

Ritsuko sweatdropped.

Crawlspace smiled, before she turned to wave her hand at the bartenders.

"What can I get you?" Minagi asked as she wiped a glass clean.

The green eyed woman took her glasses off, rubbing at her eyes before looking up at Minagi again. "Blue hair, cool," Crawlspace murmured. The brown haired girl in jeans and T-shirt smiled, "Rum and coke, please."

"You got it," Minagi smiled.

"Oh," Crawlspace remembered something, "could I get s'mores too?"

Back outside Shane was giving Dan an odd look, "Pimp Daddy Dan?"

"Don't ask," Dan sighed.

Dan looked over at another man standing by the wall, watching the crowds go by. The Taiwanese man was nearly five and a half feet tall, with black hair cut in a short buzz, brown eyes, glasses, and a medium build

"What's with him?" Dan finally had to ask.

Shane shrugged, "Oh him, CL just stands around outside to hang out with the queue. Don't talk much, just when something interests him." He looked over at Chaos-sama, "You want some more of the sake?"

"I wouldn't mind," the wolf answered cheerfully.

"The wolf talks," Dan sweatdropped.

The young woman walked by them, hesitating before she came into the bouncer's line of sight. She adjusted her crooked glasses nervously, clearly wondering if this was a good idea. She saw someone coming, and her eyes widened.

Ami Mizuno stopped to give the lady a regal nod before going by the bouncer and heading inside. Hearts in her eyes the T-shirt and slacks clad woman followed her dreamily, reaching up to tidy her slightly messy hair.

"First time?" Ranma asked with a grin.

"Uh, yeah," she blushed fiercely, "I'm Mandy."

"Go on in," Ranma smiled, "straight ahead."

K-chan shook her head with a smile, running a hand over a recently done buzzcut. Shades hide the eyes, going with the dark shirt and jeans. Quietly she murmurs. "Remember, it's always forward, never straight." A grin showing fangs, then she followed Mandy in...

Back inside and over by the dining tables the genki blonde asked her, "Hi, I'm Excel, what can I get for you?"

"Uhm, Sailor Doc," the red-brown haired girl smiled, "could I get a Kirin Light, and do you serve sushi?"

"Oh, yes," Excel eagerly agreed.

Excel looked the 5'4" tall girl with short, reddish-brown hair, wire rim glasses and green eyes and found herself wondering if she was Ami and Makoto's illegitimate love child, or something. Sailor Doc slipped her coat off, revealing a T-shirt with two women kissing on the front, and Excel smiled at the slogan, 'For real women who like their women... animated.'

Michiru walked by the table and Sailor Doc's eyes widened, "Wow."

"She's taken," Excel warned her with a smile.

"All the good ones are," Sailor Doc agreed.

The young lady with brown eyes smiled slightly as she watched Noin and Une taking a turn together out on the dance floor. Alithea smirked, "I sure hope Releena and Dorothy don't catch them." The violet dye in her brown hair caught the light as she turned to ask Sally, "So you really think I should do it, huh?"

Sally Po smiled. "Aside from being extremely amusing for all parties concerned I think it'll be a nice boost to your ego."

Alithea shrugged and took a drink of her orange juice, "Ok... but if Rio-Sensei kicks my ass I'm blaming you."

"Utena?" Anthy smiled as she sat down at their table, trying to ignore Ms. Roboto up on the Kareoke stage reciting her haiku.

"The locket's pretty crowded for a weekday," Utena casually noted. She smiled down at her lover, "What is it?"

"You seem to have acquired some fans," Anthy pointed to a cute young lady who was sitting nearby them.

Sun-chan sighed dreamily, leaning on her hands. Long, brownish- blond hair flowed down her back, a bit of her blue eyes visible through purple glasses. She quietly sipped a bit more of her drink while secretly scoping out all the cute girls, especially Utena.

Standing not far from her a girl bearing an odd resemblance to the track star Ichino also watched Utena while sighing happily. Nabikiranko's green blue eyes most often settled on Utena, but they wandered to where Makoto was dancing with Haruna, up to the bar to gaze at Ryouko, and to other ladies around the place. Thankfully, the shadows hid her from easy view.

"Ichino!" Akari cried out happily and glomped her!

Nabikiranko froze there stiffly, her eyes wide until a confused Akari slid off. "Whew," she sighed softly, "Sorry."

"I'm so sorry," Akari went red, "I thought you were..."

Nabikiranko sighed, "With this haircut, it happens alot."