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[ P - Pre-Teen ]

At Home with the Outers

The alarm rang out, cutting into the soft morning sounds, and Setsuna fumbled about for the alarm clock. A soft click as someone else turned it off, and then a familiar voice softly said, "It's time to get up, love." A gentle hand shook her shoulder, "You've got to go to work."

Setsuna opened her eyes a bit, smiling happily at the slightly messy Arisugawa Juri who was laying beside her on the bed. The long orange hair was sticking up a bit, there was some sleep in her eyes, but to Setsuna she still looked gorgeous.

"Thanks," Setsuna sat up on the bed, rubbing at her own sleepy eyes while waves of black hair fell over her shoulders, a green tint showing in the morning light. Her movement sent the blankets pooling around her waist, revealing her nudity.

"Now there's a lovely sight," Juri murmured, clearly enjoying Setsuna's slight blush. She slid from the blankets, and once again Setsuna was reminded why Juri had been called the panther in her school days as the nude woman gracefully grabbed her pajama bottoms.

"You're tempting me to call in sick today," Setsuna said to her softly, a wicked little smile teasing her lips.

"Me, too," Juri admitted. She pulled down one of her older robes from a hanger and belted it around her, "I think I'd better go see if they need any help making up breakfast, or neither of us are going to be leaving."

"Spoil sport," Setsuna smiled, and Juri just laughed.

Haruka sat at the large kitchen table, the sandy haired woman looking oddly fatherly as she drank her cup of coffee. Sitting in the chair right beside her Hotaru was drinking a glass of milk, the young girl's gestures echoing Haruka's. Over by the stove Michiru was smiling to herself slightly, helping prepare breakfast for them all.

"Good morning," Michiru smiled as Juri came in, her green hair pulled back from her face by two hair clips.

"Good morning," Juri agreed, "I think Setsuna should be up in a minute." She got a bit closer to the stove, taking a deep breath of the wonderful scents. "You know," Juri offered the suggestion a bit tentatively, "considering how often I have my breakfast here, maybe I should take a turn cooking it one morning."

"Oh, no," Haruka quickly spoke up, "you wouldn't be doing us any favors, Arisugawa." She paused, "I've had your cooking."

"It wasn't that bad," Juri blushed.

"Oh, yes it was," Michiru answered, but her voice was fond.

Haruka had a bit more of her coffee before quietly saying, "By the way, thank you for agreeing to move in with Setsuna, Juri. It means a lot to her."

"To me, too," Juri murmured. She looked out the window, able to see part of the new addition that she and Setsuna would soon be moving into, "I hope that the construction hasn't been too much of a bother."

"Surprisingly, no," Michiru stirred around some sausages she was heating, "they only work during the day, when all of us are gone."

"Haruka, how bad was Juri's cooking?" Hotaru asked curiously, her long black hair swirling around her as she looked up at Haruka.

"I took a look in Juri's kitchen once," Haruka quietly confided to her daughter, "her shelves were stocked full of instant ramen, and her fridge was packed with frozen dinners." She sighed, "Then Juri decided to make dinner for Michiru and I."

"You do have to give her points for trying," Michiru offered, smiling slightly as the blushing Juri got a cup of coffee.

"Well, yes," Haruka admitted, "but.." She trailed off, shuddering visibly.

Juri made a face, "I learned my lesson, thank you. That's why I only take Setsuna out to dinner, not dining in."

"Don't worry love," Setsuna softly murmured as she passed by Juri on her way over to the coffee pot, "you have talents that more than make up for an inability to cook."

"What talents?" Hotaru asked innocently, having the sharp hearing of precocious young children everywhere.

"Uh," Juri blushed fiercely, while Setsuna opened up her mouth to say something, but nothing came out.

"Oh," Hotaru nodded thoughtfully, "that."

Haruka snickered softly, Michiru quickly giving her a scolding look. The green haired woman began to dish up the food, Juri getting up to help carry the plates over to the dining table. "Thank you," Michiru smiled.

Juri just smiled, putting a plate in front of Setsuna, then one beside her for herself. The happy smile Setsuna gave her more than explained Juri's eagerness to help. The rest of them were served, and with a great deal of enjoyment they settled in to eat.

"How's clearing out the apartment going?" Haruka asked Juri, munching on some toast, "Do you need a hand?"

"Not bad," Juri smiled wryly, "the biggest problem is going to be figuring out what to do with all the stuff that I don't want." She chuckled, "I was seriously considering holding the first annual 'Arisugawa's Locket Garage Sale' but I thought it might be a bit much."

"Might be kind of fun, though," Michiru offered. She smiled slightly, "You could always do it as a charity event of some kind."

Setsuna chuckled to herself softly. When Haruka and Michiru looked at her she quietly explained, "Juri is already donating to both the Woman's shelter and GLBT society."

Feeling three gazes resting on her Juri softly explained, "Under Nabiki's expert financial management the Locket has been making a tidy little profit, and with my inheritance I certainly don't need the money."

Hotaru had a little frown on her face. "GLBT?" she finally asked.

"It's short for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transsexual," Haruka quietly explained. She looked over at Juri, "I heard they were having some financial difficulties. Were you the one that helped bail them out?"

"Right after Nabiki volunteered to go over their books," Juri said wryly. "I may be generous," she explained, "but I'm not stupid."

Changing the subject Michiru asked, "Do you have help ready for when you move?"

"A bunch of us from the Locket are going to," Juri smiled, "but I wouldn't mind any extra help. I'm going to try to keep it fun, if possible."

"Count me in, of course," Setsuna smiled, putting her hand over Juri's.

Haruka gave Michiru a look, and at her lover's nod she said, "Us, too."

"And me," Hotaru finished her milk.

"Glad to have you," Juri raised her cup in a toast, and the others clinked their mugs and glass together gently.

To be continued..

Characters in this Episode: Arisugawa Juri is from Revolutionary Girl Utena. Setsuna, Haruka, Michiru and Hotaru are from Sailor Moon. And finally, Tendo Nabiki is from Ranma 1/2.

Author's Note: To be honest, I don't know if Tokyo actually has a GLBT society. I would assume so, but I really don't know. If anyone has that info, pass it on...